Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I have a Lego Advent Calendar -- I can't wait to start opening the little windows!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A little bit of everything

My mom has a broken toe and a bad cold, so we had breakfast for dinner.

I did my money project at school today and I ROCKED. I had to design a school currency.

I got the Ultimate Collector's Edition of Brave on Blu Ray. I watched it this afternoon. It was even better than when I saw it in the theater!

One more day of school and then Thanksgiving break!!  On Thanksgiving day I'm going to watch the parade and go to Granny and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving dinner. My mom is bringing green beans and pumpkin pies.

On Friday, PBS kids will be airing holiday specials of their shows. I can't wait for Arthur's Perfect Christmas!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Visit to the Comic Book Shop

Over the weekend, I said to my mom, "I've never been to a comic book store in my whole life." So on Tuesday, we went to parent-teacher conferences (I got all As and 1 B!) and after that, we went to a comic book shop.

The comic books shop is called Aw Yeah! Comics. It was really great! They had all kinds of comics. They had The Simpsons, Sonic, Toy Story, Patrick the Wolfboy, lots of Marvel comics. They even had Archie Comics. My mom said she read those back when she was a kid. They had Futurama, Adventure Time -- they had them all! There were many paintings and illustrations on the wall. My favorite was a picture of Kermit and Fozzie at the back of the store. Another favorite of mine was a poster for the 1960s Batman TV series.

I had some money with me, so I bought a Simpsons Comic, a Sonic comic, a Toy Story comic and a Hot Wheels Batmobile. You get a lot for your money at the comic book store.

The comic book store was great, and I'd like to go back there someday!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Hedgehog House

The Hedgehog House is the main setting of the show Sonic Sitcom. It is the home of Sonic and friends.
Exterior Features
1. Spruce wood plank walls
2. Birch wood roof with stone slab
3. Patio with chest to keep food and furnace
4. Muttski's doghouse

Interior Features
Living Room: Blue colored couch, bookshelf, small flat TV
2nd Floor: Girls bedroom
3rd Floor: Elders and teens bedroom
4th floor: Boys bedroom
Basement: Charlie the Rat's bedroom

List of Sonic Sitcom Season 1 episodes

Sonic Sitcom ran for 4 seasons with 75 episodes when it premired on November 4th, 2010. They are as listed.
Season 1
EPISODE 1: "Dinner Disasters/101 Mobians"
Dinner Disasters: Sonic tries to get food for Amy to cook dinner, leading to disasterous results. He also meets Gills the Fish.
101 Mobians: Sonic's pet dog Muttski starts having puppies when he meets another dog, making it hard for the gang to take care of the dogs.
Guest Stars: Scott Menville as Gills the Fish. Frank Welker as Muttski.
Notes: "101 Mobians" is a parody of "101 Dalmatians"
EPISODE 2: "Throwing Up/Afternoon of the Living Waves"
Throwing Up: Tails starts getting sick and throws up all over the couch.
Afternoon of the Living Waves: Sonic gets swimming lessons from his friend Gills the Fish, but magic waves made Sonic constantly drown.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Dr. Bear. Scott Menville as Gills the Fish.
Notes: "Night of the Living Waves" is a play on the horror film "Night of the Living Dead"
EPISODE 3: "Charlie and Company/How to Train your Honey Bee"
Charlie and Company: An orphaned rat named Charlie needs a home and the gang let him in.
How to Train your Honey Bee: Charmy thinks he isn't smart and decides to take classes from Professor Omelet, who is Dr. Eggman in disguise because he wants him to become his entertainer. So it's up to Sonic to save him.
Guest Stars: Townsend Coleman as Charlie the Rat.
Notes: The episode is a play on the movies "Oliver and Company" and "How to Train your Dragon"
EPISODE 4: "The Armadillo's Return/Sonic Who?"
The Armadillo's Return: Mighty returns to the Chaotix Detective Agency after he left on his long adventure.
Sonic Who?: While Sonic was exploring Mobius, he was captured by pig nuns believing Sonic to be the Chosen One who will defeat the demonic overlord Robotnik, causing identity crisis between his friends and the nuns.
Guest Stars: Angela Lansbury as Mother Aerith.
Notes: Mighty becomes a regular character voiced by Tom Kenny.
EPISODE 5: "A Very Speedy Christmas Part 1/A Very Speedy Christmas Part 2"
Part 1: Sonic is in charge of getting rid of the ice in the lake so he wishes for Santa to bring him something that will do it faster. Meanwhile, the girls set up a mistletoe which annoys the boys.
Part 2: Charmy tries to get a good Christmas tree on Christmas Eve but the next morning, he learns the true meaning of Christmas: getting together with family and friends.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Santa Claus. Scott Menville as Gills the Fish. Charlie Schlatter as Harry Rabbit. Townsend Coleman as Charlie the Rat.
Notes: Part 2 is based off of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Charmy even claims that he killed the tree when he put up the star.
EPISODE 6: "Hedgehog Family Circus/Lord of the Chilli Dogs"
Hedgehog Family Circus: Sonic's siblings Sonia and Manic come to the Hedgehog House to stay after they discorver that there was no one to battle.
Lord of the Chilli Dogs: A new city opened far from the house kicks off the populating with a chilli dog stand---where the chilli dogs cost 50,000 dollars! Sonic is detiremend to get one no matter how much they cost.
Guest Stars: Mae Whitman as Sonia. Cam Clarke as Manic. Kevin Michael Richardson as Chilli Dog guy.
EPISODE 7: "New Year Hedgehog, Part 1/New Year Hedgehog, Part 2"
Part 1: Sonic and the gang get ready for New Years Eve. Cream wants to join in the fun but she is too young.
Part 2: Uncle Chcuk tells Cream that no matter how old you are, you'll always have fun. New Years strikes and the gang celebrate.
Guest Stars: Scott Menville as Gills the Fish. Townsend Coleman as Charlie the Rat. Charlie Schlatter as Harry Rabbit. Mae Whitman as Sonia. Cam Clarke as Manic.

