Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween preparations

We are getting ready for Halloween! My dad brought home a pumpkin and is carving it with a Homer Simpson face. That was my idea!  He just put the candle in it and it looks AWESOME! My dad is the best pumpkin carver in town.

Tomorrow I only have a half day of real school, where we learn stuff. In the afternoon we are going to have pizza and watch a movie. We are watching Ghostbusters. I used to be very afraid of that movie, but I don't think I am anymore.

Jack is going to take the kindergarten kids at his school to a Halloween party because he is in 8th grade. Now that's scary! I hope the kindergarteners don't traumatize Jack. Small children make him nervous.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A little bit famous

Well then, I was a little bit famous over the weekend. There was a picture and an article about me and my blog in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday. Then a radio host named Jonathon Brandmeier called and wanted to interview me on his show. It was crazy! I told mom that the fame thing was getting out of hand. I told her I didn't want to do the radio interview because I would be too nervous.

Today at school, people wanted my autograph. I signed a paper for Mrs. Grossman because she is my good friend. But then Ms McMahon wanted me to sign her paper and I said no. I felt too self conscious. My mom said maybe I should sign one autograph a day, so tomorrow I will sign for Ms. McMahon if she wants me to.

I wonder how REALLY famous people feel? Does fame make them nervous? I'm glad I'm not Justin Bieber. I like being regular Andy. My mom asked me if I would do book signings like Dav Pilkey if I became a famous author. I've decided I will do 2 book signings -- one at my local Barnes and Noble and one at my library.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I had nothing to say

My dad asked why I haven't blogged since Monday night and I told him I had nothing to say! I was busy writing fiction. I write a lot of stories in my free time. I write some at home, and some at school. Someday, I want to be an author like Dav Pilkey or JK Rowling. Or maybe an animator and writer like Matt Groening!

We had a school musical today and I was the sound engineer. I sat at the sound board and pressed play and pause at the beginning and end of every song. I liked that a lot better than being IN the musical. I don't like being in the middle of all the singing because it is too loud and too crowded. When I got home, my dad gave me a flash drive shaped like a microphone. It is very cool. I have lots of flash drives. I have a Spongebob one I use for school, a penguin one, some plain ones and now this microphone!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Feep Debate

The F in Feep stands for "foreign policy."

Welcome to the third presidential debate. I am watching with my mom and Jack. Dad is working at the Bears game.

Look! They are sitting in big comfy chairs! They took my advice from the last debate!  Only no plaques with their names. Boo.

Bob Schieffer is giving the rules. Let's see if they follow them this time.

More undecided voters. Seriously, is anyone undecided? Obama and Romney are so different. How can anyone be undecided.

Tonight they are talking about foreign policy. Jack says foreign policy is how America gets along with other countries in the world. According to Wikipedia, Canada and England are our best friends. Some countries in the Middle East are our worst friends. So that is what they are talking about tonight.

Ms Marcheschi says we are not supposed to talk about the color of their ties, or their hair. (But, Romney is wearing a red tie with some blueish stripe. And Obama is wearing a bright blue tie with tiny dots or squares.)

Romney has a flag pin with a star on it. I had to stand right in front of the tv to see that. What does the star mean?

Romney says his strategy is to go after the bad guys and kill them. I'm thinking that is good, since we don't want any more terrorists. Romney says they need to do other things like education and gender equality. My mom snorted when he said gender equality.

I thought they didn't have any water, but they have water on little tables in between them.

The 1980s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back! Ha -- good one!

Romney should stop smirking.

Romney says Obama is not accurate. "Attacking me is not agenda."

Do you think they are nice to each other when they are not debating? Or do they ignore each other? Or are they mean to each other?

Romney looks really annoyed.

Mr. Romney, Uncle Sam called. He wants his gray hair back! (oops. sorry Ms Marcheschi. I won't talk about hair anymore.)

Sorry, one more hair thing. Obama's hair looks less gray. Is he dying it?

Who is Assad? Jack says he is the dictator in Syria.

The undecided voters like what Obama is saying more than they liked what Romney was saying.

My mom says that Kaddafi was a bad guy when she was in high school. He was a bad guy in Libya.

Jack says it is funny that they want a moderate Syrian government, since nothing is moderate in America!

