Thursday, December 20, 2012

Big Al

Big Al is an announced character in Epic Mickey 3.


Big Al was once a member of the Country Bears band. In his backstory, it has been revealed that Mickey used to go to their concerts. Sadly, nobody went to them anyone because many animal experts say that they're wild. Zoo keepers took the rest of the band to the wilderness but Al who got sent into the Wasteland. He then opened a pizza shop on Mean Street and hired Figment (from the Journey into Imagination ride) as his delivery boy.

Remeeting a longtime fan

When Mickey, Oswald and Gus arrive at the pizza shop, Al was elated to see the mouse again after a long time. After telling his backstory, he told the three that he got a lot of orders from all over Wasteland. They needed a loan to get into the Sunken Steamer nightclub. He gives you a quest to deliver the pizzas to the right customers.

Big Al's Pizza Delivery

The customers are as followed.
Os Town: Pirate Moody, Animatronic Goofy, Clarabelle Cow
Bog Easy: Animatronic Donald, Lonesome Ghosts
Ventureland: Mr. Smee, Animatronic Daisy
Mean Street: Horace Horsecollar
After you finish the deliveries, you return to the pizza shop and Al will give you a Pin, a Film Reel, a Power Spark, some cloth and 30 E-Tickets.

Big Al's Pizza Shop

Big Al's Pizza Shop is a Mean Street location in Epic Mickey 3.
The exterior of the building has a red and yellow striped awning. The window have a poster of sightseeing tours at Dark Beauty Castle. Above the door is a sign with a pizza shaped like a bear saying "Eat at Big Al's"


Owner and cashier: Big Al
Delivery Boy: Figment
Head Chef: Clara Cluck
Frycook: Gremlin Jamface


  • Pizza
  • Cheeseburgers
  • French Fries
  • Chicken Wings
  • Ice Cream
  • Tacos
  • Hot Dogs
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Soda
  • Juice
  • Milk

Bum Reviews: Super Why

While our favorite homeless bum is at a restaurant, he reviews one of the shows that boil my blood: Super Why.


The power to..SPOILERS!

Bum: So there is this itsy bitsy town behind a bookshelf called Storybrooke Village. And no, it's not the one in Once Upon a Time. This is different! There are these bratty kids named uh....Whyey, Red, Pea and Pig. You guessed it. Pea is a toilet and Pig is a pig. I was once a pig, Porky did not like me.

So every time there's a problem that has nothing to do with our lives, they go to this place called the Book Club that is hidden in the woods. They would display what happened on this giant Macbook and transform into these Justice League ripoffs.

Whyey would turn into a green Superman. Red would turn into a roller skater wearing a swimsuit, Pea turned into a tiara wearing toilet and Pig would turn into a construction worker who has been mutated into a pig! I was once a handyman, Bob the Builder didn't like my buildings.

So they fly into these books using mini Batwings and guess what, the books have nothing to do with Disney movies! Like, Rapunzel is a blonde when in here, she's a brunette. The mermaid isn't named Ariel and she does not have red hair. And the Genie from Aladdin is supposed to be blue, not green and wear clothes.

I don't like the fact that they usually make up stories. Where's Peter Pan? Where's The Lion King? Even where's Roger Rabbit?!

They also change the stories so nothing bad happens. They also killed off the baddies of the stories. Like Jafar, Ursula and everyone else. They also change the plot to make them more sympathetic like while the Prince is having a soccer party, Sleeping Beauty is a sleep addict.

After they leave the stories, they display the solution to the problem and then they go into a emo dance! I once got into an emo dance, emos didn't like me.

After that, they never speak of it again. I wonder what their parents would say?

"Whyey, did you change the book I'm reading? It was supposed to say an evil sea witch turned Ariel into a human so she can be with a prince when it says that she is too shy to play wih humans because she's a mermaid. What was going on?"

"Me and my friends are secretly superheroes that go into books and change their stories."

 Waiter: Excuse me sir! What would you like to order.'

Bum: I would like a cheese and ham burger.

So anyway, in the next season a dog joins them and his name is Woofey! I couldn't make it out because he was voiced by a girl. And that is my honest to trash review of Superman, I mean Super Why!

Waiter: Here's your cheese and ham burger sir. Tell me if you want a drink.

Bum: I like some soda please.

(the waiter gives him Coco Cola)


Seriously, Super Why was bad. Even worse than the Looney Tunes Show.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This is serious

Christmas is in less than a week and there is NO SNOW. I am doing a ritual to make it snow and I hope it works! Last night I wore my pajamas inside out, slept with a spoon under my pillow and flushed an ice cube down the toilet before bed. My mom read on the internet that this makes it snow. IT BETTER SNOW. Mom said I may have to do this ritual for a couple nights. Dad says it sounds satanic, with the inside out pajamas, but I don't think so. I don't think spoons are Satanic.

Come on SNOW!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


When I got home from school today, I had an idea to draw a map of my cartoon world, called Toonland.  Toonland is a city founded in 1927 by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Over the years, many cartoon characters have moved to Toonland. Toonland is also home to the Forgotten Ones -- like Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar.

The toon citizens live everyday lives in Toonland. Some go to school, some go to work, some goof off. Mostly crazy things happen in Toonland, like a predicted earthquake and anvils falling from the sky. Hans Moleman holds the record for getting hit with an anvil the most times -- 320 times over the course of his life!

Someday I would like to take my Toonland idea and make it into a real cartoon. Maybe an animated series or movie. I have lots of Toonland screenplays on my computer, so when Hollywood comes knocking, I'll be ready!

Also, Toonland is located outside of New York City and is guarded by a brick wall.

In other news, my dad went to China, came home from China and went to Green Bay, then came home from Green Bay and went to Indianapolis. We went to the Misericordia Christmas Brunch without him. That is bad and good. Bad because it's less fun without Dad, but good because he doesn't like to go to the gift shop but Mom and Grandma do! I hope Dad comes home soon so we can get our Christmas tree.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

School is a grim prison

I have one more day of school this week and I don't think I'll make it! School is a prison where they torture you and they don't let you out. Then you get two days off for good behavior and they make you go back -- never to be seen again! It's horrible. My mom says I need to tough it out through tomorrow. Easy for HER to say.

On thr bright side, tomorrow is Santa's Workshop. I'm bringing money to shop for all my family and friends. I'm even buying something for my best friend Ryan G. I hope he comes back from Arizona to visit over Christmas.

Today was St. Nicholas' Day. Last night I put out shoes for me and my brother Jack. I filled them with carrots for the reindeer. This morning the carrots were gone and me and Jack both got books and some candy. I got a Big Nate book and Jack got a book by Stephen Colbert. We both got a dvd of A Muppet Christmas Carol. Jack is the stage manager for A Christmas Carol at his school and I just like the Muppets.

St Nick's Day rules, school DROOLS.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Toons These Days: Wreck It Ralph (my version)

“Toons these Days: Wreck It Ralph”

Doggy: Hey Disney, what’s up with you? First you make a cartoon about kids with shapes for heads, buy about 4,000 superheroes, make a show about Fred from Scooby Doo and a female Jim Carrey solving mysteries and now you officially quit making hand drawn and fairytale movies to make this? That’s just weird. Anyway, I know what you’re thinking, “What? Doggy D Dachshund is reviewing a movie instead of ranting on a modern cartoon?” Actually, yeah. I decided to quit ranting to review this. Okay, what’s the story?

