Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The election is over and Barack Obama is still our president. I am so glad the election is done. Last night I was so frustrated by all the talking and the graphics and the numbers. And Jack was talking and explaining. BORING.

I went to bed before they counted the votes. Then my dad came to my room and told me it was over and Obama was still our president. Whew! I didn't like Romney that much. But, as I said to my mom this afternoon, he'd make a better president than Homer Simpson. Imagine if Homer Simpson were president! There would be a department of donuts and beer!

I was really mad that I didn't get to vote for real when I went with my mom yesterday, but Jack explained I had to be 18. I did get to vote in my school election. I had to color in the electoral college map for social studies and had to leave Florida blank.

I think that's it. Are we done with politics for now? (No! Because I have a social studies test tomorrow and politics is on it!)

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