Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hockey Night!

Mom and I are watching a Blackhawks home game. We watched the National Anthem with all the people yelling and waving. The current score is 3-2 Blackhawks, except they are doing the Lotto numbers. We didn't win :-(  Mom says we didn't win because we didn't buy a ticket.

While they were singing the National Anthem, Mom wondered about how they change the United Center from Ice to basketball to concert. Dad explained it to us, because he has been there when they were changing it over. The ice is always there, and when they want to play basketball or do a concert, they put insulating black panels over the ice, and then another kind of floor. Then they take down the rink edging. Dad says it takes them about 8 hours to switch it over. Dad and Jack are both helpful people to have around when you need to know something!

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