Our neighbor is a marine in Egypt. He's embassy security. His mom says he has his own housekeeper and doesn't have to do laundry. Oh, Jack thinks he's not in Egypt. Well, he's somewhere far away.

This debate is kind of boring. They just keep agreeing with each other. Romney is talking about how awesome America is. Well, duh!

There are people at this debate, but we can't see them. Also, Bob S told them to keep quiet.

Romney is talking about the economy.

Obama says we have good alliances.

I don't think Romney agrees with ANYTHING Obama says. He looks very smirking and skeptical.

Romney is mentioning the 12 million new jobs he can create. How?

Now Obama is looking at Romney. He looks like he's thinking "yeah, right."

Obama is talking about education. He says Romney said class sizes don't make a difference. There are 32 kids in my class. It's very crowded and noisy.

Oh! The undecided voters didn't like Romney's rant about education in Massachusetts!

Romney would get rid of Obamacare. What does this have to do with foreign policy?

"The math doesn't work." I know the feeling.  Math is hard and sometimes it just doesn't work. Mr. Donlin doesn't always let me use a calculator.

Jack says the government is not a business. What happens if Romney gets elected and then he can't balance the budget? I bet he'd be very embarrassed.

Ha ha! Obama says we have fewer horses and bayonets! Welcome to the colonial American debate!

How long does this thing last? Jack says like 45 more minutes. Will they ever get back to foreign policy?

Oh, Bob Schieffer is talking about Israel. So I guess this is foreign policy. Jesus came from Israel.

I think I liked that last debate better with all the interrupting. It was more interesting. Maybe the stools made them interrupt each other.

Obama is smirking. Neither Obama or Romney have taken a drink of water. They are not as thirsty as Paul Ryan.

I asked mom how my brain floats in my head. Jack said this is NOT a science debate.

The undecided voters really like what Obama is saying.

Romney says the administration is weak and the undecided voters didn't like that. Obama looks mad. I'd be mad if Romney told me I was doing a bad job.

Obama says him apologizing all over the place is a big "whopper!"

Romney says Obama is a bad friend to Israel. Obama doesn't agree. Obama is talking about kids. Romney shouldn't be smirking about that. That's kind of mean.

Romney says he is a better friend to Israel. But no one has called the prime minister Bibi tonight, which is good. Much more polite.

Jack says this thing goes on for another half an hour. I don't know if I'll make it. I have to study science and go to bed. Jack just got us both dessert.

Mom just dropped her Diet Coke on the floor. That gave the evening some real fizz!

Jack was 3 when 9-11 happened. I was 2 months old. Mom says I had just barfed all over her bed when she heard about the Towers.  Jack says I have good timing.

I like Bob's tie. Bob is wearing two lavs, like my dad said last time. I can't see Romney and Obama's microphones.

Okay, Ms Marcheschi wants us to say how this debate is different from the other two debates. This debate is about foreign policy, and the other two were not. This debate was more serious. The town hall debate had real people asking questions. The town hall debate had lots more interruptions and was more interesting.

Have the debates made me more interested in politics?  Yes, definitely.

Did watching the debates help me learn about events that have happened or are happening in our country and world?  Yes. Now I know who Assad is!

If I was 18 years old and could vote, would the debates help me decide who to vote for?  I guess so. Jack doesn't believe people can still be undecided. Unless there is a lot of stuff they just don't care about.

I'm going to make a Minecraft world based on the debate!

Romney is talking about being raised in Detroit. Jack just got an invitation to apply to Cranbrook, Romney's old school. I think Jack should go to Detroit for high school because then he wouldn't be around to annoy me as much. Jack says "no thanks."

That was a big interruption thing! Romney was talking and Obama was talking at the same time! Will they fight? No, I guess not. Too bad.

Wow. I made it to the end of this mostly-boring debate! Go me! Obama is saying the things he wants people to remember. NOw Romney is talking. He says he is optimistic. Romney is slamming Obama. Obama didn't slam Romney when HE was talking. I didn't like Romney's end thing. He rambled too much.

My mom says me and Jack can go vote with her. She votes at my old preschool. Now everyone's families are being nice to each other on stage. All kinds of Romneys are up there, but not Malia and Sasha.

Join me on election night, me and Jack's favorite night. Grandma is coming over for dinner and my mom is going to make pasties. Those are little turnovers filled with meat and potatoes and carrots. My great grandma used to make them. She died in August. She was 104! I think my great grandma should have been president. She was alive when lots of things happened and had lots more experience than Obama or Romney.