Sonic Sitcom

Set after Sonic X, Sonic and his friends make a home near a small lake on Mobius. They always go through trying to live together and Dr. Eggman watches them in his headquarters.
Brad Pitt as Sonic. A blue hedgehog who runs at supersonic speeds, hence his name. In bed, he wears blue PJs with white stripes.
Nancy Cartwright as Tails. Sonic's best friend who has two tails. Often used for flying. In bed, he wears yellow footies.
John DiMaggio as Knuckles. A red echidna who guards the Master Emerald and lives with the gang. He is very tough and is one of Sonic's rivals, sometimes blaming him for the mishaps they get in. In bed, he wears a red nightcap and grey slippers.
Angelina Jolie as Amy Rose. A resident of the Hedgehog House and Sonic's self appointed girlfriend. Cute and full of energy, she always gets the gang out of trouble. She also knows Ella's recipes when she makes dinner for them. In bed, she wears a pink and red nightgown.
Brad Pitt as Shadow. The Ultimate Life Form who escapes Earth after a nuclear explosion. He built a 2x2 house near the Master Emerald. In bed, he wears a black and red night mask.
Dan Castelleneta as Vector. The leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He often sleeps when the phone rings. In bed, he wears boxer briefs saying "I Heart Hello Kitty"
Steve Buscemi as Espio. A ninja who is a member of the CDA. In bed, he wears a gi with a black belt.
Zachary Gordon as Charmy. A hyperactive bee who is a member of the CDA. He often falls into the lake having Espio save him. In bed, he wears yellow and black striped PJs.
Tom Kenny as Mighty. An armadillo who's been walking Mobius for months since Sonic and friends were teleported to Earth. He returns to the Chaotix in one episode. In bed, he wears a black nightcap.
James Woods as Dr. Eggman. The main antagonist of the series. He is Sonic's archnemesis and will stop at nothing to take over the world. In bed, he wears red and white PJs.
Billy West as Silver. A hedgehog who is from a post-apocolyptic future. He seeks Sonic's help to restore the past by finding the source of the explosion. After that, he and Blaze move into the Hedgehog house.
Grey DeLisle as Blaze. Silver's partner who also seeked Sonic's help. She moved in with Silver and helps Amy with cooking.
James Arnold Taylor as Nack. A weasel who lives with Bean in a cave near the Hedgehog House.
Jeff Bennett as Bean. Jet's little brother and Nack's roommate.
Gary Chalk as Big. A giant cat who goes fishing. He lives with the gang.
Other Cast
Tara Strong as Cream.
Juile Kavner as Vanilla.
Frank Welker as Cheese, Froggy and Muttski
Kath Soucie as Bokkun.
Maurice LaMarche as Uncle Chuck.
Scott Menville as Gills the Fish.

See List of Sonic Sitcom episodes.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let's Go to the Movies!

I want to see Wreck-it-Ralph. It stars John C Reilly as the title character who is getting tired of being a villain and decides to become a hero. It was made by Disney and released last week gaining favorable reviews and was a box office success. One of the big highlights of the movie is that Sega's very own Sonic the Hedgehog makes multiple appearances in the film. I can't wait to see it! My mom says maybe this weekend.

