Thursday, October 11, 2012

Veep Debate

Me and Jack are watching the Vice Presidential debate. This is between Obama's VP Joe Biden and that other guy, Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan is from Janesville Wisconsin. That is not too far away from us. When we drove home from my great grandma's funeral we ate dinner at Culver's in Janesville. My mom and Jack said that since we are a liberal family we shouldn't talk to anyone.

While Paul Ryan was talking, Biden looked amused.  Now Biden is talking and Ryan looks amused. Paul Ryan took a drink of water.

There is a a thing on the bottom of the screen that shows "undecided voters." Jack says he doesn't think anyone is very undecided.

The blonde lady interrupted Paul Ryan and asked him how he was going to do something.

Paul Ryan is wearing a RED striped tie, and Biden is wearing a BLUE striped tie. Do they plan this?

Isn't is weird that people call the president of Israel "Bibi?" I wonder if that annoys him? I bet it annoys him.

Biden is laughing at Paul Ryan.  Biden says Iran doesn't have a weapon.

Jack says Paul Ryan looks like a doofis.

"This president doesn't bluff." GOBAMA!

Maybe Paul Ryan should be Obama's next VP? He's a little younger than Biden.

The undecided voters like what Biden is saying about the economy.

Paul Ryan just talked about Janesville WI. I wonder if he ate at that same Culver's we ate at? Jack says Paul doesn't eat at Culver's. He's too rich and works out to P90X, so he doesn't eat fatty food.

Oooh! Ryan just burned Biden! Everyone laughed because Biden doesn't always say the right thing.

Biden is laughing again.

Biden says he loves Paul Ryan. Does he really?

I don't love either one of them. I've watched 30 minutes of this debate. I'm DONE.


  1. This is the BEST blog post ever. I totally agree. Especially the part about Bibi. I bet it annoys him big time. :)

    1. It annoys Jack when I call HIM Bibi!

  2. "I don't love either one of them. I've watched 30 minutes of this debate. I'm DONE."

    Andy, you took it longer than I could in a sitting!

    I love your blog!

  3. Thanks to your blog, I can't wait for the next debate. Thanks for your commentary!

  4. Sorry about my odd comment, but actually, Paul Ryan does eat Culver's. I work there (at the Janesville one) on west court street, and Paul Ryan came in today around 1pm. Not sure what he got though, I didn't take his order.

  5. Wow! He looks so healthy all the time I thought he only eats vegetables and chicken! We ate at the Culver's right off of 94, but we all had burgers and frozen custard! Yum!