Tuesday, November 6, 2012


It is election day! Me and Jack are on the couch and dad is in his brown chair watching the election returns. Earlier today, me and Jack went to vote with my mom.

Earlier than that, I went to the doctor to have a physical. The nurse gave me a flu shot in the nose. She stabbed me in the nose with her sprayer. I said, "that WASN'T very nice!" I think it still hurts.

Right now, I am eating pizza, and my mom and dad and grandma and Jack are waiting for the pasties to come out of the oven.

6:30 -- Grandma says it is too early to be exciting.

This guy on CNN says that Ohio has had it right in every election since 1964.  Is that why we were so worried about those Ohio undecided voters in the debates? Ohio is where my relatives live. But I think my aunt voted for someone weird.

I'm going to have more pizza.  More later

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