Another movie I want to see if Frankenweenie, a film based on Tim Burton's 1984 live-action short of the same name. This is the first black and white stop-action film to be released in Imax 3-D! It follows the plot of the source material about a boy who brings his dog back from the dead after it is killed in an accident.

My brother Jack wants to see Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, which tells about the final 4 months about President Lincoln's life. It is directed by Steven Spielberg, the man behind many popular movies. We are big Lincoln fans in this house. We took a vacation to Springfield to see the Lincoln museum and Lincoln's tomb. On another vacation, we toured the Lincoln birthplace and boyhood homes in Kentucky and Indiana.  We used to have this plastic Lincoln head on a stick that you could control with your hand. We used to say to each other "Mr. Lincoln says..." in a deep voice when we wanted to get each others attention. Unfortunately, the string holding Mr. Lincoln's jaw together broke, so now his mouth is lopsided. He looks like drunk Mr. Lincoln.  I would like to get another Lincoln head someday

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The election is over and Barack Obama is still our president. I am so glad the election is done. Last night I was so frustrated by all the talking and the graphics and the numbers. And Jack was talking and explaining. BORING.

I went to bed before they counted the votes. Then my dad came to my room and told me it was over and Obama was still our president. Whew! I didn't like Romney that much. But, as I said to my mom this afternoon, he'd make a better president than Homer Simpson. Imagine if Homer Simpson were president! There would be a department of donuts and beer!

I was really mad that I didn't get to vote for real when I went with my mom yesterday, but Jack explained I had to be 18. I did get to vote in my school election. I had to color in the electoral college map for social studies and had to leave Florida blank.

I think that's it. Are we done with politics for now? (No! Because I have a social studies test tomorrow and politics is on it!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 4

Jack is very involved in this whole election.  So are me and dad, I guess. We're all sitting in front of the tv with laptops.

But now I am going to play Minecraft. I did make a Minecraft Debate world. I had a Obama statue of cloth, a Romney statue of cloth, and a villager as a moderator. Jack says it wasn't that interesting.

Oh! there's an ad for the Lincoln movie! Jack wants to see that.

It's 8:15. Florida is 50/50!

Jack says Fox News says Pennsylvania is going for Obama.

CNN is talking about Florida. This is so boring! The debates were much more interesting. Jack keeps explaining things to me. HE is kind of boring too.

I think Grandma is getting ready to go home. She's putting her shoes on. Boo! Jack and I want to sleep over at Grandma's house but my mom hasn't made it happen yet. Boo! Jack says we are  putting mom's reelection under consideration.

Grandma went home, but she got a pasty to take with her.

Is this done yet? Please let this be done.

I'm not going to know who the president is until tomorrow morning. It's 8:30 and I have to take my shower and go to bed.  Jack says he can take over the blog until there is a winner. I don't know about THAT.

Dad is reading my blog stats. I've had 17 hits from the country of Latvia. Dad says I need to shout out to my peeps in Latvia!

I have one hit from the Netherlands. That's my cousin! (Mom says Hi, Colleen!)

I have my swimming lesson tomorrow. Will there be a president by the time I go swimming? Or maybe the president will make exercise illegal! I don't think I like that!

CNN says Obama will win Pennsylvania. Is this a surprise? Jack says no.

Obama headquarters is at McCormick Place in Chicago. Dad says it's in the "Lakeside Center" which is the old McCormick Place. I'm glad I'm not there. It looks very crowded and noisy. I don't like crowds.

David Axelrod said he'd shave off his moustache if Obama lost some states. That would be funny. My dad had a beard and moustache a long time ago, but he doesn't anymore.

I'm going to play Simpsons Tapped out for a few minutes. This election coverage is making me crabby and anxious. I finally got the android's dungeon!

My mom's facebook friend is drinking blue drinks. What's in those blue martinis?

Alaska and Hawaii are still voting.  Jack just pointed out for me which states are still voting. Mom says he is a very helpful boo boo.

Why does this all take SO LONG? Jack says because the polls in California don't close for another hour. ugh.

My dad thinks the top of the hour music on CNN is cheeseball!  He thinks maybe we should change the channel. CNN isn't keeping up.

It's 9pm. I'm signing off to go to bed! I guess I'll have to find out who is president tomorrow! GOBAMA!


Election 3

It's 7:20. I bet all the exciting stuff will happen after I go to bed.

I have to take a homework break. Expository writing waits for no blog...

Election 2

Chicago polls stay open until 7. It is still 6:30, so nothing is happening here.

