Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Big Adventure

On Monday, I had an unexpected adventure. First of all, I stayed after school to audition for the talent show. I did a great job with my Charlie Brown comedic monologue. Ms Itter allowed me to leave early. I was supposed to wait for my mom, but I got impatient and decided to walk home by myself. We live 2 miles from school and I had never walked home before, but like I said, I was impatient.  I took the route that my mom drives home. I was a bit a nervous, but I kept walking. I had a heavy backpack that day, so I got kind of sweaty. Finally, I made it home and walked in the door. "Hello!" I called. To my surprise, Jack was home. He took one look at me and got on the phone to call mom. She was at school looking for me with the principal, the security officer, and the teachers. She was very worried.

I feel bad that I worried everyone and in retrospect, I wish I had waited for mom and not walked without telling anyone.  However, I didn't die in a ditch, so that's good.