Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Peanuts Movie

It's my new favorite animated film of 2015, the end.

Just kidding! I freaking love the movie! I love how they squeezed in the entire Peanuts franchise into one 93-minute feature, I love that they implemented a one-shot character into Snoopy's side-story (the character in question being Fifi from "Life's a Circus, Charlie Brown" here voiced by Kristina Chenoweth), I loved how they got actual children to voice the major characters, I love how they let Charlie Brown, pretty much the poster boy for hapless underdogs, WIN at the end, I love how beautifully animated the Red Baron sequences were, I love how it's another Blue Sky film that isn't an Ice Age sequel & is actually worth watching (other than Horton Hears a Who), I love how they stay true to the source material rather than going the Alvin direction (okay, there's one Meghan Trainor song in the movie, but still), I love how Vince Guaraldi's original music is recreated here by THE Christophe Beck, I really liked the Scrat short that played in front of it, IT'S JUST SO AWESOME!!!!! (blacks out)

(wakes up) Whew, anyways, while I still enjoy The Spongebob Movie 2, Home, Inside Out, Minions and Hotel Transylvania 2, The Peanuts Movie is now officially my favorite animated film of 2015. Plus, I've heard the tie-in game released for the 3DS, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One looks good too.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Big Adventure

On Monday, I had an unexpected adventure. First of all, I stayed after school to audition for the talent show. I did a great job with my Charlie Brown comedic monologue. Ms Itter allowed me to leave early. I was supposed to wait for my mom, but I got impatient and decided to walk home by myself. We live 2 miles from school and I had never walked home before, but like I said, I was impatient.  I took the route that my mom drives home. I was a bit a nervous, but I kept walking. I had a heavy backpack that day, so I got kind of sweaty. Finally, I made it home and walked in the door. "Hello!" I called. To my surprise, Jack was home. He took one look at me and got on the phone to call mom. She was at school looking for me with the principal, the security officer, and the teachers. She was very worried.

I feel bad that I worried everyone and in retrospect, I wish I had waited for mom and not walked without telling anyone.  However, I didn't die in a ditch, so that's good.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Republican Debate -- Part Deux

Okay folks, More Republicans, more debating. The tv listing says that this debate is 3 hours long. I'm telling you right now, I am not watching 3 hours of this. First, I can't imagine listening to these people talk about how awesome they thing they are, second, last time no one answered the questions they were asked and that was annoying, and third, I have other homework.

11 candidates entered the stage. That's a lot of candidates.

I don't understand how Donald Trump is the most popular. I think he's a jerk. He's right in the middle -- did they arrange the candidates by popularity? The center is Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Jeb Bush.

(Short commercial break. Also, I can eat my mac and cheese.) My dad just got back from Amsterdam today and he's asleep in his chair. Hope he doesn't snore. I'd hate for him to drown out Donald Trump! Ha ha.

The moderator is Jake Tapper. He will guide the discussion. Will he make them answer the questions? Who knows.

Rand Paul spends his days defending the constitution.

Mike Huckabee thinks they are the a-team. Trump is Mr. T.

Marco Rubio brought his own water.

Ted Cruz blah blah blah.

Ben Carson was a pediatric neurosurgeon. People need to take their rightful place.

Donald Trump used the word bragadocious. Is that a word?

Jeb Bush believes America is on the verge of its greatest century.

Scott Walker thinks Reagan was the greatest president. My mom wonders how oldhe was during the Reagan years?

Carly Fiorina is an American success story.

John Kaisich loves his kids. He flew on the Reagan plane WITH Reagan. Special!

Chris Christie slammed Barack Obama. yawn.

Bush and Kaisich were the only ones who were positive.

I think if Trump's fingers were on the codes, we should prepare for the apocalypse.

And we start the evening with Carly Fiorina NOT answering the question. What a surprise.

Ha. Rand Paul burned Trump! He thinks Trump is in junior high. Insults, insults. blah blah.

Trump claims he's been in politics all his life. He's dealt with people all over the world, and has been  a success all over the world. He's a businessman. My mom says Rauner is a businessman and he hasn't been good for Illinois.

Bush was asked about the nuclear codes thing and didn't answer the question.

Scott Walker doesn't like Trump.  Trump doesn't like Walker.  Are we going to hear any facts in this debate, or will these guys send their time insulting each other?

Kaisich says if he were watching this at home, he'd turn it off! AMEN.

Christie is blabbing about how he's a outsider. Who cares?

Ben Carson is asked if experience is important to being president -- he kind of answered the question.

Carly Fiorina thinks outsiders are good.

Is a Bush a puppet for his donors? Bush is too mild mannered. He's not going to win this thing. Trup says Bush is making things up. I feel like no one has addressed any issues in 34 minutes.

Russia! Russia supports Syria and a government hostile to the US. Trump thinks he would get along with Putin and all the world leaders. That's how he'd solve the Syrian crisis. He'd get along with him.