Well, it’s about this guy named Wreck-It Ralph who is the bad guy of the arcade game “Fix It Felix Jr.” and he is sick of not being accepted by the people around him and decides to become a good guy. The only people that accept him for who he is are more video game bad guys in a support group like Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Clyde, M. Bison and many more.

When he comes home, he learns that the Nicelanders are celebrating the game’s 30th anniversary and he wasn’t invited. The offspring of Mario and Bob the Builder, Fix It Felix, has a chat with Ralph outside his apartment.

At the game “Tapper”, he meets a character from the FPS game “Hero’s Duty” and decides to take his place. He game jumps, in which his buddy Q-Bert sees and warns the characters at Fix It Felix Jr.

If you’re wondering what they mean, I’ll give you some info. Once upon a time, there was this game called “Turbo Time” and it was so hot. Until another racing game came in and the lead character of the other game named Turbo was mad! Mad, I say! So he decides to win back his popularity by jumping into the game. This caused the unplugging of both games but Turbo escaped his death.

Anyway, there is this commander lady named Sergeant Calhoun who leads the army in getting rid of Cy-Bugs. Cy-Bugs are these robot insects that were born in a freak accident. And remember, they become anything they eat! Anyway, since Ralph is a coward, the game is over. He then learns from his work at Fix It Felix Jr that Felix always gets a medal and that there's a medal in the tower that the player has to get to. Once at the tower, he avoids stepping on the Cy-Bug eggs and gets the medal.

But he steps on one of the eggs and gets launched into the racing game “Sugar Rush” where he meets Vanellope Von Schweetz, who is like if you mix Bugs Bunny with the Three Stooges, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse in a blender, add in some candy-related puns and you got this character. She steals Ralph's medal thinking that it's a coin to get her in an after hours race. But King Candy, the ruler screws her because she's a glitch. The others racers destroy her kart and Ralph agrees to help her make a new one.

Meanwhile, Felix and Calhoun search for Ralph in Sugar Rush but get trapped in Nesquik-sand. After escaping with the help of some Laffy Taffy vines, they awkwardly fall in love. So wait, a guy from one world meets and falls in love with a girl from another world? Where did I hear that before? Oh well.
Back to the main plot, Ralph and Vanellope sneak into “Bake-a-Car Mode” which is apparently a minigame. Her car comes out pretty good but King Candy goes after them and Vanellope doesn’t know how to drive so Ralph teaches her the ropes.

Back on to Fix-It and the Commander. He’s really getting on her nerves ever since they got out of the milk-sand. After Felix calls her a “dynamite gal”, we get a shocking moment of Calhoun’s past where she was going to get married to scientist Brad Scott but he got eaten by a Cy-Bug. Kinda like me, except my wife was taken by a bear. And that guy owes me big time! Anyway, she drops off Felix at King Candy’s castle and is taken to the Fungeon by his henchman Sour Bill as a trap under the welcome mat. Anyway, Candy arrives to see Ralph as he tells that if Vanellope is in a race and the player sees her glitching, the game will be unplugged and she will die. Wow, dark. More skipping some parts later and the race begins. Ralph threatens to eat Sour Bill, because he’s candy, into telling him the truth that King Candy yanked Vanellope from the game’s code and locked up all the racers and citizens’ memories. Anyhoo, the Cy-Bugs from Hero’s Duty come in and start attacking while Candy reveals his true identity to the glitch……Turbo! (dun dun dun!) So Calhoun, Felix and Ralph ward off the bugs while Vanellope is still racing and Turbo is eaten and becomes a Cy-Bug!

Conroy: Whoa! That’s kinda scary. I’ll just be quiet for a minute.

Doggy: So anyway, like Hero’s Duty, there has to be a beacon that can attract the bugs and kill them! They are bugs after all. Ralph heads to Diet Cola Mountain and creates a volcano out of cola and Mentos, attracting the bugs and Turbo, killing them one and for all. (unenthusiastic) Hooray, there’s all dead.

Felix restores the finish line making Vanellope crossing it and revealing her to be the princess of Sugar Rush. Does that Candy was her father?

Darth Vader: Rip-off!

Doggy: May I remind that Disney already bought Lucasfilms? There are two attractions in the Disney theme parks based on Star Wars and Indiana Jones! Anyway, Felix and Calhoun get married; Ralph finally becomes a hero and keeps his job as a villain and they lived happily high score ever after. But what about Q-Bert and friends, you may ask? They got accepted into Fix-It Felix Jr. as a bonus level. So what are my thoughts? It was good, but some of the jokes didn’t make sense to me. Since this has a theme of arcade games, I give it 4 quarters out of five. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go get my wife back and introduce that bear to my AK-47, Norm.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I have a Lego Advent Calendar -- I can't wait to start opening the little windows!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A little bit of everything

My mom has a broken toe and a bad cold, so we had breakfast for dinner.

I did my money project at school today and I ROCKED. I had to design a school currency.

I got the Ultimate Collector's Edition of Brave on Blu Ray. I watched it this afternoon. It was even better than when I saw it in the theater!

One more day of school and then Thanksgiving break!!  On Thanksgiving day I'm going to watch the parade and go to Granny and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving dinner. My mom is bringing green beans and pumpkin pies.

On Friday, PBS kids will be airing holiday specials of their shows. I can't wait for Arthur's Perfect Christmas!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Visit to the Comic Book Shop

Over the weekend, I said to my mom, "I've never been to a comic book store in my whole life." So on Tuesday, we went to parent-teacher conferences (I got all As and 1 B!) and after that, we went to a comic book shop.

The comic books shop is called Aw Yeah! Comics. It was really great! They had all kinds of comics. They had The Simpsons, Sonic, Toy Story, Patrick the Wolfboy, lots of Marvel comics. They even had Archie Comics. My mom said she read those back when she was a kid. They had Futurama, Adventure Time -- they had them all! There were many paintings and illustrations on the wall. My favorite was a picture of Kermit and Fozzie at the back of the store. Another favorite of mine was a poster for the 1960s Batman TV series.

I had some money with me, so I bought a Simpsons Comic, a Sonic comic, a Toy Story comic and a Hot Wheels Batmobile. You get a lot for your money at the comic book store.

