Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 4

Jack is very involved in this whole election.  So are me and dad, I guess. We're all sitting in front of the tv with laptops.

But now I am going to play Minecraft. I did make a Minecraft Debate world. I had a Obama statue of cloth, a Romney statue of cloth, and a villager as a moderator. Jack says it wasn't that interesting.

Oh! there's an ad for the Lincoln movie! Jack wants to see that.

It's 8:15. Florida is 50/50!

Jack says Fox News says Pennsylvania is going for Obama.

CNN is talking about Florida. This is so boring! The debates were much more interesting. Jack keeps explaining things to me. HE is kind of boring too.

I think Grandma is getting ready to go home. She's putting her shoes on. Boo! Jack and I want to sleep over at Grandma's house but my mom hasn't made it happen yet. Boo! Jack says we are  putting mom's reelection under consideration.

Grandma went home, but she got a pasty to take with her.

Is this done yet? Please let this be done.

I'm not going to know who the president is until tomorrow morning. It's 8:30 and I have to take my shower and go to bed.  Jack says he can take over the blog until there is a winner. I don't know about THAT.

Dad is reading my blog stats. I've had 17 hits from the country of Latvia. Dad says I need to shout out to my peeps in Latvia!

I have one hit from the Netherlands. That's my cousin! (Mom says Hi, Colleen!)

I have my swimming lesson tomorrow. Will there be a president by the time I go swimming? Or maybe the president will make exercise illegal! I don't think I like that!

CNN says Obama will win Pennsylvania. Is this a surprise? Jack says no.

Obama headquarters is at McCormick Place in Chicago. Dad says it's in the "Lakeside Center" which is the old McCormick Place. I'm glad I'm not there. It looks very crowded and noisy. I don't like crowds.

David Axelrod said he'd shave off his moustache if Obama lost some states. That would be funny. My dad had a beard and moustache a long time ago, but he doesn't anymore.

I'm going to play Simpsons Tapped out for a few minutes. This election coverage is making me crabby and anxious. I finally got the android's dungeon!

My mom's facebook friend is drinking blue drinks. What's in those blue martinis?

Alaska and Hawaii are still voting.  Jack just pointed out for me which states are still voting. Mom says he is a very helpful boo boo.

Why does this all take SO LONG? Jack says because the polls in California don't close for another hour. ugh.

My dad thinks the top of the hour music on CNN is cheeseball!  He thinks maybe we should change the channel. CNN isn't keeping up.

It's 9pm. I'm signing off to go to bed! I guess I'll have to find out who is president tomorrow! GOBAMA!



  1. Great post, Andy! I look forward to your update and reaction to who won.

    Simpson's Tapped Out is awesome - my favorite part was killing zombies at Halloween.

    Keep writing - you are very original and entertaining!

    1. Thank you. But the Halloween event is still going on! Are the developers crazy, what were they thinking? That was supposed to end on Halloween!