Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another bunch of random clips

(static, cut to Stitch working on Wander and Michelangelo)
Wander: (thinking) They're my buddies! (starts to wake up) So hungry..........(he notices Stitch) Meat?.........
(Stitch starts getting scared as he bumps into Mikey, who is talking about pizza recipes)
Mikey: Pacific Pioneer Pie. Just take four teaspoons of fish guts & a few rabbit hides and throw 'em into the blender for five minutes.....
Stitch: (whimpers as Wander turns to him)
Wander: Meat..........
(Stitch turns around to see Mikey grabbing his arm)
Mikey: Rabbit hides........
Stitch: OOOH!!!! (runs away)
Wander: Meat..........
(one Home Alone kid face later, Stitch cries......)
Stitch: HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

(static, cut to Cyborg replacing a lose bolt on the Titans Tower. Much to his surprise, the whole building accidentally collapses. More static and we see Vegeta as a nightguard at Freddy Fazbear's)
Vegeta: Oh please, I could rather wipe out an entire army rather than work at a children's restaurant. (suddenly, Freddy himself attempts to jumpscare the Saiyan prince, only to meet him face to face)
Vegeta: So you're the namesake of this joint, huh? Well then, might as well end this fad! (flies up above the restaurant and initiates.......) GALICK GUN!!!!!!!! (his Galick Gun wipes out the joint and with it, the animatronics)

(static, cut to Mario, Sonic, Mega Man and Pac-Man as mafia dons sitting at the same tables arguing)
Mario: I have the best-a family-a!
Sonic: No, mine is the best!
Mega Man/Pac-Man: (in unison) No, mine is the best!
Mario: I declare war!
Other three: Yes we shall!
(cut to Mario with Link in front of him)
Mario: Take-a them out Linkon!
Link: With pleasure.
(pan to Mega Man with Ryu in front of him)
Mega Man: Take him out Ryu!
Ryu: (random Japanese words, then he gets stabbed by Link)
Narrator: Ryu's life was cut short! May he rest with Master Gouken in heaven.
(cut to Sonic with Aiai in front of him)
Sonic: Destroy them Aiai!
Aiai: (hooting)
(Aiai is destroyed by Heihachi seconds later)
Narrator: Aiai lost his bananas.......permanently.
(cut to Pac-Man with Lloyd Irving in front of him)
Pac-Man: Time to end this once and for all!
Lloyd: Pleased to do this.
(unfortunately for him, he is destroyed by Phoenix Wright)
Narrator: Lloyd had no objections, but then he received one.
Mario: Alright-a, this could take a while so I'll end it!
(Mario uses a Fire Flower to destroy the entire building and everyone in it but him)
Mario: WOOHOO, I'M THE BEST!!!..............but I killed off all my men in the process.
(it is then revealed that the short was dreamed by the narrator)
Narrator: Mario just went through emotional pain!
Mario: AH SHUT-A UP YOU! (throws a Bullet Bill at the narrator)

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