Rubio says Putin wants to destroy NATO. He gave an interesting answer, but didn't answer the actual question.

Fiorina answered the question! She would mobilize troops. She wants to rebuild things and arm people.

Cruz says he would rip up the Iran deal on his first day. Kaisich says Cruz is a moron. And, Cruz didn't answer the question. He just blabbed.

Would Rand Paul cancel next week's state dinner for China? No real answer.

Walker thinks something something. Also, Iran deal is bad.

It's so stupid that they're all insulting Obama. He's leaving the WHite House. Didn't these guys get the memo?

This moderator let Huckabee run him over. Bad moderator. Huckabee would be a bad president.

Trump says Obama doesn't have courage. He says the three senators on stage bear some responsibility for the Syrian refugee crisis. Rubio says they have ZERO responsibilty. Thanks, Obama.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for the Ayatollah!

All this hyperbole is driving me crazy. I hate politicians. Maybe that's why people like Trump. He just insults people straight out, no hyperbole.

John Kaisich looks mad at Ted Cruz.

Oh no. It's the Kim Davis topic for Huckabee. The Supreme Court can't make a law. Separation of powers, judicial tyranny, accomodations, criminalization of Christianity. But he says Jeb Bush is a nice guy.

Bad answer, Bush! Very weak.

No one has really answered if they support a government shut down.

Carly Fiorina is mad.

Trump respects women. My mom is laughing.

How did we get from women's health to North Korea? I missed something.

Oh! Fiorina burned Trump!

Time for a break.  I'm done. Time for science homework!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

This debate

My family is watching the Republican debate and eating Chinese food. I'm eating tacos, since I don't like Chinese food.

10 candidates! That's ridiculous. This looks like a game show.

Ha ha. Of course, Donald Trump says he won't support the chosen Republican.

These guys all look very orange. Did they all apply fake tans, or is it our tv?

Dad was surprised Ben Carson is in the top ten. Carson thinks it is very important to have a brain. Sadly, many of the candidates are brainless! Zing!

Jeb Bush says they called him Jeb in Florida because he earned it. Huh? I don't get it.

Oh, Trump. Why are you so mean to women? Because he doesn't like being politically correct. Okay. What does this have to do with being a jerk to women. Wow! Now he's a jerk to the moderator! Trump thinks he can says anything he wants. How come I get in trouble when I say things without thinking?

Here is Scott Walker: he defunds Planned Parenthood, but didn't really answer the question. I think this is a trend tonight. Don't answer the questions.

Huckabee is being hyperbolic. Hyperbole annoys me. "Huckabee annoys me," says Jack.

Rand Paul -- didn't answer the question. I hate to point this out, but if I answered questions like this in school I would not get good grades.

Immigration!! Bush is actually answering the question. He's written a book about this, you know. Bush says Barack Obama has done nothing for 6 long years.

Here comes da Trump! He has evidence that the Mexcian government is sending criminals. Oh, no, he's not sharing evidence. His evidence is that he visited the border and the border patrol says the American government is stupid. Good to know.

Commercial break -- this debate is stupid. No one is answering any of the questions they are asked. They are just blah blah-ing about whatever they want

This Ohio governor didn't answer the question. Rubio says people from Mexico aren't coming here. It's people from Guatamala and Honduras. But he still didn't answer the question if the American government is stupid.

Scott Walker claims he listens to the American people. Um, what?

Ted Cruz is the only one wearing a striped tie, I think.

Topic switch -- onto TERROR

Off topic: Chris Christie's hair looks very weird.

Rand Paul stands for the BILL OF RIGHTS!

Christie says Paul is a dork. I agree. Rand Paul says Christie hugs Obama. So? I'd hug Obama if he offered. Hugs are great. My great grandma Helen said everyone needed 8 hugs per day to grow.

Back to Ben Carson! He was afraid he wouldn't get to talk again! My cartooning teacher Rich likes Ben Carson. He says Carson has a remarkable life story.

Boy, Trump thinks he's awesome. What does he think about health care? I didn't even understand him. Neither did Rand Paul. Trump says he buys politicians. Do we want a president who just buys things???

Walker says Hillary Clinton has screwed up every country she's touched. "All 112 countries?" Jack asked.

They are all blabbing about education. I'm taking a taco break. Mom says she'll type whatever I have to say.  [He has nothing to say. Too busy eating tacos.]

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs -- I'd see that movie.

They are NOT answering the questions we want asked! They're just flapping their gums.

Ben Carson doubts that Hillary would be the Democratic nominee??

Now -- the ECONOMY!!

Jeb Bush -- just said a bunch of stuff. It was like all the topics in one answer.

These candidates keep saying "I'm the only one on this stage who..."

How long is this debate? I'm tired of these guys. Jack says "only 53 more minutes of insanity."

