Monday, November 25, 2013

Planet Pringle

In a time when the universe was still young there was a single spark, an orange spark that is. It kept growing until it reached full size and several bendy chips flew out of craters and became stars. 3,0000 years later a large comet came crashing onto the strange planet. A glowing man in a grey cloak arose from the meteor and took a bite out of the place and loved it so much, he decided to call it "Pringle" and brought home lots for his people and the stars.

In 1976, a small indie snack food company called Bernice and Robbie's was looking for its next project. One man named Horace Gables then explained about the Pringle planet to his coworkers and with a simple exclamation of "A far-off planet made of Pringles? GADZOOKS!" they instantly assembled a team of astronauts from NASA to go and examine the strange new thing and bring back findings for their new product "Pringles from SPACEEE!" In 1982, P&G approved of the product and made it a new brand with a Cheesy-Q flavor, which was the flavor of the planet from whence the chip was discovered.

It later became a smash hit until 1996, when Bernice and Robbie's went out of buisness due to high funds but a small vault. Many people thought it was ridiculous to close because of a miniscule vault. Cheesy-Q Space Pringles later earned its name in snack food history as one of the greats and Horace Gables even won a Nobel Prize for Space Discovery & Popular Snack Production. In 2012, Kellogg's bought the rights for Pringle production from P&G but have no plans to make more Cheesy-Q Space Pringles.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hockey time!

The Blackhawks are playing in Winnipeg, Canada. This is Jonathan Toews's home town! Winnipeg, Manitoba sounds like it is very far away, but it is really just a couple hours drive over the border of the US! Mom says if we are going to Canada, we'll drive to Toronto.

Next week is Thanksgiving. I am so excited that I only have to go to school Monday and Tuesday! Wednesday, me and Jack are getting haircuts. Thursday is Thanksgiving at Granny and Grandpa's, and then sweet, sweet freedom Friday thru Sunday! I am going to rest, watch TV, draw and write!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Things that Irritate me

  1. Songs about fox sounds.
  2. Lockdown drills in the freezing cold
  3. Cheap looking cartoons and movies (Example: any Video Brinquedo movie)
  4. My brother
  5. Cartoons that long overstayed its welcome (Example: Johnny Test)
  6. Sid the Science Kid
  7. Insane fanbases (Examples: My Little Pony, Sonic the Hedgehog)
  8. Live action shows on cartoon channels
  9. PETA (even though animal cruelty is one of my pet peeves)
  10. Animal cruelty (especially Pokemon cruelty)
  11. Killing/violence (not cartoon violence)
  12. Bad games (Example: Sonic 2006, Bubsy 3D)
  13. Bad movies (Example: Tentacolino)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Funny Hockey Story

My mom told me a funny hockey story about my Auntie Jen. Once upon a time, my Auntie Jen and her friend went to a Sox game. (Dad says, Boo!) They were sitting in their seats, and people kept asking the man sitting behind them for autographs, but they didn't know who he was. Finally, they said "who are you? Are you famous?"  The man said "I'm Chris Chelios." Auntie Jen and her friend said "so? who's that?" And he said "I'm CAPTAIN of the BLACKHAWKS."

My mom and dad laughed about this story, but I only find it medium funny, since I don't know who Chris Chelios is either! Mom says he is "before my time."

Monday, November 18, 2013

Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon!

Jack did the lights for a show at Loyola last weekend. It was called the Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon and it took all of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and mashed them together.

Folks, it was HILARIOUS. I couldn't stop laughing. I was laughing so hard that my mom put her hand over my mouth and told me to quiet down. There was a devil character who laughed like one of the Three Stooges -- hilarious! They kept referencing Disney with songs and lines, and then one of the narrators would tell them to stop so they didn't get sued by the mouse -- hilarious! A few references to the Wizard of Oz -- hilarious! Little Red Riding Hood referenced the mafia -- hilarious!

At intermission, Dad took me to the lighting booth to see Jack. He asked Jack if Jack heard me laughing. Jack just said "yes" and rolled his eyes. Then someone kicked us out of the lighting booth because we weren't supposed to be there. Oops. Anyhow, I had a great time, and I usually get bored at the theater.