The comic book store was great, and I'd like to go back there someday!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Hedgehog House

The Hedgehog House is the main setting of the show Sonic Sitcom. It is the home of Sonic and friends.
Exterior Features
1. Spruce wood plank walls
2. Birch wood roof with stone slab
3. Patio with chest to keep food and furnace
4. Muttski's doghouse

Interior Features
Living Room: Blue colored couch, bookshelf, small flat TV
2nd Floor: Girls bedroom
3rd Floor: Elders and teens bedroom
4th floor: Boys bedroom
Basement: Charlie the Rat's bedroom

List of Sonic Sitcom Season 1 episodes

Sonic Sitcom ran for 4 seasons with 75 episodes when it premired on November 4th, 2010. They are as listed.
Season 1
EPISODE 1: "Dinner Disasters/101 Mobians"
Dinner Disasters: Sonic tries to get food for Amy to cook dinner, leading to disasterous results. He also meets Gills the Fish.
101 Mobians: Sonic's pet dog Muttski starts having puppies when he meets another dog, making it hard for the gang to take care of the dogs.
Guest Stars: Scott Menville as Gills the Fish. Frank Welker as Muttski.
Notes: "101 Mobians" is a parody of "101 Dalmatians"
EPISODE 2: "Throwing Up/Afternoon of the Living Waves"
Throwing Up: Tails starts getting sick and throws up all over the couch.
Afternoon of the Living Waves: Sonic gets swimming lessons from his friend Gills the Fish, but magic waves made Sonic constantly drown.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Dr. Bear. Scott Menville as Gills the Fish.
Notes: "Night of the Living Waves" is a play on the horror film "Night of the Living Dead"
EPISODE 3: "Charlie and Company/How to Train your Honey Bee"
Charlie and Company: An orphaned rat named Charlie needs a home and the gang let him in.
How to Train your Honey Bee: Charmy thinks he isn't smart and decides to take classes from Professor Omelet, who is Dr. Eggman in disguise because he wants him to become his entertainer. So it's up to Sonic to save him.
Guest Stars: Townsend Coleman as Charlie the Rat.
Notes: The episode is a play on the movies "Oliver and Company" and "How to Train your Dragon"
EPISODE 4: "The Armadillo's Return/Sonic Who?"
The Armadillo's Return: Mighty returns to the Chaotix Detective Agency after he left on his long adventure.
Sonic Who?: While Sonic was exploring Mobius, he was captured by pig nuns believing Sonic to be the Chosen One who will defeat the demonic overlord Robotnik, causing identity crisis between his friends and the nuns.
Guest Stars: Angela Lansbury as Mother Aerith.
Notes: Mighty becomes a regular character voiced by Tom Kenny.
EPISODE 5: "A Very Speedy Christmas Part 1/A Very Speedy Christmas Part 2"
Part 1: Sonic is in charge of getting rid of the ice in the lake so he wishes for Santa to bring him something that will do it faster. Meanwhile, the girls set up a mistletoe which annoys the boys.
Part 2: Charmy tries to get a good Christmas tree on Christmas Eve but the next morning, he learns the true meaning of Christmas: getting together with family and friends.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Santa Claus. Scott Menville as Gills the Fish. Charlie Schlatter as Harry Rabbit. Townsend Coleman as Charlie the Rat.
Notes: Part 2 is based off of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Charmy even claims that he killed the tree when he put up the star.
EPISODE 6: "Hedgehog Family Circus/Lord of the Chilli Dogs"
Hedgehog Family Circus: Sonic's siblings Sonia and Manic come to the Hedgehog House to stay after they discorver that there was no one to battle.
Lord of the Chilli Dogs: A new city opened far from the house kicks off the populating with a chilli dog stand---where the chilli dogs cost 50,000 dollars! Sonic is detiremend to get one no matter how much they cost.
Guest Stars: Mae Whitman as Sonia. Cam Clarke as Manic. Kevin Michael Richardson as Chilli Dog guy.
EPISODE 7: "New Year Hedgehog, Part 1/New Year Hedgehog, Part 2"
Part 1: Sonic and the gang get ready for New Years Eve. Cream wants to join in the fun but she is too young.
Part 2: Uncle Chcuk tells Cream that no matter how old you are, you'll always have fun. New Years strikes and the gang celebrate.
Guest Stars: Scott Menville as Gills the Fish. Townsend Coleman as Charlie the Rat. Charlie Schlatter as Harry Rabbit. Mae Whitman as Sonia. Cam Clarke as Manic.

Sonic Sitcom

Set after Sonic X, Sonic and his friends make a home near a small lake on Mobius. They always go through trying to live together and Dr. Eggman watches them in his headquarters.
Brad Pitt as Sonic. A blue hedgehog who runs at supersonic speeds, hence his name. In bed, he wears blue PJs with white stripes.
Nancy Cartwright as Tails. Sonic's best friend who has two tails. Often used for flying. In bed, he wears yellow footies.
John DiMaggio as Knuckles. A red echidna who guards the Master Emerald and lives with the gang. He is very tough and is one of Sonic's rivals, sometimes blaming him for the mishaps they get in. In bed, he wears a red nightcap and grey slippers.
Angelina Jolie as Amy Rose. A resident of the Hedgehog House and Sonic's self appointed girlfriend. Cute and full of energy, she always gets the gang out of trouble. She also knows Ella's recipes when she makes dinner for them. In bed, she wears a pink and red nightgown.
Brad Pitt as Shadow. The Ultimate Life Form who escapes Earth after a nuclear explosion. He built a 2x2 house near the Master Emerald. In bed, he wears a black and red night mask.
Dan Castelleneta as Vector. The leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He often sleeps when the phone rings. In bed, he wears boxer briefs saying "I Heart Hello Kitty"
Steve Buscemi as Espio. A ninja who is a member of the CDA. In bed, he wears a gi with a black belt.
Zachary Gordon as Charmy. A hyperactive bee who is a member of the CDA. He often falls into the lake having Espio save him. In bed, he wears yellow and black striped PJs.
Tom Kenny as Mighty. An armadillo who's been walking Mobius for months since Sonic and friends were teleported to Earth. He returns to the Chaotix in one episode. In bed, he wears a black nightcap.
James Woods as Dr. Eggman. The main antagonist of the series. He is Sonic's archnemesis and will stop at nothing to take over the world. In bed, he wears red and white PJs.
Billy West as Silver. A hedgehog who is from a post-apocolyptic future. He seeks Sonic's help to restore the past by finding the source of the explosion. After that, he and Blaze move into the Hedgehog house.
Grey DeLisle as Blaze. Silver's partner who also seeked Sonic's help. She moved in with Silver and helps Amy with cooking.
James Arnold Taylor as Nack. A weasel who lives with Bean in a cave near the Hedgehog House.
Jeff Bennett as Bean. Jet's little brother and Nack's roommate.
Gary Chalk as Big. A giant cat who goes fishing. He lives with the gang.
Other Cast
Tara Strong as Cream.
Juile Kavner as Vanilla.
Frank Welker as Cheese, Froggy and Muttski
Kath Soucie as Bokkun.
Maurice LaMarche as Uncle Chuck.
Scott Menville as Gills the Fish.

See List of Sonic Sitcom episodes.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let's Go to the Movies!

I want to see Wreck-it-Ralph. It stars John C Reilly as the title character who is getting tired of being a villain and decides to become a hero. It was made by Disney and released last week gaining favorable reviews and was a box office success. One of the big highlights of the movie is that Sega's very own Sonic the Hedgehog makes multiple appearances in the film. I can't wait to see it! My mom says maybe this weekend.

Another movie I want to see if Frankenweenie, a film based on Tim Burton's 1984 live-action short of the same name. This is the first black and white stop-action film to be released in Imax 3-D! It follows the plot of the source material about a boy who brings his dog back from the dead after it is killed in an accident.