Obamacare is to blame for EVERYTHING. Jack and I are going to start blaming everything on Obamacare. Jack wants to retroactively blame his Geometry grade on Obamacare. Dad says "keep dreamin'"

Can you even imagine Trump as president?  How many people could he insult? Ha ha. The moderator is laughing because Trump is ridiculous.

I think I'd like to be a small business owner. I don't know what I'd make or do, though.

I don't know how much more of this I can watch.  I should be keeping a list of who actually answered their questions.  But social issues are next, so lets see what they say.

This is the debate bingo card. We've been going through the squares to see what we get.

Ha ha. Is Trump even a Republican? He's evolving. He says Reagan also evolved. Ronald Reagan stopped evolving, though, since he's DEAD.

I think I like Jeb Bush best. He's cheerful and positive and I like his glasses. Even Trump thinks he's a gentleman.  The rest of these guys are kind of goofy.

Top goofs: 1.) Trump (goof in chief) 2.) Rand Paul 3.) Scott Walker  4.) Huckabee  5.) Ted Cruz

Not very goofy: 1.) Bush 2.) Kasich

Jack is looking us how much everyone has spoken. Trump has spoken for 7.5 minutes. Rand Paul has only gotten to talk for 2.5 minutes. I think I'd rather listen to Trump.

Huckabee says the purpose of the military is to kill people and break things.

Benghazi!  It only took someone 1 hour and 42 minutes to say Benghazi!

I'm having an ice cream sandwich. Mom has the keyboard again.

Chris Christie has an American flag pin in the shape of New Jersey! We can't make fun of NJ because mom was born there.

After the break, the candidates and God are going to make their final statements.

There was just a Dulcolax commercial. Mom wants to know if that is their target audience -- constipated people?

Does this count as Cruz's final statement? Or was that just his God answer?

Kasich is not answering the question. Did God speak to you, Y/N? Not hard.

Walker said God didn't give him a list.

Rubio thinks God has blessed the Republican party. Jack wonders if God really pays attention to the US political process.

Walker is nodding like a Ben Carson fanboy. That's the second time they've shown him doing that.

uh oh -- here comes Rand Paul!  Blah Blah Blah. He says he's a different kind of republican. "Yes, he's a libertarian," says Jack.

Jack is swearing while Cruz speaks. Watch your language, Buster!

And we're done. Dad changed the channel to watch Jon Stewart's last show. He asked if we thought the candidates would say anything new in the closing statements. We all agreed they would NOT.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


It was very hot and sweaty today, but mom says it is supposed to cool off, so I shouldn't get used to it. Chicago weather is so weird.

Some Hawks game last night, eh? I wonder if the Hawks will be able to beat the Ducks and make it to the finals?

I need a haircut like nobody's business.  Because of the Chicago heat, and all. Mom says I have Mayer hair -- enough hair on my head for 2 people. I get it from my grandpa.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sad Andy :-(

Why am I sad? Because my brother Jack is done with school tomorrow, and I have to go for many more weeks. Yuck. YUCK.

Mom says Jack is going on a school trip to Greece and Italy in a week an he'll be gone until after I'm done with school. Mom says I'm going to miss Jack, but I don't think so. Dad says pretend. I'll just let mom live in her fantasy land.

Back to the Hawks game!  Hawks are winning 3-2!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Unclin and Shufflin

Yesterday my parents and brother went to the Artist in All at Misrecordia, where you can buy art made by its residents. And like every year since it would be too loud and crowded for me, I got dropped off at my Uncle John's place.

It's been like this since maybe 2010. My uncle John's apartment has a TV with a special thing that allows it to access the Internet, a Shuffleshot arcade machine and a nice view of a river. I brought my laptop, my Nintendo 3DS, my portable DVD player, my Perry the Platypus & Black Panther Vinylmations and a few DVDs, such as a collection of old cartoons ranging from Betty Boop, Popeye, Superman & lots, The Simpsons season 17, my Animaniacs collection and a collection of random episodes from a few Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon.

At Uncle John's, I ate pizza from Little Caesar's, a vanilla-with-chocolate ice cream cone and some Goldfish pretzels. I didn't get the chance to watch some TV because I was paying attention to my laptop so I watched stuff like Access Hollywood for the first time.

Overall I had a good time at my Uncle John's. Sadly I didn't get a chance to watch any of my Animaniacs DVDs but at least I got to watch my classic toons DVD which I haven't touched since Christmas 2013.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Visitor

We had a visitor tonight. Uncle John came over to park his car while he went to see The Who. He stayed to eat a Wendy's hamburger and fries. I don't eat Wendy's because I am allergic to their fries -- they make me hurl. I had McDonald's instead. My new favorite thing is the triple cheeseburger. Uncle John also had to bring Cubs tickets to my dad, and asked me if I thought the Hawks were going to win. I said that depends if they play well enough to beat the Ducks. I hope they win, but you never know. Mom made Uncle John move his car so it wasn't blocking our neighbor's parking spot.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

MCU Theories

To honor the release of Avengers Age of Ultron and the coming movies, I've decided to list some Marvel Cinematic Universe theories. Just to be clear, there will be massive spoilers for those who haven't seen most of these movies even me. So here we go.