I give the Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon two thumbs up! It was a tour de force!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hockey Night!

Mom and I are watching a Blackhawks home game. We watched the National Anthem with all the people yelling and waving. The current score is 3-2 Blackhawks, except they are doing the Lotto numbers. We didn't win :-(  Mom says we didn't win because we didn't buy a ticket.

While they were singing the National Anthem, Mom wondered about how they change the United Center from Ice to basketball to concert. Dad explained it to us, because he has been there when they were changing it over. The ice is always there, and when they want to play basketball or do a concert, they put insulating black panels over the ice, and then another kind of floor. Then they take down the rink edging. Dad says it takes them about 8 hours to switch it over. Dad and Jack are both helpful people to have around when you need to know something!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Back to reality

Back to normal life!

Mom is home = Yay!

Back to school after a 4 day weekend = Meh

I may have cried a little bit when we picked up mom at the airport, but there are no pictures, so I'll deny it! I'm very very very very very glad she is home. Dad and Jack are fine, but mom is da bomb.

It snowed on Monday! I was so excited, but it's mostly gone now. I'm ready for another 4 day weekend, but I have to wait until Thanksgiving!

Jack is doing the lights for a play this weekend called The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon. I think it should include some Disney music, but Jack kicked me in the tush. Jack says the only music in the show is the melody from Miley Cyrus's song Wrecking Ball -- but with different lyrics. Jack says the show is very funny, so I may go see it.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Favorite Pokemon

  • Pikachu because he's one of my first ever Pokemon cards, along with Treecko.
  • Latias because she's my favorite color.
  • Meowth because in the show, he can talk.
  • Lucario because he can use Aura for crying out loud.
  • Machamp because he has four arms and so strong.
  • Treecko being one of my first ever Pokemon cards, along with Pikachu.
  • Fennekin because it reminds me of Tails from Sonic, being a fox and all.
  • Charizard because his unevolved form is my second favorite starter, the first being Squirtle.
  • Blastoise because his unevolved form is my favorite of the Kanto starters.
  • Ditto because it's so funny-looking.
  • Happiny because it's so adorable.
  • Togepi because it's also featured in the anime.
  • Wobbuffet because it sounds funny
  • Piplup because it's my favorite of the Sinnoh starters.
  • Oshawott because it's strong against fire-types like Tepig.
  • Furfrou being a dog, one of my favorite animals
  • Jigglypuff, also featured in the anime as a recurring character.
  • Ho-Oh because I like rainbows.
  • Zoroark because it can transform.
 And that's all I got.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I can't think of anything to blog about! Maybe I should just give up on the Internet and stick everything to paper, but that would make my life super boring. I'm so sobby and hot, that I just might die from writer's block. This is my most severe case of writer's block ever. Whenever Dad gives me an idea, I just say it won't work.

My life is so miserable and boring, that everyday seems like the same thing. All bore and no excitement make Andy a mad boy. My mom always gave me great ideas but now that she's gone, I really miss her. Mom if you're reading this, I really really really miss you, please come back sooner.

As I sign off for today, I leave you with this.......

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Mutant Men cast and abilities

Johnny Depp as Skullhead, able to peel his own skin for disguise purposes.
Zachary Gordon as Sreedo, the youngest of the Mutant Men who uses pyro-telekinesis.
Wally Wingert as Patchwork, the series' comic relief who can take himself apart.
Pete Browngardt as Medic, has healing powers and occasionally shot in the arm.
Jeffory Tambor as Shaggy Longlocks, able to extend hair at 10,000 feet.
Kevin Conroy as Green Bean, who can turn himself into vegetation.
Harrison Ford as Toolbelt, able to morph into various tools.
Fred Tastasciore as Horseman, who can remove his head.
Frank Welker as No-Mouth Nick, who literally has no mouth but Skullhead can translate his mumblings.
Sean Connery as Black Iron, leader of the Global Mutant Resistance.
Tim Curry as Beige Shadow, tyrannical ruler of the world and anti-mutant activist, who always tries to send the Mutant Men to his Moon Prison and exterminate all mutants.
Charlie Adler as Inkling, Beige Shadow's cousin and henchman.