My brother Jack wants to see Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, which tells about the final 4 months about President Lincoln's life. It is directed by Steven Spielberg, the man behind many popular movies. We are big Lincoln fans in this house. We took a vacation to Springfield to see the Lincoln museum and Lincoln's tomb. On another vacation, we toured the Lincoln birthplace and boyhood homes in Kentucky and Indiana.  We used to have this plastic Lincoln head on a stick that you could control with your hand. We used to say to each other "Mr. Lincoln says..." in a deep voice when we wanted to get each others attention. Unfortunately, the string holding Mr. Lincoln's jaw together broke, so now his mouth is lopsided. He looks like drunk Mr. Lincoln.  I would like to get another Lincoln head someday

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The election is over and Barack Obama is still our president. I am so glad the election is done. Last night I was so frustrated by all the talking and the graphics and the numbers. And Jack was talking and explaining. BORING.

I went to bed before they counted the votes. Then my dad came to my room and told me it was over and Obama was still our president. Whew! I didn't like Romney that much. But, as I said to my mom this afternoon, he'd make a better president than Homer Simpson. Imagine if Homer Simpson were president! There would be a department of donuts and beer!

I was really mad that I didn't get to vote for real when I went with my mom yesterday, but Jack explained I had to be 18. I did get to vote in my school election. I had to color in the electoral college map for social studies and had to leave Florida blank.

I think that's it. Are we done with politics for now? (No! Because I have a social studies test tomorrow and politics is on it!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 4

Jack is very involved in this whole election.  So are me and dad, I guess. We're all sitting in front of the tv with laptops.

But now I am going to play Minecraft. I did make a Minecraft Debate world. I had a Obama statue of cloth, a Romney statue of cloth, and a villager as a moderator. Jack says it wasn't that interesting.

Oh! there's an ad for the Lincoln movie! Jack wants to see that.

It's 8:15. Florida is 50/50!

Jack says Fox News says Pennsylvania is going for Obama.

CNN is talking about Florida. This is so boring! The debates were much more interesting. Jack keeps explaining things to me. HE is kind of boring too.

I think Grandma is getting ready to go home. She's putting her shoes on. Boo! Jack and I want to sleep over at Grandma's house but my mom hasn't made it happen yet. Boo! Jack says we are  putting mom's reelection under consideration.

Grandma went home, but she got a pasty to take with her.

Is this done yet? Please let this be done.

I'm not going to know who the president is until tomorrow morning. It's 8:30 and I have to take my shower and go to bed.  Jack says he can take over the blog until there is a winner. I don't know about THAT.

Dad is reading my blog stats. I've had 17 hits from the country of Latvia. Dad says I need to shout out to my peeps in Latvia!

I have one hit from the Netherlands. That's my cousin! (Mom says Hi, Colleen!)

I have my swimming lesson tomorrow. Will there be a president by the time I go swimming? Or maybe the president will make exercise illegal! I don't think I like that!

CNN says Obama will win Pennsylvania. Is this a surprise? Jack says no.

Obama headquarters is at McCormick Place in Chicago. Dad says it's in the "Lakeside Center" which is the old McCormick Place. I'm glad I'm not there. It looks very crowded and noisy. I don't like crowds.

David Axelrod said he'd shave off his moustache if Obama lost some states. That would be funny. My dad had a beard and moustache a long time ago, but he doesn't anymore.

I'm going to play Simpsons Tapped out for a few minutes. This election coverage is making me crabby and anxious. I finally got the android's dungeon!

My mom's facebook friend is drinking blue drinks. What's in those blue martinis?

Alaska and Hawaii are still voting.  Jack just pointed out for me which states are still voting. Mom says he is a very helpful boo boo.

Why does this all take SO LONG? Jack says because the polls in California don't close for another hour. ugh.

My dad thinks the top of the hour music on CNN is cheeseball!  He thinks maybe we should change the channel. CNN isn't keeping up.

It's 9pm. I'm signing off to go to bed! I guess I'll have to find out who is president tomorrow! GOBAMA!


Election 3

It's 7:20. I bet all the exciting stuff will happen after I go to bed.

I have to take a homework break. Expository writing waits for no blog...

Election 2

Chicago polls stay open until 7. It is still 6:30, so nothing is happening here.

The pasties are out of the oven!

This is Jack. Obama's up in Florida with a quarter of the vote in; this bodes well. Virginia is relatively unbeknownst at the moment. I haven't seen anything in from Ohio. By my count, Obama has Vermont, Romney has Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, and South Carolina, none of which is surprising. Also: PASTIES!

Thank you Jack. Now let's retire from the election for a quickie as I give out a brief segment I like to call....EDUTAINMENT!!!

Today's subject, Steven Spielberg's Amblimation. It was the animation production arm of Amblin Entertainment. It began its run with the sequel to Don Bluth's "An American Tail" called "Fievel goes West". On its release on Thanksgiving 1991, it met with mixed reviews like the first film but did do well at the box office. Spielberg decided to use the money to produce his next film "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" which was based off a children's book of the same name. It had famous actors in the film like John Goodman, who later on did the voice of Sulley in Pixar's "Monsters Inc", Kenneth Mars, who previously did the voice of King Triton in Disney's "The Little Mermaid" and oddly enough.....Yeardley Smith. That's right, the same girl who voiced Lisa Simpson contributed her voice to this movie.  On its release in November 1993, a year after Fievel goes West was released, it got mixed to negative reviews. The last film by Amblimation was Balto. Based on a true story of the sled dog of the same name. It tells the story of Balto (voiced by Kevin Bacon. Mmmm. Bacon) who tries to win the heart of Jenna, a young Siberian Husky, voice of Bridget Fonda. But he is constantly interrupted by Steele, a Alaskan Malamute voiced by Jim Cummings. Now the rest of the story is based off the real event. It was Amblimation's final film when it received 50% mixed reviews. But hey, at least it got two direct to video sequels. Now that Edutainment is done, let's get back to our main subject: the election.

It's 7pm central time! Polls in the midwest are closing!

Romney is talking on a plane.

My mom still thinks that Anderson Cooper is cute. So does my grandma.

How do these reporters keep thinking up things to say? It's a lot of blah blah blah.


It is election day! Me and Jack are on the couch and dad is in his brown chair watching the election returns. Earlier today, me and Jack went to vote with my mom.

Earlier than that, I went to the doctor to have a physical. The nurse gave me a flu shot in the nose. She stabbed me in the nose with her sprayer. I said, "that WASN'T very nice!" I think it still hurts.

Right now, I am eating pizza, and my mom and dad and grandma and Jack are waiting for the pasties to come out of the oven.

6:30 -- Grandma says it is too early to be exciting.

This guy on CNN says that Ohio has had it right in every election since 1964.  Is that why we were so worried about those Ohio undecided voters in the debates? Ohio is where my relatives live. But I think my aunt voted for someone weird.