The Infinity Gauntlet we saw in Thor was created for security purposes.
In the mid-credits scene of Ultron, Thanos is shown putting on the Gauntlet and proclaims that he will hunt for the Infinity Stones himself. Yet previously in Thor's first solo outing, we see another Infinity Gauntlet among Odin's Vault. What I think is that the first gauntlet was created to represent how it would look while the real one was stolen by Thanos many years back. Plus, notice the vault. Thanos probably gave the Gauntlet to someone, most likely Kang the Conqueror who is the only one of his henchmen that haven't failed him, for safe-keeping until further notice.

The Masters of Evil lineup
Since Infinity War will be the grand finale of the Infinity Stones arc that was established in Thor, these guys will have to be in! As usual, they will be led by Baron Zemo (who has been confirmed to appear in Captain America 3) but the lineup will be different as most members haven't been introduced yet such as the Crimson Dynamo. They will be......

  • Abomination
  • Enchantress (who may appear in Thor Ragnarok)
  • Nebula
  • Arnim Zola (this time appearing in his classic robot form from the comics)
  • Darren Cross/Yellowjacket (if Ant-Man becomes an Avenger)
And probably more. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Sadly, this is all I can think of because this is taking too long. Bye now!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Disney Infinity 3.0

Recently, the third entry in the Disney Infinity series was announced, this time focusing on the Star Wars franchise as the last one focused on Marvel Comics. Featured playsets include Twilight of the Republic which is based off The Clone Wars animated series and featuring Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul & Yoda as playable characters and Rise Against the Republic based off the original trilogy featuring Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and Darth Vader. There is also going to be a playset based off the upcoming Pixar film Inside Out (which my mom is excited for), a new Marvel set with Ultron and the Hulkbuster and a playset based off the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Also featured are regular Mickey, Minnie, Mulan, Olaf and Sam Flynn & Quorra of TRON Legacy, who were previously featured in 2.0 as characters exclusive to the mobile and PC versions. To commemorate this, here are my most wanted characters for this.

5. Black Panther
Black Panther..............BLACK MOTHER SEA-FLIPPING PANTHER!!!! Now before I go completely insane, let me state this clearly. With everyone's favorite King of Wakanda appearing in Captain America Civil War and his own solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is there any reason not to put him in?

4. The Good Dinosaur
Now this would be a good way to promote a movie. It would bring a bit more diversity into the game, Arlo and Spot could be playable characters and Arlo would be the first four-legged character.'

3. TV Shows
Now this would be awesome! We already have Phineas and Ferb, so why not the likes of Gravity Falls, Wander over Yonder, DuckTales, Gummi Bears, Gargoyles, Kim Possible, American Dragon and so much more!

2. Star Wars Rebels
Since this game is about Star Wars, then why not put the most recent animated entry in? Playable characters would be Ezra, Kanan, Hera, Zeb, Sabine, Chopper and the Inquisitor. Plus, it would certainly hype up season 2,

1. Goofy
We got Mickey in the first, Donald in the second, so we really need Goofy. If we have Goofy, the classic trio would be complete. And also Oswald.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Blog: the movie

Who would play me if I made a movie out of this blog? I pick one of the Sprouse twins. Jack would be played by Al Pacino. My dad would be played by Jim Carrey (though my mom says no, he would be played by Rob Lowe). My dad says the girl who played Amy Pon in Dr. Who can play my mom.

Or, everyone could be played by Jim Carrey, like n the Series of Unfortunate Events movie.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More about Jack

I'm blogging about Jack because I think it annoys him.

Tomorrow night, Jack and Dad are flying to Washington DC. Jack is going to compete in the National History Bowl and the National History Bee. I hope he does well, and doesn't bring shame to our forefathers.

When I think of Jack competing in this thing, I think of the great Charlie Brown movie "A Boy Named Charlie Brown." I would give Jack my blanket to take with him to the Bowl, but I don't really have a blanket I love like Linus loves his. Jack has his own blanket, anyhow. I think he has that blanket because he's always cold. Oh wow. I just remembered that Charlie Brown lost the spelling bee by not being able to spell the word "beagle." I hope Jack doesn't forget the name of the first president!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The Hawks are playing the Nashville Predators right now. This is game 4 of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Predators won the first game, and the Hawks won the next 2. So of the Hawks win tonight, they still have to win one more game. Hockey playoffs take FOREVER.

Tonight's starting goalie is Scott Darling. Corey Crawford was the starting goalie for most of the season, but then he had some bad games, so now Darling is in the net. Poor Crawford. I bet he thinks it sucks to be him, right now.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Jack says it sucks to be me.

I asked Jack for a blog idea and he said "I don't know. Blog about how it sucks to be you, I guess."

