Monday, October 29, 2012

A little bit famous

Well then, I was a little bit famous over the weekend. There was a picture and an article about me and my blog in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday. Then a radio host named Jonathon Brandmeier called and wanted to interview me on his show. It was crazy! I told mom that the fame thing was getting out of hand. I told her I didn't want to do the radio interview because I would be too nervous.

Today at school, people wanted my autograph. I signed a paper for Mrs. Grossman because she is my good friend. But then Ms McMahon wanted me to sign her paper and I said no. I felt too self conscious. My mom said maybe I should sign one autograph a day, so tomorrow I will sign for Ms. McMahon if she wants me to.

I wonder how REALLY famous people feel? Does fame make them nervous? I'm glad I'm not Justin Bieber. I like being regular Andy. My mom asked me if I would do book signings like Dav Pilkey if I became a famous author. I've decided I will do 2 book signings -- one at my local Barnes and Noble and one at my library.

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