I'm going to have more pizza.  More later

Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Eve

Yesterday, I went to brunch at Misericordia with my mom's Betsy-Tacy ladies. It was good. I had to say hi to a lot of strange ladies, but I was with dad and Jack and Grandma, so it was okay. I even had to guide one of the women to the bathroom. Mom and I went to the gift shop and I got a stuffed "Bad Kitty" but we had to hide it in mom's purse from dad. He says she's a soft touch.

Tomorrow is the election! Me and Jack are going to vote with mom after school. We vote at my old preschool. Then Grandma is coming over and we are having pasties! Pasties are meat and vegetables wrapped in pie crust. They are something my great grandma used to make, so my mom is making them. We eat them with ketchup, not gravy. I told mom I'd try some pasty.

We will eat pasties in loving memory of my great grandma Helen. 1907 - 2012.

Who do you want as president? Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or Vanellope Von Schweetz? Cast your vote and come again for my live blog on the election. Wreck It Ralph now in theaters from Walt Disney Pictures.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A bunch of blah blah

Halloween: I was Fozzie Bear from the Muppets. Jack was Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I went trick or treating for 2 blocks but then I came home. It was cold and a bit boring. Jack went off with his friends and Dad was working, so it was just me and mom. I got a bunch of Reese's peanut butter cups, so that's good enough for me!

Did you see this?

So funny! I love the Simpsons!   My brother Jack reminds me of Mr. Burns!  Matt Groening is one of the most talented people of all time. I'm writing an expository essay about The Simpsons and how the show has influenced many other tv shows. Ricky Gervais said that The Simpsons was an inspiration for the original English version of The Office. The Simpsons has been on tv for 24 years and 510 episodes! Ms. Marcheschi gave me a card she got from Starbucks so I could redeem the original Treehouse of Horror episode on iTunes. I watched it last night to finish off my favorite holiday!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween preparations

We are getting ready for Halloween! My dad brought home a pumpkin and is carving it with a Homer Simpson face. That was my idea!  He just put the candle in it and it looks AWESOME! My dad is the best pumpkin carver in town.

Tomorrow I only have a half day of real school, where we learn stuff. In the afternoon we are going to have pizza and watch a movie. We are watching Ghostbusters. I used to be very afraid of that movie, but I don't think I am anymore.

Jack is going to take the kindergarten kids at his school to a Halloween party because he is in 8th grade. Now that's scary! I hope the kindergarteners don't traumatize Jack. Small children make him nervous.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A little bit famous

Well then, I was a little bit famous over the weekend. There was a picture and an article about me and my blog in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday. Then a radio host named Jonathon Brandmeier called and wanted to interview me on his show. It was crazy! I told mom that the fame thing was getting out of hand. I told her I didn't want to do the radio interview because I would be too nervous.

Today at school, people wanted my autograph. I signed a paper for Mrs. Grossman because she is my good friend. But then Ms McMahon wanted me to sign her paper and I said no. I felt too self conscious. My mom said maybe I should sign one autograph a day, so tomorrow I will sign for Ms. McMahon if she wants me to.

I wonder how REALLY famous people feel? Does fame make them nervous? I'm glad I'm not Justin Bieber. I like being regular Andy. My mom asked me if I would do book signings like Dav Pilkey if I became a famous author. I've decided I will do 2 book signings -- one at my local Barnes and Noble and one at my library.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I had nothing to say

My dad asked why I haven't blogged since Monday night and I told him I had nothing to say! I was busy writing fiction. I write a lot of stories in my free time. I write some at home, and some at school. Someday, I want to be an author like Dav Pilkey or JK Rowling. Or maybe an animator and writer like Matt Groening!

We had a school musical today and I was the sound engineer. I sat at the sound board and pressed play and pause at the beginning and end of every song. I liked that a lot better than being IN the musical. I don't like being in the middle of all the singing because it is too loud and too crowded. When I got home, my dad gave me a flash drive shaped like a microphone. It is very cool. I have lots of flash drives. I have a Spongebob one I use for school, a penguin one, some plain ones and now this microphone!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Feep Debate

The F in Feep stands for "foreign policy."

Welcome to the third presidential debate. I am watching with my mom and Jack. Dad is working at the Bears game.

Look! They are sitting in big comfy chairs! They took my advice from the last debate!  Only no plaques with their names. Boo.

Bob Schieffer is giving the rules. Let's see if they follow them this time.

More undecided voters. Seriously, is anyone undecided? Obama and Romney are so different. How can anyone be undecided.

Tonight they are talking about foreign policy. Jack says foreign policy is how America gets along with other countries in the world. According to Wikipedia, Canada and England are our best friends. Some countries in the Middle East are our worst friends. So that is what they are talking about tonight.

Ms Marcheschi says we are not supposed to talk about the color of their ties, or their hair. (But, Romney is wearing a red tie with some blueish stripe. And Obama is wearing a bright blue tie with tiny dots or squares.)

Romney has a flag pin with a star on it. I had to stand right in front of the tv to see that. What does the star mean?

Romney says his strategy is to go after the bad guys and kill them. I'm thinking that is good, since we don't want any more terrorists. Romney says they need to do other things like education and gender equality. My mom snorted when he said gender equality.

I thought they didn't have any water, but they have water on little tables in between them.

The 1980s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back! Ha -- good one!

Romney should stop smirking.

Romney says Obama is not accurate. "Attacking me is not agenda."

Do you think they are nice to each other when they are not debating? Or do they ignore each other? Or are they mean to each other?

Romney looks really annoyed.

Mr. Romney, Uncle Sam called. He wants his gray hair back! (oops. sorry Ms Marcheschi. I won't talk about hair anymore.)

Sorry, one more hair thing. Obama's hair looks less gray. Is he dying it?

Who is Assad? Jack says he is the dictator in Syria.

The undecided voters like what Obama is saying more than they liked what Romney was saying.

My mom says that Kaddafi was a bad guy when she was in high school. He was a bad guy in Libya.

Jack says it is funny that they want a moderate Syrian government, since nothing is moderate in America!

Our neighbor is a marine in Egypt. He's embassy security. His mom says he has his own housekeeper and doesn't have to do laundry. Oh, Jack thinks he's not in Egypt. Well, he's somewhere far away.

This debate is kind of boring. They just keep agreeing with each other. Romney is talking about how awesome America is. Well, duh!

There are people at this debate, but we can't see them. Also, Bob S told them to keep quiet.

Romney is talking about the economy.

Obama says we have good alliances.

I don't think Romney agrees with ANYTHING Obama says. He looks very smirking and skeptical.

Romney is mentioning the 12 million new jobs he can create. How?

Now Obama is looking at Romney. He looks like he's thinking "yeah, right."

Obama is talking about education. He says Romney said class sizes don't make a difference. There are 32 kids in my class. It's very crowded and noisy.

Oh! The undecided voters didn't like Romney's rant about education in Massachusetts!

Romney would get rid of Obamacare. What does this have to do with foreign policy?

"The math doesn't work." I know the feeling.  Math is hard and sometimes it just doesn't work. Mr. Donlin doesn't always let me use a calculator.

Jack says the government is not a business. What happens if Romney gets elected and then he can't balance the budget? I bet he'd be very embarrassed.

Ha ha! Obama says we have fewer horses and bayonets! Welcome to the colonial American debate!

