Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sonic the Hedgehog Kai

This is a new thing I'm developing that's pretty much a reboot of the Sonic the Hedgehog mythos where the original Genesis trilogy already happened and some games are adapted.

THE STORY: Welcome to the planet Mobius, home to humans, knockoff Disney characters and the blue hero himself Sonic the Hedgehog! In the year 2252, one Ivan Kintobor caused a nuclear explosion so HUGE that it wiped out most of humanity plus saving and/or mutating a few. Now, his descendant Dr. Eggman J.I. Robotnik along with other villains threaten the safety of the planet only to be stopped by Sonic and his merry men the Freedom Fighters!

  1. Origins (adapted from the original Genesis games and includes Jules: The Father of Sonic)
  2. Eggman Saga
  3. Chaos Saga (Sonic Adventure 1)
  4. Shadow Saga (takes place after the Chaos Saga)
  5. Nocturne Saga (Chronicles)
  6. Ixis Naugus Saga (partially inspired by the King Piccolo saga from Dragon Ball)
  7. Emerl Saga (Sonic Advance 1, 2, 3 and Battle)
  8. Metallix Saga (Heroes)
  9. Rush Saga (Rush and Rush Adventure)
  10. Tylex Saga
  11. Eggman Nega Saga (Rivals 1 and 2)
  12. Babylon Saga (Riders series and Tails Adventure)
  13. Dark Gaia Saga (Unleashed)
  14. Wisp Saga (Colors and Sonic X's Metarex saga)
  15. Time Eater Saga (Generations and '06)
AND LOTS MORE.......that I can't write enough of because that takes A LOT of work.

There are also lots of characters from other Sonic media in this like Scratch and Grounder, a ton of Archie/Fleetway characters and a lot I can't list.

Well, this is all I can offer but don't expect me to actually write this.

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