Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rubber Ducky: The Movie extended cast

Voice Cast

Robin Williams-Joey
Dustin Hoffman-Captain
Rob Paulsen-Jokey
Kelly McDonald-Emma
Zachary Gordon-Zack
Elle Fanning-Sally
Bradley Steven Pierce-Chip
Angela Lansbury-Flora
 Dan Castellaneta-Bob
Albert Brooks-James
Uncle Sam-James Arnold Taylor
Pinkie Pie-Andrea Libman (Just had to put in a MLP:FIM innuendo)
Diver Ducky-Patrick Stewart
Harry and Mary-Robert Downey Jr and Whoopi Goldberg
Squeaky, Captain's pet ducky-Frank Welker

Live Actors

Bill Murray-Brian Hensworth aka the Beast of the Deep End
Leonard Nimoy-Lifeguard
Fat, balding man in hot tub-Tim Curry
Front Desk man-Jim Cummings

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