Time for bed!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Today was good! I brought home the class hamster, Dwight and his cage is next to my desk!

It was the Cub Scout Halloween part and I went as Fozzie the Bear. A lot of the little kids didn't know who Fozzie was.  Didn't they see the movie "The Muppets" starring Jason Segal and Amy Adams? I thought everyone liked the Muppets.

I don't like the new season of "Arthur." They changed the animation studio from Cookie Jar to Nine Story. I just think the new animation looks like trash. I don't like the new characters Ladonna and Bud. Mom says I just don't like any change at all. But she doesn't like the new season of Arthur either.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bad and Good

Today was a mix of bad and good.

Bad: the field trip. It was so boring! We went to this place last year and it was better. Today they wanted us to write stories which was pointless. I write stories every day. I don't need to go on a field trip for them. The book shop was even infected with boringness! They had Captain Underpants books that I already read. The whole experience was a case of been there, done that.  My mom was worried that I told everyone out loud that it was all boring, but I only said it in my head.

Bad: the bus ride was extremely bumpy.
Bad: the weather is bad. It is rainy and cold.

Good: we took Jack to get his hair cut so the top of his head isn't puffy. While Jack was in the chair, I played with the letters on the little sign by the door.  It said Lease Come Again. First I made it say Come Alien Gas, then I made it say Eels Come Again As. It was very funny.

Good: on the way home I was thinking about the youtube poop I was watching on youtube. It was called "Little Monster hits puberty and solves a crime." It is so funny! I started laughing in the car. I treidd to explain to mom and Jack what was funny but they didn't get it.

Tomorrow will be great! I get to take Dwight home for the weekend. We have a pizza lunch at school. The Cub scout Halloween party is tomorrow night and I am going as Fozzie bear. Jack is going to be Tim the Enchanter.

It was a bad day today but I hope tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rubber Ducky: The Movie extended cast

Voice Cast

Robin Williams-Joey
Dustin Hoffman-Captain
Rob Paulsen-Jokey
Kelly McDonald-Emma
Zachary Gordon-Zack
Elle Fanning-Sally
Bradley Steven Pierce-Chip
Angela Lansbury-Flora
 Dan Castellaneta-Bob
Albert Brooks-James
Uncle Sam-James Arnold Taylor
Pinkie Pie-Andrea Libman (Just had to put in a MLP:FIM innuendo)
Diver Ducky-Patrick Stewart
Harry and Mary-Robert Downey Jr and Whoopi Goldberg
Squeaky, Captain's pet ducky-Frank Welker

Live Actors

Bill Murray-Brian Hensworth aka the Beast of the Deep End
Leonard Nimoy-Lifeguard
Fat, balding man in hot tub-Tim Curry
Front Desk man-Jim Cummings

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peep Debate

Last week the vice president guys were debating. Tonight it is Obama and Romney, the presidential guys. Jack says I should call this post the SPeep debate, since it is the second presidential debate, but I like Peep better.

This debate is a town hall debate, which Jack says means real people get to ask questions. I wish Chuck Norris would show up to ask a question. I always want Chuck Norris to show up at these things to make them more interesting, but he never does.

The debate has 35 people in Ohio commenting and judging things. They will be the undecided voters at the bottom of the screen. I wonder if my Aunt Beth or Uncle Kevin are there? They live in Ohio.

My mom thinks Anderson Cooper is cute. Yuck.

I think the next presidential debate should be a rap battle between Obama and Romney. That would be awesome and funny.

The moderator says everyone has to be polite and not cheer or boo or be jerks.

Obama is wearing a RED tie and Romney is wearing a BLUE tie. They switched it up. Romney's tie has stripes, and Obama's has dots.

What does it take to create jobs? Is Romney going to tell us? He said "I know how to create jobs," but didn't say how.

I like that green clock at the back of the room.

Obama says how he will create jobs. But only some people have jobs right now. I think Jack should get a job. He mows the lawn, but not that often.

They are sitting on stools. I don't think stools are very presidential. They should be sitting in big velvet chairs with their names on plaques.

Romney has a bigger flag pin. I think the bigger pin looks threatening.

Romney interrupted the moderator. Rude!

This guy asking the question looks like Mark Hamill. Maybe Mark Hamill should run for president. He would make lightsabers the law!