I only think it sucks to be me SOMETIMES. Most of the time, it is awesome to be me. I am creative and good looking (according to my mom) and mostly smart. My life is good.

Sometimes, things are sucky. I get very irritated by the state of humanity. Mom says I have a short fuse. One of the things I get annoyed with is when my parents ask me questions about things on tv. Then mom gets annoyed with me for being annoyed, and it turns into a whole storm of annoyance.

Sometimes I feel like I don't know anything, and that is a time when it sucks to be me.

Sometimes I feel very sad, and like it would be better if I didn't exist. That is sucky. But then Mom hugs me or Jack makes me laugh and I feel better.

Overall, I think it is good to be me. I'd rather be me than be JACK!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


My mom and I went to Report Card Pickup Day at my school and I did really great in terms of grades. After that, we walked downstairs to the book fair and I got five books in all. They are.....

  1. My Little Pony: Pony Tales pt. 2
  2. Avengers Ultimate Factivity Collection
  3. Regular Show volume 1
  4. Adventure Time volume 4
  5. Guinness World Records 2015 Gamer's Edition
Now allow me to go in depth on them.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic was so popular that it not only generated two films (the third one being an Equestria Girls film set to release this fall and a non-EQG film set for 2017), a collectible card game and most notably, a comic book. This one in particular is a collection of issues 4, 5 and 6 from the now-defunct Micro-Series. The first one has Fluttershy entering an art contest, the second one shows Pinkie trying to help her idol and the final one has Applejack hunting the Sass Squach during the Hearth's Warming Season.

I would have time to write more, but it's getting late. Seeya!

Monday, April 13, 2015


I don't know what to blog about, so I asked Jack and he said "Canada!"

This what I know about Canada:

maple syrup

My mom says that my Great Grandma Helen's family was from Montreal. I still have distant cousins there who speak French. That's very weird. My mom and dad took French in college, but they don't speak it anymore.

Monday, March 30, 2015


So. Much. Homework. Tonight.

Current Events
4 pages of circumference problems
something about an article
researching the 2nd Continental Congress.

There goes my life.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


My mom's friend Wendy is teaching nursing in Rwanda for a year. Rwanda is a country in Africa where they had a genocide (but not the one we read about in A Long Walk to Water) so they lost a lot of the people who were doctors and nurses. Wendy is there to teach people to be nurses at a hospital in the capital city.  Since she is in Africa, she gets to do a lot of things the rest of us can't do.

For example, she sent me and Jack a postcard from Burundi, which is a neighboring country. She said Burundi is going to have elections next year and there might be trouble, so she had to go now. According to wikipedia, Burundi is one of the 5 poorest countries in the world.

The other cool thing Wendy got to do was go to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and hang out with gorillas!. My mom showed me a picture where Wendy is in the picture, and there's a bunch of gorillas just lounging about behind her!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Camp Douglas

Camp Douglas was a prison camp from the Civil War, located on the south side of Chicago. Isn't it weird to think there was a Civil War orison camp this close by? I always think of the Civil War as happening far way, in the South. My uncle and his wife got married at a Civil War plantation in Mississippi -- that's what I think of when I think Civil War. But no -- there were confederate POWs on the south side of Chicago, near the University of Chicago.  I told my mom that I want to go to the cemetery and see the memorial some day.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back to Hogwarts

I've been reading the first Harry Potter book recently for my Independent Reading Project lately after seeing all the movies and I really like it. I just finished the Diagon Alley chapter where Hagrid buys all of Harry's school supplies and I'm hoping to read more adventures of The Boy who Lived and his friends.

My brother is Potter-crazy and my entire family have seen the movies. Every summer, Jack takes one week where he reads all the books in a row. He eats, sleeps and reads Harry Potter. I don't know if he will have time to do that this summer. He's going to Greece and Rome to look at archeological sites, the Vatican, and other old stuff.

Plus, I would like to see the spin-off/prequel film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Overall, I'm excited to see what happens.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bloggy Blog Blog

Will it ever be warm in this town again? It feels like it won't.  Things are dire in this town. There's a mayor election run off, Patrick Kane has a broken clavicle, which is the collarbone, and we have tests to take for the next 2 months. Yuck.

Mom asks if there is anything good in our lives? Alas, no. There is nothing good, I say. We asked Jack if he agrees and he said "reality is an a priori construct. Nothing is good, we're all going to die." I have no idea what he is talking about, but he is probably right.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Drained of ideas

I feel like I am completely without ideas on things to write about. Crazy. How do professionals authors do it? Mom says they just keep writing, even when they don't think they have anything to say. I guess. But that seems like a waste of time. Supposedly, even if you write about nothing, you could end up with one good sentence you can use someplace else. Ugh. So hard.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More plagues

Now is the winter of our discontent. Or of our bad health, I guess. Dad was sick, then I was sick, then Jack was sick and he's STILL SICK. He stayed home from school today because of barfing. I did not stay home. I went on my merry way to school and spent the day learning many things. Ha ha. Now Jack is getting in trouble with mom and dad for not doing his homework. It's kind of refreshing for them to be freaking out about Jack's homework instead of mine.

