Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sonic Sitcom

Set after Sonic X, Sonic and his friends make a home near a small lake on Mobius. They always go through trying to live together and Dr. Eggman watches them in his headquarters.
Brad Pitt as Sonic. A blue hedgehog who runs at supersonic speeds, hence his name. In bed, he wears blue PJs with white stripes.
Nancy Cartwright as Tails. Sonic's best friend who has two tails. Often used for flying. In bed, he wears yellow footies.
John DiMaggio as Knuckles. A red echidna who guards the Master Emerald and lives with the gang. He is very tough and is one of Sonic's rivals, sometimes blaming him for the mishaps they get in. In bed, he wears a red nightcap and grey slippers.
Angelina Jolie as Amy Rose. A resident of the Hedgehog House and Sonic's self appointed girlfriend. Cute and full of energy, she always gets the gang out of trouble. She also knows Ella's recipes when she makes dinner for them. In bed, she wears a pink and red nightgown.
Brad Pitt as Shadow. The Ultimate Life Form who escapes Earth after a nuclear explosion. He built a 2x2 house near the Master Emerald. In bed, he wears a black and red night mask.
Dan Castelleneta as Vector. The leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He often sleeps when the phone rings. In bed, he wears boxer briefs saying "I Heart Hello Kitty"
Steve Buscemi as Espio. A ninja who is a member of the CDA. In bed, he wears a gi with a black belt.
Zachary Gordon as Charmy. A hyperactive bee who is a member of the CDA. He often falls into the lake having Espio save him. In bed, he wears yellow and black striped PJs.
Tom Kenny as Mighty. An armadillo who's been walking Mobius for months since Sonic and friends were teleported to Earth. He returns to the Chaotix in one episode. In bed, he wears a black nightcap.
James Woods as Dr. Eggman. The main antagonist of the series. He is Sonic's archnemesis and will stop at nothing to take over the world. In bed, he wears red and white PJs.
Billy West as Silver. A hedgehog who is from a post-apocolyptic future. He seeks Sonic's help to restore the past by finding the source of the explosion. After that, he and Blaze move into the Hedgehog house.
Grey DeLisle as Blaze. Silver's partner who also seeked Sonic's help. She moved in with Silver and helps Amy with cooking.
James Arnold Taylor as Nack. A weasel who lives with Bean in a cave near the Hedgehog House.
Jeff Bennett as Bean. Jet's little brother and Nack's roommate.
Gary Chalk as Big. A giant cat who goes fishing. He lives with the gang.
Other Cast
Tara Strong as Cream.
Juile Kavner as Vanilla.
Frank Welker as Cheese, Froggy and Muttski
Kath Soucie as Bokkun.
Maurice LaMarche as Uncle Chuck.
Scott Menville as Gills the Fish.

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