The undecided voters on the bottom of the screen like what Obama is saying. And then it dropped! And then it went up again! Do these undecided voters know what they are talking about?

Jack turned on the ceiling fan. The debate is making him irritable and hot.

Romney's hair is puffy. Ha ha. Does this make him a political hippie?

The undecided voters like being "energy independent."

My mom is complaining about how that one group is all men. I said at least the moderator is a girl.

They're arguing!

There's a guy in the front row wearing a polo shirt. Shouldn't he have dressed up to be on tv for the presidential debate?

Romney is smirking. He stood up! Romney is interrupting!

What are wind jobs? <toot> isn't that a wind job?  Hahahaha!

That's a big microphone on Obama's tie. Dad says it's a double lav. One microphone and a backup.

It's 8:30.  I'm going to eat an ice cream sandwich now.

Join me for the next Peep debate, when Jack says they will talk about foreign policy and have podiums.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Veep Debate

Me and Jack are watching the Vice Presidential debate. This is between Obama's VP Joe Biden and that other guy, Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan is from Janesville Wisconsin. That is not too far away from us. When we drove home from my great grandma's funeral we ate dinner at Culver's in Janesville. My mom and Jack said that since we are a liberal family we shouldn't talk to anyone.

While Paul Ryan was talking, Biden looked amused.  Now Biden is talking and Ryan looks amused. Paul Ryan took a drink of water.

There is a a thing on the bottom of the screen that shows "undecided voters." Jack says he doesn't think anyone is very undecided.

The blonde lady interrupted Paul Ryan and asked him how he was going to do something.

Paul Ryan is wearing a RED striped tie, and Biden is wearing a BLUE striped tie. Do they plan this?

Isn't is weird that people call the president of Israel "Bibi?" I wonder if that annoys him? I bet it annoys him.

Biden is laughing at Paul Ryan.  Biden says Iran doesn't have a weapon.

Jack says Paul Ryan looks like a doofis.

"This president doesn't bluff." GOBAMA!

Maybe Paul Ryan should be Obama's next VP? He's a little younger than Biden.

The undecided voters like what Biden is saying about the economy.

Paul Ryan just talked about Janesville WI. I wonder if he ate at that same Culver's we ate at? Jack says Paul doesn't eat at Culver's. He's too rich and works out to P90X, so he doesn't eat fatty food.

Oooh! Ryan just burned Biden! Everyone laughed because Biden doesn't always say the right thing.

Biden is laughing again.

Biden says he loves Paul Ryan. Does he really?

I don't love either one of them. I've watched 30 minutes of this debate. I'm DONE.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quiet You!

My Scholastic order came today. I got the sneak peek book of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel, a Phineas and Ferb Robotinator and a triple security locker. Complete with a key, card and lock. The alarm was really annoying and I couldn't take it anymore, so Mom removed the batteries and all was good. The only problem is that the key is stuck. I tried to take it out but I accidentally broke it. When Dad came home, he took out the plastic part and the thing became a double security locker. I also marked where I should unlock it with a Sharpie. It was between 10 and 15. In other loud news, what can you do with science goo?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Simpsons style

Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids, Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids,  heroes who are small, kid power!

They're the world's most fearsome fighting team! (We're really awesome)
They're heroes who are small and they're yellow! When the evil Sideshow Bob attacks, these ninja kids don't cut no slack!

Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids, Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids, Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids.

Grampa taught them to be a ninja team. (He's a really cool teach)

Bart Simpson leads, Martin Prince makes machines, Nelson Muntz is cool but rude and Milhouse Van Houten, he's a geeky dude!

 Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids
Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids
Youngon non-mutant Ninja Kids
Heroes who are small
Kid power!


Bart Simpson-Leonardo
Martin Prince-Donatello
Milhouse Van Houten-Michaelangelo
Nelson Muntz-Rapheal
Abe Simpson-Master Splinter
Sideshow Bob-The Shredder
Marge Simpson-April O'Neil

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rubber Ducky: The Movie Official Soundtrack

'Squeaking at the Moon- Opening Theme"- Preformed and written by Ozzie Osbourne

'Different'-  Preformed by Robin Williams. Written by Alan Menken, Hans Zimmer

'The Ballad of the Beast'- Performed by Dustin Hoffman and others. Written by Elton John

'Dark Waters'- Preformed by Leonard Nimoy. Written by Alan Menken

'Emma Swims Off'- Score. Written by Alan Menken.