Last Friday was our school dance. It was a neon dance. We had glow sticks and stuff. I had a good time. This was the first dance I went to, since I hate noise and loud music. We'll see if I go to any more.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Plagues

For the past week, my dad and I were really sick with some kind of bad cold. This also affected school as I constantly begged for help but nobody would reply. My mom then decided I should stay home for the week which I did. My stomach then started hurting which resulted in me throwing up on my mom and dad's bed. Don't worry, Mom got me a bucket in the nick of time. Anyway before that, I got my own tissue box which I used a lot. I then got better Sunday and stayed home Monday to work on my History Fair project. So yeah, I had quite a crazy week. I must see you later. Oh I forgot, now Jack is sick too.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015



My brother is trying on pants even though he hates pants. Then I called his face unacceptable. So let me go on a tangent about this one time I found a piano in my nose, which is obviously a made-up story.

One sunny afternoon, I was digging for gold as usual when suddenly I heard an E flat come out of one of my nasal cavities and pulled out the source: Beethoven's legendary piano! I don't know how it got there or what it was doing there, but who cares anyway. Somehow, I became a master and went on to stardom! Which then resulted in an accident where He-Man climbed out of the piano to look for Beastman, because we all know how it stinks to be Beastman. The event was so ridiculous, I decided to sell it to some random rich guy who found a dead jackalope inside of it. And that's the end of my story!

Hopefully it'll be passed on for generations to come and....waitaminute, what was I talking about before that? Oh yeah, about how my brother's face is unacceptable! Also, I heard a rumor that the head of Viacom said that he never liked Nickelodeon, or Avatar, or cartoons, or strong female characters, or everything in general. Well, time to start

Monday, February 9, 2015

Disney: Animation for the Gods

So you all remember Phineas and Ferb right? Well, tonight our favorite nacho-headed kid and Isabella finally got together after nine years (eight if you don't count the series preview after HSM2) and my mom & even one of the shows creators Swampy was bawling about it. Anyway, DISNEY IS PRETTY MUCH ANIMATION FOR THE LORD HIMSELF!

Before I continue praising Disney for actually making this happen, I must congratulate them for buying Marvel & Lucasfilm and becoming the mega-million dollar corporation that it is today.

Anyway like animal crackers, Disney is animation of the gods! They make so many great animated films, TV shows (well, some TV shows), video games, whatever! Being an animation stud myself, I grew up with modern Disney but I still have a soft spot for old Disney like The Lion King, Aladdin, Cinderella and others. I hope 2015 is a great year for Uncle Walt's legacy and many more to come.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another bunch of random clips

(static, cut to Stitch working on Wander and Michelangelo)
Wander: (thinking) They're my buddies! (starts to wake up) So hungry..........(he notices Stitch) Meat?.........
(Stitch starts getting scared as he bumps into Mikey, who is talking about pizza recipes)
Mikey: Pacific Pioneer Pie. Just take four teaspoons of fish guts & a few rabbit hides and throw 'em into the blender for five minutes.....
Stitch: (whimpers as Wander turns to him)
Wander: Meat..........
(Stitch turns around to see Mikey grabbing his arm)
Mikey: Rabbit hides........
Stitch: OOOH!!!! (runs away)
Wander: Meat..........
(one Home Alone kid face later, Stitch cries......)
Stitch: HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

(static, cut to Cyborg replacing a lose bolt on the Titans Tower. Much to his surprise, the whole building accidentally collapses. More static and we see Vegeta as a nightguard at Freddy Fazbear's)
Vegeta: Oh please, I could rather wipe out an entire army rather than work at a children's restaurant. (suddenly, Freddy himself attempts to jumpscare the Saiyan prince, only to meet him face to face)
Vegeta: So you're the namesake of this joint, huh? Well then, might as well end this fad! (flies up above the restaurant and initiates.......) GALICK GUN!!!!!!!! (his Galick Gun wipes out the joint and with it, the animatronics)