How long does this thing last? Jack says like 45 more minutes. Will they ever get back to foreign policy?

Oh, Bob Schieffer is talking about Israel. So I guess this is foreign policy. Jesus came from Israel.

I think I liked that last debate better with all the interrupting. It was more interesting. Maybe the stools made them interrupt each other.

Obama is smirking. Neither Obama or Romney have taken a drink of water. They are not as thirsty as Paul Ryan.

I asked mom how my brain floats in my head. Jack said this is NOT a science debate.

The undecided voters really like what Obama is saying.

Romney says the administration is weak and the undecided voters didn't like that. Obama looks mad. I'd be mad if Romney told me I was doing a bad job.

Obama says him apologizing all over the place is a big "whopper!"

Romney says Obama is a bad friend to Israel. Obama doesn't agree. Obama is talking about kids. Romney shouldn't be smirking about that. That's kind of mean.

Romney says he is a better friend to Israel. But no one has called the prime minister Bibi tonight, which is good. Much more polite.

Jack says this thing goes on for another half an hour. I don't know if I'll make it. I have to study science and go to bed. Jack just got us both dessert.

Mom just dropped her Diet Coke on the floor. That gave the evening some real fizz!

Jack was 3 when 9-11 happened. I was 2 months old. Mom says I had just barfed all over her bed when she heard about the Towers.  Jack says I have good timing.

I like Bob's tie. Bob is wearing two lavs, like my dad said last time. I can't see Romney and Obama's microphones.

Okay, Ms Marcheschi wants us to say how this debate is different from the other two debates. This debate is about foreign policy, and the other two were not. This debate was more serious. The town hall debate had real people asking questions. The town hall debate had lots more interruptions and was more interesting.

Have the debates made me more interested in politics?  Yes, definitely.

Did watching the debates help me learn about events that have happened or are happening in our country and world?  Yes. Now I know who Assad is!

If I was 18 years old and could vote, would the debates help me decide who to vote for?  I guess so. Jack doesn't believe people can still be undecided. Unless there is a lot of stuff they just don't care about.

I'm going to make a Minecraft world based on the debate!

Romney is talking about being raised in Detroit. Jack just got an invitation to apply to Cranbrook, Romney's old school. I think Jack should go to Detroit for high school because then he wouldn't be around to annoy me as much. Jack says "no thanks."

That was a big interruption thing! Romney was talking and Obama was talking at the same time! Will they fight? No, I guess not. Too bad.

Wow. I made it to the end of this mostly-boring debate! Go me! Obama is saying the things he wants people to remember. NOw Romney is talking. He says he is optimistic. Romney is slamming Obama. Obama didn't slam Romney when HE was talking. I didn't like Romney's end thing. He rambled too much.

My mom says me and Jack can go vote with her. She votes at my old preschool. Now everyone's families are being nice to each other on stage. All kinds of Romneys are up there, but not Malia and Sasha.

Join me on election night, me and Jack's favorite night. Grandma is coming over for dinner and my mom is going to make pasties. Those are little turnovers filled with meat and potatoes and carrots. My great grandma used to make them. She died in August. She was 104! I think my great grandma should have been president. She was alive when lots of things happened and had lots more experience than Obama or Romney.

Time for bed!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Today was good! I brought home the class hamster, Dwight and his cage is next to my desk!

It was the Cub Scout Halloween part and I went as Fozzie the Bear. A lot of the little kids didn't know who Fozzie was.  Didn't they see the movie "The Muppets" starring Jason Segal and Amy Adams? I thought everyone liked the Muppets.

I don't like the new season of "Arthur." They changed the animation studio from Cookie Jar to Nine Story. I just think the new animation looks like trash. I don't like the new characters Ladonna and Bud. Mom says I just don't like any change at all. But she doesn't like the new season of Arthur either.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bad and Good

Today was a mix of bad and good.

Bad: the field trip. It was so boring! We went to this place last year and it was better. Today they wanted us to write stories which was pointless. I write stories every day. I don't need to go on a field trip for them. The book shop was even infected with boringness! They had Captain Underpants books that I already read. The whole experience was a case of been there, done that.  My mom was worried that I told everyone out loud that it was all boring, but I only said it in my head.

Bad: the bus ride was extremely bumpy.
Bad: the weather is bad. It is rainy and cold.

Good: we took Jack to get his hair cut so the top of his head isn't puffy. While Jack was in the chair, I played with the letters on the little sign by the door.  It said Lease Come Again. First I made it say Come Alien Gas, then I made it say Eels Come Again As. It was very funny.

Good: on the way home I was thinking about the youtube poop I was watching on youtube. It was called "Little Monster hits puberty and solves a crime." It is so funny! I started laughing in the car. I treidd to explain to mom and Jack what was funny but they didn't get it.

Tomorrow will be great! I get to take Dwight home for the weekend. We have a pizza lunch at school. The Cub scout Halloween party is tomorrow night and I am going as Fozzie bear. Jack is going to be Tim the Enchanter.

It was a bad day today but I hope tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rubber Ducky: The Movie extended cast

Voice Cast

Robin Williams-Joey
Dustin Hoffman-Captain
Rob Paulsen-Jokey
Kelly McDonald-Emma
Zachary Gordon-Zack
Elle Fanning-Sally
Bradley Steven Pierce-Chip
Angela Lansbury-Flora
 Dan Castellaneta-Bob
Albert Brooks-James
Uncle Sam-James Arnold Taylor
Pinkie Pie-Andrea Libman (Just had to put in a MLP:FIM innuendo)
Diver Ducky-Patrick Stewart
Harry and Mary-Robert Downey Jr and Whoopi Goldberg
Squeaky, Captain's pet ducky-Frank Welker

Live Actors

Bill Murray-Brian Hensworth aka the Beast of the Deep End
Leonard Nimoy-Lifeguard
Fat, balding man in hot tub-Tim Curry
Front Desk man-Jim Cummings

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peep Debate

Last week the vice president guys were debating. Tonight it is Obama and Romney, the presidential guys. Jack says I should call this post the SPeep debate, since it is the second presidential debate, but I like Peep better.

This debate is a town hall debate, which Jack says means real people get to ask questions. I wish Chuck Norris would show up to ask a question. I always want Chuck Norris to show up at these things to make them more interesting, but he never does.

The debate has 35 people in Ohio commenting and judging things. They will be the undecided voters at the bottom of the screen. I wonder if my Aunt Beth or Uncle Kevin are there? They live in Ohio.

My mom thinks Anderson Cooper is cute. Yuck.

I think the next presidential debate should be a rap battle between Obama and Romney. That would be awesome and funny.

The moderator says everyone has to be polite and not cheer or boo or be jerks.

Obama is wearing a RED tie and Romney is wearing a BLUE tie. They switched it up. Romney's tie has stripes, and Obama's has dots.

What does it take to create jobs? Is Romney going to tell us? He said "I know how to create jobs," but didn't say how.

I like that green clock at the back of the room.

Obama says how he will create jobs. But only some people have jobs right now. I think Jack should get a job. He mows the lawn, but not that often.

They are sitting on stools. I don't think stools are very presidential. They should be sitting in big velvet chairs with their names on plaques.

