Thursday, December 19, 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas

On the 12 days of Christmas, my TV gave to me...

12 Koopa Troopas
11 Identity Discs
10 Hedgehogs a Running
9 Cans of Spinach
8 Robot Masters
7 Pokeballs
6 Elements of Harmony
5 Teen Titans
4 Ninja Turtles
3 Sailor Senshi
2 Disney characters
and a repaired Planet Express ship.

Thank you! You're all too kind! Now before I go, I have a few announcements.

First of all, the second part of my Eevee and Friends review will be a little late since the short has been taken off So just be patient.

Also, I'll be doing a Q&A in a couple days starting what I call Post-Christmas. You can ask me questions like "What got you into Pokemon" or "What's your favorite video game based cartoon". Just ask me anything as long as there's no flaming

I've also decided to amp up my deviantArt account by uploading memes so you can check out my page right here. Don't be shy, I got a lot of stuff you should see.

Well, that's all I have for now. So......

Porky Pig: Adededededede..that's all folks!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eevee and Friends review (part one)

Hey there nice ladies and puppy boys! I'am gonna review a cute little Pokeyman short! Okay, I won't use my new found Jerry Lewis impression for this post. Today, I'm going to review a little Pikachu short called "Eevee and Friends" that showed before Genesect and the Legend Awakened in Japanese theaters but wasn't show with said movie when it aired on Cartoon Network. But I found it on recently and now I'm going to review it. So pull out your Eevee and enjoy!

The short starts with the Pokemon of our heroes from the anime, Pikachu, Oshawott, Axew and Pansage. They are adorably playing in a field one day and stumble in a beautiful field of flowers. Pikachu then hears something and it turns out to be Generation 6's very own Sylveon, the Intertwining Pokemon. Sylveon leads them to her home where also lives her fellow Eeveelutions, where they'll have a party and sleepover later in the short.

The first to be introduced is the one and only Eevee who stumbles into Axew, who both playfully tackle each other. The second to be introduced is the affectionate Jolteon who starts up a recurring theme of Oshawott being the butt monkey by hugging him, electrocuting the Sea Otter Pokemon. As Jolteon, Axew and Eevee playfully chase each other into the house, Oshawott grumpily dashes after them with Pikachu, Pansage and Sylveon in hot pursuit. The Pokemon and audience find themselves in the room of Ice-type Glaceon, who makes beautiful ice sculptures.

With Oshawott still red with anger while chasing he accidentally smashes into them, thus causing Glaceon to freeze him to death. Naw, he actually survived after that and is still mad at them. We then cut to the Grass-type Leafeon, who covers Oshawott in leaves for shaking his leaf bridge. Axew then races into a dark caves where he sees glowing rings walking towards him, he is frightened making him run for his life when the rings actually belong to Dark-type Umbreon. Axew then sees the leaf-covered Oshawott and runs away alongside Eevee and Jolteon.

Umbreon then gestures towards where they went to Pikachu, Pansage and Sylveon, where we find the shy Fire-type Flareon. When nervous, Flareon's temperature rises up, thus causing Oshawott's leaf get up to burn up. Our friends then fall in a stream where they playfully yell until they fall into a pond where we see Psychic-type Espeon looking at her reflection ala the Greek myth Narcissus.

 Well, that's all I have for now. Join me next time where I look at it more.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Saturday at Grandma's

Saturday night, Jack and I stayed over at Grandma's because Mom and Dad went to a party with Auntie Jen and Uncle Chris.

We had Culver's for dinner. (cheeseburger, fries, ice cream, YUM!)

Jack slept on the couch in the living room while I slept in Uncle Sean's room because I was getting too big for the small couch. I told mom I could sleep with my legs bent, but she told me to pick another sleeping place. I watched the Simpsons Movie and Pokemon on Uncle Sean's TV and DVD player.

Jack didn't watch anything. He was busy reading a book about Jesus. Jack says the power of Christ doesn't compel me, because I am not currently demonically possessed. Good to know.

I love staying over at Grandma's. We used to go there for Christmas Eve, but MOm got tired of cooking 2 big meals in a row (since Christmas dinner is at our house) so now we go to a restaurant near Grandma's house. Mom makes us get all dressed up.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Andy

There's this Sound of Music thing on NBC right now. And being a musical, they can never stop singing. There are a lot of musical films out there that time the songs, take Beauty and the Beast for example they have songs every couple minutes or Annie, which I hated because there's a song every 2 seconds.

Also, the songs can really go on for quite some time and double the length of the musical. If you think Annie was bad, check out this. They also got the whole "doe ray me fa so la ti do" thing all wrong and now it's "doe me fail sot we ho". It seems they can never get any effort into this. All of Mom's Facebook friends are ranting about the sound in this because all the background noise is just a white noise I think. Also the costumes are so like 1920s-ish. I can't take anymore of this! It's even more painful than Johnny Test and Sid the Science Kid combined!

My rating: 2.5/10 stars. I recommend watching the movie than this piece of holy trash.  I am out of HERE!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Art Institute

Today, my class took a field trip to the Art Institute.  It was mostly good.

My favorite things:

The Herring Net and Distant View of Niagara Falls. We studied those ahead of time at school, so it was cool to see them in person.

The Thorne Rooms. Miniature rooms of different time periods and places, like California, Virginia and New Mexico. My mom loves the Thorne Rooms, too. So do her friends Wendy and Lizz!

Chagall's Windows. Lots of pretty colors and patterns and pictures.

Not favorite things:

The second floor. I didn't like the second floor. It was too high up. I freaked out a little bit and told my teacher I wanted to be back on terra firma. She told me we would be back on the ground soon.

We ate lunch in an education room. That was okay.

Mom says if she takes me back there, we will study more paintings ahead of time. She also has a book about the Thorne Rooms she says I can read.

Our next field trip is to see the Hubbard Street Dance Company next Friday!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blogging in Bed

Well, it's only 9:49pm so I better do a blog post. I forgot to do it earlier, so mom tossed a computer at me and said "get writing."

Tomorrow is our field trip to the Art Institute. I hope it is awesome and not boring. It's a famous art museum.

Mom was at Misericordia today, being a waitress. She says when I am old enough, I can be a waiter. I think this is a good idea, maybe. I told her that serving all that food might make me hungry, but she said I would get lunch.

Speaking of Misericordia, I'd like to give a big shout out to Mike McD! He is a regular volunteer at Mis and a regular reader of this blog!

GoodNIGHT, already.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas, don't be late!

I'm so excited for Christmas. I've got a lot of stuff on my list but not too much or too little, but just right. My granny got me a TMNT ornament featuring Donatello so I thought she knows me so well.  I also want a Nintendo 3DS along with Pokemon X and Kingdom Hearts 3D. Come Christmas Eve, the tree shall shine, the cookies and milk shall be snacked on and the halls will be decked.......if we have any.

I've been very good this year well, mostly good but I don't want to talk about it. For now, I just want it to snow. All that white, fluffy, watery goodness has to come tomorrow. Also, as every year there is a brunch at Misrecordia, the place where my Mom works at. My uncle Sean is always there so that's why he has a fire alarm in his house. I'm really excited so I better prepare.

Well, guess I better get going now. And as always, I gotta juice!