'Ducks of the Round Table'- Preformed by John Cleese and others. Written by Hans Zimmer

'Ride of the Val-Duckies'- Score. Written by Alan Menken

'Squeaking at the Moon (Reprise)'- Preformed and written by Ozzie Osbourne.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rubber Ducky: The Movie

"Rubber Ducky: The Movie" or "Squeaker" in the UK is a 2013 live action-animation comedy-adventure film directed by Kenneth Branagh and written by Star Trek cast member William Shatner. It features the voices of Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Kelly MacDonald, Angela Lansbury, Bradley Pierce, Rob Paulsen, Zachary Gordon, Bill Murray and Elle Fanning. The film centers around a herd of rubber ducks who live at the pool in the Niles Family Fitness Center. One duck named Joey feels like he's different. After hearing a story about "the Beast of the Deep End", he decides to go "where no pool toy has gone before". When his father Captain hears about his trek, he has to save his son from having his heart squeezed out.


In the style of Toy Story, rubber ducks come to life when people leave the pool. The toys lived like civilized people but always throw parties. The leader of the ducks named Captain. (voiced by Dustin Hoffman) His clan include the mischievous kids Chip, Sally and Zack. (Bradley Steven Pierce, Elle Fanning and Zachary Gordon respectively) Their caring, gentle mother Flora. (Angela Lansbury) The prank pulling Jokey. (Rob Paulsen) The athletic and brave Emma. (Kelly MacDonald) And his young adult son Joey. (Robin Williams)


Robin Williams- Joey. The main protagonist. Feeling that he is different from the other ducks, he leaves the clan's home to brave the deep end.

Dustin Hoffman- Captain. The deuteragonist. He is Joey's father and the head of the Rubber Ducky clan. After the loss of his wife, he tries very hard to protect his son.

Rob Paulsen- Jokey. The triagonist. The clan's clown and "The best joker in the world" His pranks sometimes backfire but he doesn't mind. He speaks in a Jamaican accent.

Kelly MacDonald- Emma. The secondary triagonist. She's Joey's love interest and an expert at water archery.

Bill Murray- Beast of the Deep End. The main antagonist. A man called Brian Hensworth was obsessed with swimming. So he started living in the pool and haunts the duck clan. He once squeezed out the heart of Joey's mom.

Zachary Gordon, Elle Fanning and Bradley Steven Pierce- The kids. Three of the main triagonists. The children and their mom were brought to the pool in the summer of '99. They are always playing tricks on the other ducks and beat Jokey at pranks.

Angela Lansbury- Flora. The secondary deuteragonist. The children's mother. Ever since losing her husband, she looks at Captain like a second husband.

Leonard Nimoy- The Lifeguard. The secondary antagonist.  A dark and sinister man who got hired as a lifeguard in November 2004. He also became Brian Hensworth' roommate.

Dan Castellaneta- Bob. A rubber duck who works as Captain's servant and Joey's caretaker. He can sometimes get obsessed with partying despite being a posh duck.

Albert Brooks- James. Another part of the rubber duck clan who works as a builder.


The film will be released on April 19th, 2013 distributed by Warner Brothers in North America and Aardman Animations in the UK.


The animation on the ducks will be done by Pixar. The film was shot at the pool in the Niles Family Fitness Center. Costumes on the humans were designed by costume designer Isis Mussenden.

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Shrubbery!

Over the weekend, my dad read in the Chicago Tribune that me and my brother Jack’s favorite movie, “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” is playing on the big screen at the Wilmette Theater. We have never seen this movie because me and Jack weren’t born when this was released. It was released in 1975. My mom and dad were five when it was in theaters. Dad was in Los Angeles when he discovered the movie showing, so he emailed the information to my mom. 

 Tonight, my mom asked us if we wanted to go see Monty Python on the big screen. We said, “DUH! YES!” Things got a little crazy then. Me and Jack did an impersonation of the Knights Who Say Ni, and we pretended to ride horses and make clopping sounds.

Mom bought the tickets online and printed them on our printer. She sent Jack to the basement to get the tickets and hung them on the fridge with a magnet. We are going to see the movie tomorrow night at 7 pm! We both gave mom hugs for being nice, but I always give Mom hugs because I love her.