Romney has a bigger flag pin. I think the bigger pin looks threatening.

Romney interrupted the moderator. Rude!

This guy asking the question looks like Mark Hamill. Maybe Mark Hamill should run for president. He would make lightsabers the law!

The undecided voters on the bottom of the screen like what Obama is saying. And then it dropped! And then it went up again! Do these undecided voters know what they are talking about?

Jack turned on the ceiling fan. The debate is making him irritable and hot.

Romney's hair is puffy. Ha ha. Does this make him a political hippie?

The undecided voters like being "energy independent."

My mom is complaining about how that one group is all men. I said at least the moderator is a girl.

They're arguing!

There's a guy in the front row wearing a polo shirt. Shouldn't he have dressed up to be on tv for the presidential debate?

Romney is smirking. He stood up! Romney is interrupting!

What are wind jobs? <toot> isn't that a wind job?  Hahahaha!

That's a big microphone on Obama's tie. Dad says it's a double lav. One microphone and a backup.

It's 8:30.  I'm going to eat an ice cream sandwich now.

Join me for the next Peep debate, when Jack says they will talk about foreign policy and have podiums.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Veep Debate

Me and Jack are watching the Vice Presidential debate. This is between Obama's VP Joe Biden and that other guy, Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan is from Janesville Wisconsin. That is not too far away from us. When we drove home from my great grandma's funeral we ate dinner at Culver's in Janesville. My mom and Jack said that since we are a liberal family we shouldn't talk to anyone.

While Paul Ryan was talking, Biden looked amused.  Now Biden is talking and Ryan looks amused. Paul Ryan took a drink of water.

There is a a thing on the bottom of the screen that shows "undecided voters." Jack says he doesn't think anyone is very undecided.

The blonde lady interrupted Paul Ryan and asked him how he was going to do something.

Paul Ryan is wearing a RED striped tie, and Biden is wearing a BLUE striped tie. Do they plan this?

Isn't is weird that people call the president of Israel "Bibi?" I wonder if that annoys him? I bet it annoys him.

Biden is laughing at Paul Ryan.  Biden says Iran doesn't have a weapon.

Jack says Paul Ryan looks like a doofis.

"This president doesn't bluff." GOBAMA!

Maybe Paul Ryan should be Obama's next VP? He's a little younger than Biden.

The undecided voters like what Biden is saying about the economy.

Paul Ryan just talked about Janesville WI. I wonder if he ate at that same Culver's we ate at? Jack says Paul doesn't eat at Culver's. He's too rich and works out to P90X, so he doesn't eat fatty food.

Oooh! Ryan just burned Biden! Everyone laughed because Biden doesn't always say the right thing.

Biden is laughing again.

Biden says he loves Paul Ryan. Does he really?

I don't love either one of them. I've watched 30 minutes of this debate. I'm DONE.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quiet You!

My Scholastic order came today. I got the sneak peek book of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel, a Phineas and Ferb Robotinator and a triple security locker. Complete with a key, card and lock. The alarm was really annoying and I couldn't take it anymore, so Mom removed the batteries and all was good. The only problem is that the key is stuck. I tried to take it out but I accidentally broke it. When Dad came home, he took out the plastic part and the thing became a double security locker. I also marked where I should unlock it with a Sharpie. It was between 10 and 15. In other loud news, what can you do with science goo?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Simpsons style

Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids, Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids,  heroes who are small, kid power!

They're the world's most fearsome fighting team! (We're really awesome)
They're heroes who are small and they're yellow! When the evil Sideshow Bob attacks, these ninja kids don't cut no slack!

Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids, Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids, Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids.

Grampa taught them to be a ninja team. (He's a really cool teach)

Bart Simpson leads, Martin Prince makes machines, Nelson Muntz is cool but rude and Milhouse Van Houten, he's a geeky dude!

 Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids
Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids
Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids
Heroes who are small
Kid power!


Bart Simpson-Leonardo
Martin Prince-Donatello
Milhouse Van Houten-Michaelangelo
Nelson Muntz-Rapheal
Abe Simpson-Master Splinter
Sideshow Bob-The Shredder
Marge Simpson-April O'Neil

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rubber Ducky: The Movie Official Soundtrack

'Squeaking at the Moon- Opening Theme"- Preformed and written by Ozzie Osbourne

'Different'-  Preformed by Robin Williams. Written by Alan Menken, Hans Zimmer

'The Ballad of the Beast'- Performed by Dustin Hoffman and others. Written by Elton John

'Dark Waters'- Preformed by Leonard Nimoy. Written by Alan Menken

'Emma Swims Off'- Score. Written by Alan Menken.

'Ducks of the Round Table'- Preformed by John Cleese and others. Written by Hans Zimmer

'Ride of the Val-Duckies'- Score. Written by Alan Menken

'Squeaking at the Moon (Reprise)'- Preformed and written by Ozzie Osbourne.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rubber Ducky: The Movie

"Rubber Ducky: The Movie" or "Squeaker" in the UK is a 2013 live action-animation comedy-adventure film directed by Kenneth Branagh and written by Star Trek cast member William Shatner. It features the voices of Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Kelly MacDonald, Angela Lansbury, Bradley Pierce, Rob Paulsen, Zachary Gordon, Bill Murray and Elle Fanning. The film centers around a herd of rubber ducks who live at the pool in the Niles Family Fitness Center. One duck named Joey feels like he's different. After hearing a story about "the Beast of the Deep End", he decides to go "where no pool toy has gone before". When his father Captain hears about his trek, he has to save his son from having his heart squeezed out.


In the style of Toy Story, rubber ducks come to life when people leave the pool. The toys lived like civilized people but always throw parties. The leader of the ducks named Captain. (voiced by Dustin Hoffman) His clan include the mischievous kids Chip, Sally and Zack. (Bradley Steven Pierce, Elle Fanning and Zachary Gordon respectively) Their caring, gentle mother Flora. (Angela Lansbury) The prank pulling Jokey. (Rob Paulsen) The athletic and brave Emma. (Kelly MacDonald) And his young adult son Joey. (Robin Williams)


Robin Williams- Joey. The main protagonist. Feeling that he is different from the other ducks, he leaves the clan's home to brave the deep end.

Dustin Hoffman- Captain. The deuteragonist. He is Joey's father and the head of the Rubber Ducky clan. After the loss of his wife, he tries very hard to protect his son.

Rob Paulsen- Jokey. The triagonist. The clan's clown and "The best joker in the world" His pranks sometimes backfire but he doesn't mind. He speaks in a Jamaican accent.

Kelly MacDonald- Emma. The secondary triagonist. She's Joey's love interest and an expert at water archery.

Bill Murray- Beast of the Deep End. The main antagonist. A man called Brian Hensworth was obsessed with swimming. So he started living in the pool and haunts the duck clan. He once squeezed out the heart of Joey's mom.

Zachary Gordon, Elle Fanning and Bradley Steven Pierce- The kids. Three of the main triagonists. The children and their mom were brought to the pool in the summer of '99. They are always playing tricks on the other ducks and beat Jokey at pranks.