(static, cut to Mario, Sonic, Mega Man and Pac-Man as mafia dons sitting at the same tables arguing)
Mario: I have the best-a family-a!
Sonic: No, mine is the best!
Mega Man/Pac-Man: (in unison) No, mine is the best!
Mario: I declare war!
Other three: Yes we shall!
(cut to Mario with Link in front of him)
Mario: Take-a them out Linkon!
Link: With pleasure.
(pan to Mega Man with Ryu in front of him)
Mega Man: Take him out Ryu!
Ryu: (random Japanese words, then he gets stabbed by Link)
Narrator: Ryu's life was cut short! May he rest with Master Gouken in heaven.
(cut to Sonic with Aiai in front of him)
Sonic: Destroy them Aiai!
Aiai: (hooting)
(Aiai is destroyed by Heihachi seconds later)
Narrator: Aiai lost his bananas.......permanently.
(cut to Pac-Man with Lloyd Irving in front of him)
Pac-Man: Time to end this once and for all!
Lloyd: Pleased to do this.
(unfortunately for him, he is destroyed by Phoenix Wright)
Narrator: Lloyd had no objections, but then he received one.
Mario: Alright-a, this could take a while so I'll end it!
(Mario uses a Fire Flower to destroy the entire building and everyone in it but him)
Mario: WOOHOO, I'M THE BEST!!!..............but I killed off all my men in the process.
(it is then revealed that the short was dreamed by the narrator)
Narrator: Mario just went through emotional pain!
Mario: AH SHUT-A UP YOU! (throws a Bullet Bill at the narrator)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

State of the Union

So I have to do another live-blog on yet another state of the Union address........yay.

IN THIS CORNER, MARCHING IN, THE PRESIDENT OF PRESENTERS, THE CHANCELLOR OF CHICAGO..........BARRRRRACK OBAMA!!!!!!! If I were the sergeant of arms, this is how I would introduce Obama. Complete with Balboa music.

15 years into this new century, eh?

Obama says the Afghanistan conflict is over.

We want an economy where a few people do spectacularly well, and one of those would be Scrooge McDuck.

And we have a lady in the audience who is from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Sacrificed? Don't mind if I do! (starts roasting the creator of Brickleberry over a fire) I love the smell of Daniel Tosh bears over a fire in the evenin'.

Our younger students have excellent reading and math scores? Well I'm not doing so hot in math so how is Obama helping ME?

If a bill comes to my desk that is completely phooey, I will EAT IT!

So we want to contribute in America's success? Especially the greedy nutcases in this world? I'm all for that.

So now we have middle class economics. So we should stop treating childcare like a side issue! Does that mean us kids will actually get some respect in this world for once?

Sent a generation of G.Is to college. I wonder how many were named Joe?

Obama's plans for college proposals are 2 years free community college, expanding and funding technical training. That's pretty cool.

21st century companies need 21st century info-structure. So that's why Nintendo is doing perfectly okay! And also 21st century science and technology.As long as they don't expect me to contribute to the 21st century math.

Obama also mentions diabetes. Because....potatoes. (In loving memory of the Youtube channel of Mr. Enter. Because Viacom and Fox are greedy jerks.)

Tax reform proposals are........I don't got no jokes.

Our airstrikes against ISIS are skyrocketing in Iraq but still getting there in Syria.What's the answer?

I have no idea what everyone is saying! (pulls out a big toothy grin only to snicker seconds later)

And now we move on to climate change.

And on to more important things like accepting EVERYTHING: religions, sexuality, people, etc.

Obama is walking out through a parade of hugs and kisses and handshakes.

The commentators said this is the last State of the Union that anyone will pay attention to -- we will be in the midst of presidential elections the next time he speaks. And he will be on his way out the door.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Into the Woods review

Last weekend, my family went to see Disney's Into the Woods. This was a film adaptation of a musical by Steven Sondheim, taking a bunch of fairytales and squeezed them all within the span of 124 minutes such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel and an original tale about a childless baker couple.

There was a lot of singing and it mostly stood true to the source material. I think the actors fit the characters well. My mom was annoyed by the boy who played Jack, because he played Gavroche in Les Miserables and she hates Gavroche and little Cosette. Meryl Streep was great as the Witch. The actor who played the Baker had a funny role on Dr. Who, so we liked him too. The Wolf, played by Johnny Depp, was DEFINITELY creepy! My mom says Johnny Depp specializes in playing creepy characters. I felt like the Wolf's costume was very Tex Avery-esque and that was a good thing.

In other news, my mom's friends Lizz and Erik had a baby the other day. Good for them! Welcome to the earth, Asher. I hope you enjoy life.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top 5 Death Battles I want to See

Ah Death Battle, the brutal Internet series where two fictional characters of similar caliber duke it out! Whether it be the tenacious Super Saiyan against the Man of Steel, the Boy who Lived against the Jedi that offed Darth Vader or even Nintendo's pink puffball against Dragon Ball's deadliest villain, Wiz and Boomstick have been analyzing combatants and trolling fanboys for five whole years! But as with many series like Epic Rap Battles of History, people have been requesting many battles for them to bring to life and that's what I'm doing today. Like what the experts do, the rules are simple:

  1. Combatants possess no non-canon knowledge of each other.
  2. Personality restraints from killing are removed.
  3. All other character traits, tactics and attributes are not removed, and largely attempted to be represented faithfully.
  4. Research sources are generally determined equally unless specified.
So, let's get started!

