Monday, May 27, 2013

Toons These Days Editorial: PokePredictions

Doggy: As the anime's Unova region is almost coming to an end with the continuing Team Plasma arc, people wonder what'll Ash do next. That's right, another Pokemon related thingy. So here are my "PokePredictions"!

There might possibly be a storyline after Team Plasma based on the latest Pokemon spinoff, Gates to Infinity where Ash turns into a Pikachu again and his partner is Oshawott. Meanwhile, Cilan takes care of Pikachu and Ash's other Pokemon while the kid is gone. But I doubt that since the critics weren't very kind to the game.

Maybe also Ash will finally get his own Lucario or maybe he'll be revived by an accidental ThunderBolt move by Pikachu. I dunno, Lucario's death in the eighth movie was pretty tragic even after guiding Ash and pals the way to find Pikachu. Maybe that'll happen sometime.

Maybe Iris will capture her own Minccino since she only has four Pokemon and Bianca already has one.

Charizard will possibly start a rivalry with Oshawott since water burns out fire and Fire-types are least effective against Water-types.

Ash's past traveling companions will come to Unova to reunite with that Ketchum kid. Misty and Brock, Tracey Sketchit and May & Max. Dawn might also come back since she appeared in one Unova-sode where her Pipulp becomes rivals with Oshawott just like I mentioned with Charizard and the little guy.

A crazy time-traveling inventor who is like Doctor Who and Doc Brown combined, meets Ash and the gang and builds a time machine so he can go back in time and destroy Team Plasma so that Pokemon will be free from their control. All we need is some Pokemon that fit him like Alomomola, Magnemite, Beartic and a good voice actor like Matt Smith or Christopher Lloyd to fit his characterisitcs.

Pikachu, Axew, Scraggy and Charizard will be captured by a crime syndicate headquartered in Nimbasa City and Ash & Iris send out Unfeazent and Dragonite to find them. Meanwhile, Team Rocket sees Pikachu's capture as an opportunity to trade Jessie's Seviper for the little guy.

I guess that's all I have for this episode. Join me in my review of the Epic movie. Not that, the family friendly, computer animated Epic. I'd like to thank Conroy and Bulbapedia AGAIN for giving me more Pokefacts!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Toons These Days: Top 10 Pokemon caught by Ash Ketchum

Doggy: Sorry for the wait peoples. I was busy recovering from that horrid show I reviewed for the Earth Day special. For a long time, I was thinking of what to do other than reviews. Suddenly, I thought up something that everyone else has 10 lists!

Since then I tried to think of a theme that has to do with something INSANELY popular! And so, my top 10 Pokemon caught by that little twerp they call Ash Ketchum was born.

Number 10, Pignite.
Originally a Tepig owned by this guy named Shamus, this guy was ditched after he lost to a Deerling. After being untied by Don George and went in search of his trainer. When Ash visited the Accumala Town Pokemon Battle Club, he mistook the little guy for an Umbreon stealing food recorded by a security camera in a warehouse. A bunch of stuff later, he was found by Ash and took him as his own and then he evolved. This guy is good when it comes to fire which explains him as a Fire-type Pokemon.

Number 9, Inferape
That's right, another fire-type. And this time it's a (Dennis Hopper as King Koopa voice) monkey! (normal voice) It was originally owned by Paul as a Chimchar until he was released and joined Team Ketchum. After a while, he evolved into a Monferno and then into who we see today.

Number 8, Snorlax
Captured by the kid in the Orange Islands, this guy is actually pretty funny. Don't get me wrong, this type a creature, is huge, fat, chubby, hulking and big! We'll get to more of Snorlax right after these messages!

Conroy: Who's that Pokemon? It's...Totodile!

Doggy: Welcome back! Now who was I talking about again, oh right Snorlax! He's pretty good. Moving on!

Number 7, Scraggy
Receiving Scraggy's egg as a parting gift, it hatched! I got nothing else to say other than Ash has it in rotation! Next.

Number 6, Snivy
Being discovered by Ash and friends, Iris and Cilan say that this cute guy was abandoned by his Trainer after deemed unworthy making him the second abandoned Pokemon on this list. Snivy was the cause of Tepig's evolution!

Number 5, Oshawott.
Being Ash's starter Pokemon for the Unova region, Ketchum thought he looked cute when he was brought out. Oshawott later rescued Pikachu and Iris' Axex from Team Rocket's clutches in the next episode with his scalchop. Like Scraggy and Snorlax, I got nothin' else to say!

Number 4, Charizard.
As a Charmander owned by this guy named Damian, he was released and found Ash as his new Trainer. He later evolved into a Charmeleon and Ash stopped using him now that he's disobedient. He's now fully evolved and played a good role in two of the movies.

Number 3, Unfezant.
The first ever Pokemon caught by Ash in the Unova region as a Pidove. There was too much information about him so let's move on!

Number 2, Krookodile.
This fella is most notable for his glasses and cares deeply for them when a Ducklett stole them when he was a Sandile. Sorry about the lesser info but it'll change by number 1.

Number 1, Pikachu!
As Ash's first Pokemon and his partner throughout his journey to become a Pokemon Master, Pikachu is the ultimate Pokemon! And that's all I have for the Top 10 Pokemon caught by Ash Ketchum, see ya at the cinema fellas!

Special thanks to Conroy for giving me info on Pokemon! I never watched it so I can give it a try.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Toons These Days: Vídeo Brinquedo

Doggy: Riddle me this kiddos. Have you ever wanted to see sequels to your favorite movies, and all the new wacky situations the characters have to go through? Only, the films made by the company I'm talking about today are very poor and are all about "money money money" instead of "it's for the kids!" It's Vídeo Brinquedo ev'ryone.

So this stupid animation company is in Brazil and mostly go around ripping off more popular films and other junk like Ratatouille, Kung Fu Panda, Transformers, the Disney Princess line, Wall-E and Robots and many more original movies!

 The animation of said original projects.......are just dog poop. Complete dog poop! I got nothing else so jsut watch the adorable kitten while I think of something else to say.

Doggy: Okay, now that your hearts have melted. Allow me to say that companies that made the real deals should file lawsuits against this stupid Brazilian company! See you next time.