Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Republican Debate -- Part Deux

Okay folks, More Republicans, more debating. The tv listing says that this debate is 3 hours long. I'm telling you right now, I am not watching 3 hours of this. First, I can't imagine listening to these people talk about how awesome they thing they are, second, last time no one answered the questions they were asked and that was annoying, and third, I have other homework.

11 candidates entered the stage. That's a lot of candidates.

I don't understand how Donald Trump is the most popular. I think he's a jerk. He's right in the middle -- did they arrange the candidates by popularity? The center is Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Jeb Bush.

(Short commercial break. Also, I can eat my mac and cheese.) My dad just got back from Amsterdam today and he's asleep in his chair. Hope he doesn't snore. I'd hate for him to drown out Donald Trump! Ha ha.

The moderator is Jake Tapper. He will guide the discussion. Will he make them answer the questions? Who knows.

Rand Paul spends his days defending the constitution.

Mike Huckabee thinks they are the a-team. Trump is Mr. T.

Marco Rubio brought his own water.

Ted Cruz blah blah blah.

Ben Carson was a pediatric neurosurgeon. People need to take their rightful place.

Donald Trump used the word bragadocious. Is that a word?

Jeb Bush believes America is on the verge of its greatest century.

Scott Walker thinks Reagan was the greatest president. My mom wonders how oldhe was during the Reagan years?

Carly Fiorina is an American success story.

John Kaisich loves his kids. He flew on the Reagan plane WITH Reagan. Special!

Chris Christie slammed Barack Obama. yawn.

Bush and Kaisich were the only ones who were positive.

I think if Trump's fingers were on the codes, we should prepare for the apocalypse.

And we start the evening with Carly Fiorina NOT answering the question. What a surprise.

Ha. Rand Paul burned Trump! He thinks Trump is in junior high. Insults, insults. blah blah.

Trump claims he's been in politics all his life. He's dealt with people all over the world, and has been  a success all over the world. He's a businessman. My mom says Rauner is a businessman and he hasn't been good for Illinois.

Bush was asked about the nuclear codes thing and didn't answer the question.

Scott Walker doesn't like Trump.  Trump doesn't like Walker.  Are we going to hear any facts in this debate, or will these guys send their time insulting each other?

Kaisich says if he were watching this at home, he'd turn it off! AMEN.

Christie is blabbing about how he's a outsider. Who cares?

Ben Carson is asked if experience is important to being president -- he kind of answered the question.

Carly Fiorina thinks outsiders are good.

Is a Bush a puppet for his donors? Bush is too mild mannered. He's not going to win this thing. Trup says Bush is making things up. I feel like no one has addressed any issues in 34 minutes.

Russia! Russia supports Syria and a government hostile to the US. Trump thinks he would get along with Putin and all the world leaders. That's how he'd solve the Syrian crisis. He'd get along with him.

Rubio says Putin wants to destroy NATO. He gave an interesting answer, but didn't answer the actual question.

Fiorina answered the question! She would mobilize troops. She wants to rebuild things and arm people.

Cruz says he would rip up the Iran deal on his first day. Kaisich says Cruz is a moron. And, Cruz didn't answer the question. He just blabbed.

Would Rand Paul cancel next week's state dinner for China? No real answer.

Walker thinks something something. Also, Iran deal is bad.

It's so stupid that they're all insulting Obama. He's leaving the WHite House. Didn't these guys get the memo?

This moderator let Huckabee run him over. Bad moderator. Huckabee would be a bad president.

Trump says Obama doesn't have courage. He says the three senators on stage bear some responsibility for the Syrian refugee crisis. Rubio says they have ZERO responsibilty. Thanks, Obama.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for the Ayatollah!

All this hyperbole is driving me crazy. I hate politicians. Maybe that's why people like Trump. He just insults people straight out, no hyperbole.

John Kaisich looks mad at Ted Cruz.

Oh no. It's the Kim Davis topic for Huckabee. The Supreme Court can't make a law. Separation of powers, judicial tyranny, accomodations, criminalization of Christianity. But he says Jeb Bush is a nice guy.

Bad answer, Bush! Very weak.

No one has really answered if they support a government shut down.

Carly Fiorina is mad.

Trump respects women. My mom is laughing.

How did we get from women's health to North Korea? I missed something.

Oh! Fiorina burned Trump!

Time for a break.  I'm done. Time for science homework!