5. Vector the Crocodile vs Leatherhead
Now I'm not just saying this can happen just because they're both reptiles, I'm saying this because both franchises feature anthropomorphic animal characters & a human villain and both characters have quite a lot of strength. The plot for this would be that the Chaotix are hired by Shredder to take down Leatherhead and Vector is the only one that can stop him. This could easily be a very balanced battle that could tick off either the Sonic fanboys or the Turtles fanbase. Ah who cares!

4. Monkey D Luffy vs Jack Sparrow
Luffy vs Popeye was enough, but how about Luffy against a LIVE-ACTION pirate. With Straw Hat's powers of the Gum-Gum Fruit, he could easily have the upper hand and tell Jack who is the true king of the pirates! Anyway, the Black Pearl crew assault a fancy ship known as the S.S. Macbeth only to find the Strawhat Pirates also onboard. There, that good enough?

3. Hercules vs Kratos
Now before you ask which Herc, I'm leaning towards the Disney version as I'm more familiar with that one and HE CAN PUNCH HADES INTO THE RIVER STYX WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT! As for the plot, former God of War Ares makes a bet with Hades to see which one of their enemies is more powerful. Now this is a battle rich with anger and satanic hormones!

2. Teen Titans vs Ginyu Force
Five vs five, my kind of brawl. Angered over his loss against Goku, Frieza decides to take out his rage on someone else and that would be the Teen Titans! The order would go as so:
  • Beast Boy vs Guldo
  • Starfire vs Recoome
  • Robin and Cyborg vs Jeice and Burter
  • Raven vs Ginyu
Speaking of Dragon Ball Z.....

1. Goku vs Ryu
After Goku vs Superman, DBZ fanboys were aflurry with rage. And then Kirby vs Buu came along and made them even more angry. So the only way they can redeem themselves is pit Goku against another fictional martial artist, specifically the iconic protagonist of Street Fighter. This could easily be the most insanest fight ever and bring back more past combatants after what happened in Batman vs Captain America. And even though it's not real, please bring in Super Saiyan 5!

Well, this was a long one but it was worth it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sonic the Hedgehog Kai

This is a new thing I'm developing that's pretty much a reboot of the Sonic the Hedgehog mythos where the original Genesis trilogy already happened and some games are adapted.

THE STORY: Welcome to the planet Mobius, home to humans, knockoff Disney characters and the blue hero himself Sonic the Hedgehog! In the year 2252, one Ivan Kintobor caused a nuclear explosion so HUGE that it wiped out most of humanity plus saving and/or mutating a few. Now, his descendant Dr. Eggman J.I. Robotnik along with other villains threaten the safety of the planet only to be stopped by Sonic and his merry men the Freedom Fighters!

  1. Origins (adapted from the original Genesis games and includes Jules: The Father of Sonic)
  2. Eggman Saga
  3. Chaos Saga (Sonic Adventure 1)
  4. Shadow Saga (takes place after the Chaos Saga)
  5. Nocturne Saga (Chronicles)
  6. Ixis Naugus Saga (partially inspired by the King Piccolo saga from Dragon Ball)
  7. Emerl Saga (Sonic Advance 1, 2, 3 and Battle)
  8. Metallix Saga (Heroes)
  9. Rush Saga (Rush and Rush Adventure)
  10. Tylex Saga
  11. Eggman Nega Saga (Rivals 1 and 2)
  12. Babylon Saga (Riders series and Tails Adventure)
  13. Dark Gaia Saga (Unleashed)
  14. Wisp Saga (Colors and Sonic X's Metarex saga)
  15. Time Eater Saga (Generations and '06)
AND LOTS MORE.......that I can't write enough of because that takes A LOT of work.

There are also lots of characters from other Sonic media in this like Scratch and Grounder, a ton of Archie/Fleetway characters and a lot I can't list.

Well, this is all I can offer but don't expect me to actually write this.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Would U like to Play?

Well, now that Christmas has passed. I might as well list what I received from my loved ones.

Might as well start with the more important stuff! I got a Wii U, more specifically the deluxe version which was black and can hold 32gb. The games I received with it were Super Smash Bros U, Mario Kart 8, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Super Mario 3D World and NintendoLand. The last one I didn't care much for. A few days after, I got Hyrule Warriors and have yet to play Pikmin 3.

I also got two 3DS games: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Frozen Olaf's Quest. I've been a big fan of Pokemon since I played Pokemon White and it's a very enjoyable entry. I've also been watching the anime which I really need to catch up on. And Olaf's Quest is a very fun platformer with lots of re-playability and even a few levels have Marshmallow in them. Before I move on to the others, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET PAST THE POKEMON LEAGUES?!

Here are the other things I got.
  • Teen Titans Season 1 DVD
  • Gravity Falls Dipper and Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun
  • The Simpsons 17 DVD
  • Minecraft Hacks book
  • Calvin and Hobbes "Something Under the Bed is Drooling" book
  • The Simpsons 2015 calender
  • Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set
  • Gravity Falls Even Stranger DVD
Well, that's all for tonight everyone. As a wise pig once said "Thththththththththththat's all folks!"