Monday, November 25, 2013

Planet Pringle

In a time when the universe was still young there was a single spark, an orange spark that is. It kept growing until it reached full size and several bendy chips flew out of craters and became stars. 3,0000 years later a large comet came crashing onto the strange planet. A glowing man in a grey cloak arose from the meteor and took a bite out of the place and loved it so much, he decided to call it "Pringle" and brought home lots for his people and the stars.

In 1976, a small indie snack food company called Bernice and Robbie's was looking for its next project. One man named Horace Gables then explained about the Pringle planet to his coworkers and with a simple exclamation of "A far-off planet made of Pringles? GADZOOKS!" they instantly assembled a team of astronauts from NASA to go and examine the strange new thing and bring back findings for their new product "Pringles from SPACEEE!" In 1982, P&G approved of the product and made it a new brand with a Cheesy-Q flavor, which was the flavor of the planet from whence the chip was discovered.

It later became a smash hit until 1996, when Bernice and Robbie's went out of buisness due to high funds but a small vault. Many people thought it was ridiculous to close because of a miniscule vault. Cheesy-Q Space Pringles later earned its name in snack food history as one of the greats and Horace Gables even won a Nobel Prize for Space Discovery & Popular Snack Production. In 2012, Kellogg's bought the rights for Pringle production from P&G but have no plans to make more Cheesy-Q Space Pringles.

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