Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Art Institute

Today, my class took a field trip to the Art Institute.  It was mostly good.

My favorite things:

The Herring Net and Distant View of Niagara Falls. We studied those ahead of time at school, so it was cool to see them in person.

The Thorne Rooms. Miniature rooms of different time periods and places, like California, Virginia and New Mexico. My mom loves the Thorne Rooms, too. So do her friends Wendy and Lizz!

Chagall's Windows. Lots of pretty colors and patterns and pictures.

Not favorite things:

The second floor. I didn't like the second floor. It was too high up. I freaked out a little bit and told my teacher I wanted to be back on terra firma. She told me we would be back on the ground soon.

We ate lunch in an education room. That was okay.

Mom says if she takes me back there, we will study more paintings ahead of time. She also has a book about the Thorne Rooms she says I can read.

Our next field trip is to see the Hubbard Street Dance Company next Friday!

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