Angela Lansbury- Flora. The secondary deuteragonist. The children's mother. Ever since losing her husband, she looks at Captain like a second husband.

Leonard Nimoy- The Lifeguard. The secondary antagonist.  A dark and sinister man who got hired as a lifeguard in November 2004. He also became Brian Hensworth' roommate.

Dan Castellaneta- Bob. A rubber duck who works as Captain's servant and Joey's caretaker. He can sometimes get obsessed with partying despite being a posh duck.

Albert Brooks- James. Another part of the rubber duck clan who works as a builder.


The film will be released on April 19th, 2013 distributed by Warner Brothers in North America and Aardman Animations in the UK.


The animation on the ducks will be done by Pixar. The film was shot at the pool in the Niles Family Fitness Center. Costumes on the humans were designed by costume designer Isis Mussenden.

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Shrubbery!

Over the weekend, my dad read in the Chicago Tribune that me and my brother Jack’s favorite movie, “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” is playing on the big screen at the Wilmette Theater. We have never seen this movie because me and Jack weren’t born when this was released. It was released in 1975. My mom and dad were five when it was in theaters. Dad was in Los Angeles when he discovered the movie showing, so he emailed the information to my mom. 

 Tonight, my mom asked us if we wanted to go see Monty Python on the big screen. We said, “DUH! YES!” Things got a little crazy then. Me and Jack did an impersonation of the Knights Who Say Ni, and we pretended to ride horses and make clopping sounds.

Mom bought the tickets online and printed them on our printer. She sent Jack to the basement to get the tickets and hung them on the fridge with a magnet. We are going to see the movie tomorrow night at 7 pm! We both gave mom hugs for being nice, but I always give Mom hugs because I love her.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Berenstain Simpsons Sneak Peek

It was one peaceful day in Bear Country. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the flowers were blooming. But all that was going to change when a certain family from another town moved in. It was none other than the Simpsons. Cue music! (The Simpsons theme music) Okay then, let's get on with the story, the family moved from Springfield to Bear Country because Homer became the supervisor of the new power plant.

"Family" said Homer. "Welcome to your new home! Country!"

"Sure looks pretty nice just like the 1920's" replied his dad Abe.
 "Homer, why did you decide to move here?" asked his wife Marge.
"Because I became the supervisor of the new power plant." Homer replied even though I already said that awhile ago. "I wonder if there are any nuclear leaks already?"
"Here's one right now Homer" said his son Bart. "Everyone's been mutated into bears. I wonder if they're wild?"
"Doesn't look like they're wild Bart." replied Bart's sister Lisa. "They are anthropomorphic animals."
"No need for your techno-babble Lisa." interrupted Homer.

The car stopped at a house that looked exactly like their house from Springfield.
"This place looks like our house." said Marge.
"I wonder if Mr. Burns gave us any supplements?" asked Homer to himself as he walked into the copied house, then came a scream! "There's no beer!"

A panicked Homer ran out of the house waving his arms like a maniac and kept on screaming.
"It'll take some time to get used to it." said Marge.
"And maybe someday Homeboy will stop running around" replied Bart.

That's it for this everyone! Tune in tomorrow for sneak peek #2. Take it home Bugs.

Bugs: And dat's the end.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lunch: a trip to the madhouse

I really hate the lunchroom at school. It is SO LOUD and crowded and everyone is too sloppy. I feel mad and annoyed when I have to eat there and it ruins the rest of my day.

Today, Ms Jerome and I ate in the classroom. I ate in blissful silence with no bad manners. I worked on the computer for a couple of minutes and then I went outside to recess. It was great!

I even found some beetles on a big tree!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Andy's Extremely Normal Music Show

Today at school, we had an assembly telling us about different music and instruments. I learned about the clarinet, the saxophone and trombone.

Speaking of which, it's time for Andy's Big Music Quiz!

Q: Which fictional character plays the saxophone

A: Lisa Simpson
B. Mickey Mouse
C. Mario

The answer is A.

Q: Which character plays the clarinet?

A. Squidward Tentacles
B. Binky Barnes
C. Donald Duck

The answer is A and B.

Here's a tough one.
Q: How did they make the voice of the teachers in Charlie Brown cartoons?

A. Record someone saying "wah wah wah wah"
B. Record my grandpa blowing his nose
C. Record a trombone with a plunger

The answer is C.

For those who answered, you win! Dad asks "what do they win?" You in a sense of satisfaction, because I don't have any other prizes.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whatever Happened to Manners?

Today, I was going to get my lunch bag and another kid pushed me out of the way. That kid was trying to get his/her own lunch bag. I got really angry and shouted “what ever happened to saying excuse me?” I was so upset, my mind went BLANK.

I think people today don't have good manners. Manners have gone extinct, just like the dinosaurs. People should always say excuse me, and please, and thank you. At lunch, they should eat neatly and not talk with their mouths full. They should chew with their mouths CLOSED. And they should talk more softly.

I think we should have etiquette classes at Edison. Kids should learn how to be polite and have good manners.

The Strike is Over, Charlie Brown

Chicago Public Schools had a teacher's strike. I thought the strike was good because I had no school for two weeks. Instead of going to school, I visited my teachers on the picket line. I loved visiting my teachers and picketing. At Stock School, I revisited old memories by playing on the playground.

I watched tv, when I was not visiting the teachers, and my mom read me books about labor unions, and I worked on the computer. I felt so relaxed!

I guess the teachers got some of the things they were fighting for, because we went back to school this morning. I was not happy because it was quiet and peaceful at my house and loud and crowded at school. I told my mom I wanted to go on strike. When do I get what I want from school? I want a quieter less crowded classroom and a quieter lunchroom with kids with better manners, less hotness in the classrooms. My mom says kids can't go on strike.

The other bad thing is that we have to make the days we missed up at the end of the school year. We won't go on vacation until almost July! I think that's not fair, because it's not the kids fault there was a strike. It will be so hot in the school by then!

I feel like Charlie Brown does when Lucy pulls the football away.

(I wrote this yesterday, but we had technical difficulties posting it until now.)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Day I Met Dav Pilkey

Last Saturday, my mom and I went to Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville for a book signing by my favorite author Dav Pilkey. It was a really long drive but it was worth it. Pilkey recently released the long awaited ninth Captain Underpants book, “Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers”
I was very excited to see him but not so excited because of the long line. We had number 71 and I guess we were kind of lucky because we met some other people who had number 197! We waited in the bookstore for an hour. It was so crowded and loud. My mom found me a corner to sit in, so I read the new Pilkey book in between two bookshelves.
Finally, they said numbers 70 through 75 could line up. Whew! We waited for some more time, and then it was my turn! I told Dav Pilkey that my name was Andy and I am in 5th grade. I told him I was a huge fan and that I felt all us readers should “fight for truth, justice, and all that is preshrunk and cottony!”  He said I really knew my books. Then he told me he liked my shirt. (I was wearing the one that says “my daily routine: get up, BE AMAZING, go back to bed.”) He signed my book and my mom took a picture of us.
I can’t wait to grow up and be an author like Dav Pilkey! I will do book signings like he does, because he gets to sneak in the back door of the bookstore and doesn’t have to wait in line.