Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rubber Ducky: The Movie

"Rubber Ducky: The Movie" or "Squeaker" in the UK is a 2013 live action-animation comedy-adventure film directed by Kenneth Branagh and written by Star Trek cast member William Shatner. It features the voices of Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Kelly MacDonald, Angela Lansbury, Bradley Pierce, Rob Paulsen, Zachary Gordon, Bill Murray and Elle Fanning. The film centers around a herd of rubber ducks who live at the pool in the Niles Family Fitness Center. One duck named Joey feels like he's different. After hearing a story about "the Beast of the Deep End", he decides to go "where no pool toy has gone before". When his father Captain hears about his trek, he has to save his son from having his heart squeezed out.


In the style of Toy Story, rubber ducks come to life when people leave the pool. The toys lived like civilized people but always throw parties. The leader of the ducks named Captain. (voiced by Dustin Hoffman) His clan include the mischievous kids Chip, Sally and Zack. (Bradley Steven Pierce, Elle Fanning and Zachary Gordon respectively) Their caring, gentle mother Flora. (Angela Lansbury) The prank pulling Jokey. (Rob Paulsen) The athletic and brave Emma. (Kelly MacDonald) And his young adult son Joey. (Robin Williams)


Robin Williams- Joey. The main protagonist. Feeling that he is different from the other ducks, he leaves the clan's home to brave the deep end.

Dustin Hoffman- Captain. The deuteragonist. He is Joey's father and the head of the Rubber Ducky clan. After the loss of his wife, he tries very hard to protect his son.

Rob Paulsen- Jokey. The triagonist. The clan's clown and "The best joker in the world" His pranks sometimes backfire but he doesn't mind. He speaks in a Jamaican accent.

Kelly MacDonald- Emma. The secondary triagonist. She's Joey's love interest and an expert at water archery.

Bill Murray- Beast of the Deep End. The main antagonist. A man called Brian Hensworth was obsessed with swimming. So he started living in the pool and haunts the duck clan. He once squeezed out the heart of Joey's mom.

Zachary Gordon, Elle Fanning and Bradley Steven Pierce- The kids. Three of the main triagonists. The children and their mom were brought to the pool in the summer of '99. They are always playing tricks on the other ducks and beat Jokey at pranks.

Angela Lansbury- Flora. The secondary deuteragonist. The children's mother. Ever since losing her husband, she looks at Captain like a second husband.

Leonard Nimoy- The Lifeguard. The secondary antagonist.  A dark and sinister man who got hired as a lifeguard in November 2004. He also became Brian Hensworth' roommate.

Dan Castellaneta- Bob. A rubber duck who works as Captain's servant and Joey's caretaker. He can sometimes get obsessed with partying despite being a posh duck.

Albert Brooks- James. Another part of the rubber duck clan who works as a builder.


The film will be released on April 19th, 2013 distributed by Warner Brothers in North America and Aardman Animations in the UK.


The animation on the ducks will be done by Pixar. The film was shot at the pool in the Niles Family Fitness Center. Costumes on the humans were designed by costume designer Isis Mussenden.


  1. Wait, is this a real movie? I'd go see it. Also, I have never before seen the word deuteragonist. Or triagonist, for that matter. I love new words!

    1. Huh. I thought he made up deuteragonist and triagonist, but I guess not. Shows what I know!

  2. Do you recommend the movie Brave? I wondered where you had heard of Kelly Macdonald (since I know her from an old live-action movie, Gosford Park, which you probably haven't seen), and then I remembered that her voice starred in Brave. I haven't seen it but I've heard it's good.
    My daughter (age 8) went to see Hotel Transylvania on Sunday and she really, really liked it. I thought it would be creepy, but she said it was only funny.

  3. This sounds great. I think my favorite characters would be the Robin Williams and Leonard Nimoy characters. I like drama. Especially when it is also funny. Signed, your mom's weird friend.

  4. William Shatner from Star Trek will be writing this and Leonard Nimoy will be in this.