Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Eve

Yesterday, I went to brunch at Misericordia with my mom's Betsy-Tacy ladies. It was good. I had to say hi to a lot of strange ladies, but I was with dad and Jack and Grandma, so it was okay. I even had to guide one of the women to the bathroom. Mom and I went to the gift shop and I got a stuffed "Bad Kitty" but we had to hide it in mom's purse from dad. He says she's a soft touch.

Tomorrow is the election! Me and Jack are going to vote with mom after school. We vote at my old preschool. Then Grandma is coming over and we are having pasties! Pasties are meat and vegetables wrapped in pie crust. They are something my great grandma used to make, so my mom is making them. We eat them with ketchup, not gravy. I told mom I'd try some pasty.

We will eat pasties in loving memory of my great grandma Helen. 1907 - 2012.

Who do you want as president? Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or Vanellope Von Schweetz? Cast your vote and come again for my live blog on the election. Wreck It Ralph now in theaters from Walt Disney Pictures.


  1. My mom and grandma make pasties, too! And my dad eats them with ketchup. Maybe I will make some for the Betsy-Tacy ladies here in Portland sometime. :-)

    1. Pasties with gravy is just wrong. My dad had a pasty with gravy at the Henry Ford museum. I think the Betsy-Tacy people would like pasties. They sure liked brunch at Misericordia.