Monday, October 22, 2012

Feep Debate

The F in Feep stands for "foreign policy."

Welcome to the third presidential debate. I am watching with my mom and Jack. Dad is working at the Bears game.

Look! They are sitting in big comfy chairs! They took my advice from the last debate!  Only no plaques with their names. Boo.

Bob Schieffer is giving the rules. Let's see if they follow them this time.

More undecided voters. Seriously, is anyone undecided? Obama and Romney are so different. How can anyone be undecided.

Tonight they are talking about foreign policy. Jack says foreign policy is how America gets along with other countries in the world. According to Wikipedia, Canada and England are our best friends. Some countries in the Middle East are our worst friends. So that is what they are talking about tonight.

Ms Marcheschi says we are not supposed to talk about the color of their ties, or their hair. (But, Romney is wearing a red tie with some blueish stripe. And Obama is wearing a bright blue tie with tiny dots or squares.)

Romney has a flag pin with a star on it. I had to stand right in front of the tv to see that. What does the star mean?

Romney says his strategy is to go after the bad guys and kill them. I'm thinking that is good, since we don't want any more terrorists. Romney says they need to do other things like education and gender equality. My mom snorted when he said gender equality.

I thought they didn't have any water, but they have water on little tables in between them.

The 1980s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back! Ha -- good one!

Romney should stop smirking.

Romney says Obama is not accurate. "Attacking me is not agenda."

Do you think they are nice to each other when they are not debating? Or do they ignore each other? Or are they mean to each other?

Romney looks really annoyed.

Mr. Romney, Uncle Sam called. He wants his gray hair back! (oops. sorry Ms Marcheschi. I won't talk about hair anymore.)

Sorry, one more hair thing. Obama's hair looks less gray. Is he dying it?

Who is Assad? Jack says he is the dictator in Syria.

The undecided voters like what Obama is saying more than they liked what Romney was saying.

My mom says that Kaddafi was a bad guy when she was in high school. He was a bad guy in Libya.

Jack says it is funny that they want a moderate Syrian government, since nothing is moderate in America!

Our neighbor is a marine in Egypt. He's embassy security. His mom says he has his own housekeeper and doesn't have to do laundry. Oh, Jack thinks he's not in Egypt. Well, he's somewhere far away.

This debate is kind of boring. They just keep agreeing with each other. Romney is talking about how awesome America is. Well, duh!

There are people at this debate, but we can't see them. Also, Bob S told them to keep quiet.

Romney is talking about the economy.

Obama says we have good alliances.

I don't think Romney agrees with ANYTHING Obama says. He looks very smirking and skeptical.

Romney is mentioning the 12 million new jobs he can create. How?

Now Obama is looking at Romney. He looks like he's thinking "yeah, right."

Obama is talking about education. He says Romney said class sizes don't make a difference. There are 32 kids in my class. It's very crowded and noisy.

Oh! The undecided voters didn't like Romney's rant about education in Massachusetts!

Romney would get rid of Obamacare. What does this have to do with foreign policy?

"The math doesn't work." I know the feeling.  Math is hard and sometimes it just doesn't work. Mr. Donlin doesn't always let me use a calculator.

Jack says the government is not a business. What happens if Romney gets elected and then he can't balance the budget? I bet he'd be very embarrassed.

Ha ha! Obama says we have fewer horses and bayonets! Welcome to the colonial American debate!

How long does this thing last? Jack says like 45 more minutes. Will they ever get back to foreign policy?

Oh, Bob Schieffer is talking about Israel. So I guess this is foreign policy. Jesus came from Israel.

I think I liked that last debate better with all the interrupting. It was more interesting. Maybe the stools made them interrupt each other.

Obama is smirking. Neither Obama or Romney have taken a drink of water. They are not as thirsty as Paul Ryan.

I asked mom how my brain floats in my head. Jack said this is NOT a science debate.

The undecided voters really like what Obama is saying.

Romney says the administration is weak and the undecided voters didn't like that. Obama looks mad. I'd be mad if Romney told me I was doing a bad job.

Obama says him apologizing all over the place is a big "whopper!"

Romney says Obama is a bad friend to Israel. Obama doesn't agree. Obama is talking about kids. Romney shouldn't be smirking about that. That's kind of mean.

Romney says he is a better friend to Israel. But no one has called the prime minister Bibi tonight, which is good. Much more polite.

Jack says this thing goes on for another half an hour. I don't know if I'll make it. I have to study science and go to bed. Jack just got us both dessert.

Mom just dropped her Diet Coke on the floor. That gave the evening some real fizz!

Jack was 3 when 9-11 happened. I was 2 months old. Mom says I had just barfed all over her bed when she heard about the Towers.  Jack says I have good timing.

I like Bob's tie. Bob is wearing two lavs, like my dad said last time. I can't see Romney and Obama's microphones.

Okay, Ms Marcheschi wants us to say how this debate is different from the other two debates. This debate is about foreign policy, and the other two were not. This debate was more serious. The town hall debate had real people asking questions. The town hall debate had lots more interruptions and was more interesting.

Have the debates made me more interested in politics?  Yes, definitely.

Did watching the debates help me learn about events that have happened or are happening in our country and world?  Yes. Now I know who Assad is!

If I was 18 years old and could vote, would the debates help me decide who to vote for?  I guess so. Jack doesn't believe people can still be undecided. Unless there is a lot of stuff they just don't care about.

I'm going to make a Minecraft world based on the debate!

Romney is talking about being raised in Detroit. Jack just got an invitation to apply to Cranbrook, Romney's old school. I think Jack should go to Detroit for high school because then he wouldn't be around to annoy me as much. Jack says "no thanks."

That was a big interruption thing! Romney was talking and Obama was talking at the same time! Will they fight? No, I guess not. Too bad.

Wow. I made it to the end of this mostly-boring debate! Go me! Obama is saying the things he wants people to remember. NOw Romney is talking. He says he is optimistic. Romney is slamming Obama. Obama didn't slam Romney when HE was talking. I didn't like Romney's end thing. He rambled too much.

My mom says me and Jack can go vote with her. She votes at my old preschool. Now everyone's families are being nice to each other on stage. All kinds of Romneys are up there, but not Malia and Sasha.

Join me on election night, me and Jack's favorite night. Grandma is coming over for dinner and my mom is going to make pasties. Those are little turnovers filled with meat and potatoes and carrots. My great grandma used to make them. She died in August. She was 104! I think my great grandma should have been president. She was alive when lots of things happened and had lots more experience than Obama or Romney.

Time for bed!


  1. I can't wait to read your post on election night! I can actually tell you about the pin with the star - it's a Secret Service flag pin and up close, the star looks a little like a sheriff's badge and represents the Secret Service. They give one to anyone who is guarded by them. Kinda cool. :)

  2. Now I'm excited for election night. I missed most of the debate tonight, so thanks for the play by play. I would have voted for your great grandma.

    1. Thanks! My great-grandma was awesome.

  3. Great post, Andy! I can't wait for your election night coverage!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait for Grandma to come watch the election with us!

  4. I really liked your descriptions of what happened during the debate. You are a really good journalist.

  5. Great post! I really enjoyed reading this; it is definitely my favorite description of the debate thus far.

    In case you're still curious: The brain floats in a colorless liquid called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). One job of the CSF is to protect the brain from injury by preventing it from touching the inside of the skull.


    1. That's very interesting! Thank you!