The pasties are out of the oven!

This is Jack. Obama's up in Florida with a quarter of the vote in; this bodes well. Virginia is relatively unbeknownst at the moment. I haven't seen anything in from Ohio. By my count, Obama has Vermont, Romney has Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, and South Carolina, none of which is surprising. Also: PASTIES!

Thank you Jack. Now let's retire from the election for a quickie as I give out a brief segment I like to call....EDUTAINMENT!!!

Today's subject, Steven Spielberg's Amblimation. It was the animation production arm of Amblin Entertainment. It began its run with the sequel to Don Bluth's "An American Tail" called "Fievel goes West". On its release on Thanksgiving 1991, it met with mixed reviews like the first film but did do well at the box office. Spielberg decided to use the money to produce his next film "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" which was based off a children's book of the same name. It had famous actors in the film like John Goodman, who later on did the voice of Sulley in Pixar's "Monsters Inc", Kenneth Mars, who previously did the voice of King Triton in Disney's "The Little Mermaid" and oddly enough.....Yeardley Smith. That's right, the same girl who voiced Lisa Simpson contributed her voice to this movie.  On its release in November 1993, a year after Fievel goes West was released, it got mixed to negative reviews. The last film by Amblimation was Balto. Based on a true story of the sled dog of the same name. It tells the story of Balto (voiced by Kevin Bacon. Mmmm. Bacon) who tries to win the heart of Jenna, a young Siberian Husky, voice of Bridget Fonda. But he is constantly interrupted by Steele, a Alaskan Malamute voiced by Jim Cummings. Now the rest of the story is based off the real event. It was Amblimation's final film when it received 50% mixed reviews. But hey, at least it got two direct to video sequels. Now that Edutainment is done, let's get back to our main subject: the election.

It's 7pm central time! Polls in the midwest are closing!

Romney is talking on a plane.

My mom still thinks that Anderson Cooper is cute. So does my grandma.

How do these reporters keep thinking up things to say? It's a lot of blah blah blah.


It is election day! Me and Jack are on the couch and dad is in his brown chair watching the election returns. Earlier today, me and Jack went to vote with my mom.

Earlier than that, I went to the doctor to have a physical. The nurse gave me a flu shot in the nose. She stabbed me in the nose with her sprayer. I said, "that WASN'T very nice!" I think it still hurts.

Right now, I am eating pizza, and my mom and dad and grandma and Jack are waiting for the pasties to come out of the oven.

6:30 -- Grandma says it is too early to be exciting.

This guy on CNN says that Ohio has had it right in every election since 1964.  Is that why we were so worried about those Ohio undecided voters in the debates? Ohio is where my relatives live. But I think my aunt voted for someone weird.

I'm going to have more pizza.  More later

Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Eve

Yesterday, I went to brunch at Misericordia with my mom's Betsy-Tacy ladies. It was good. I had to say hi to a lot of strange ladies, but I was with dad and Jack and Grandma, so it was okay. I even had to guide one of the women to the bathroom. Mom and I went to the gift shop and I got a stuffed "Bad Kitty" but we had to hide it in mom's purse from dad. He says she's a soft touch.

Tomorrow is the election! Me and Jack are going to vote with mom after school. We vote at my old preschool. Then Grandma is coming over and we are having pasties! Pasties are meat and vegetables wrapped in pie crust. They are something my great grandma used to make, so my mom is making them. We eat them with ketchup, not gravy. I told mom I'd try some pasty.

We will eat pasties in loving memory of my great grandma Helen. 1907 - 2012.

Who do you want as president? Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or Vanellope Von Schweetz? Cast your vote and come again for my live blog on the election. Wreck It Ralph now in theaters from Walt Disney Pictures.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A bunch of blah blah

Halloween: I was Fozzie Bear from the Muppets. Jack was Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I went trick or treating for 2 blocks but then I came home. It was cold and a bit boring. Jack went off with his friends and Dad was working, so it was just me and mom. I got a bunch of Reese's peanut butter cups, so that's good enough for me!

Did you see this?

So funny! I love the Simpsons!   My brother Jack reminds me of Mr. Burns!  Matt Groening is one of the most talented people of all time. I'm writing an expository essay about The Simpsons and how the show has influenced many other tv shows. Ricky Gervais said that The Simpsons was an inspiration for the original English version of The Office. The Simpsons has been on tv for 24 years and 510 episodes! Ms. Marcheschi gave me a card she got from Starbucks so I could redeem the original Treehouse of Horror episode on iTunes. I watched it last night to finish off my favorite holiday!