Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rubber Ducky: The Movie Official Soundtrack

'Squeaking at the Moon- Opening Theme"- Preformed and written by Ozzie Osbourne

'Different'-  Preformed by Robin Williams. Written by Alan Menken, Hans Zimmer

'The Ballad of the Beast'- Performed by Dustin Hoffman and others. Written by Elton John

'Dark Waters'- Preformed by Leonard Nimoy. Written by Alan Menken

'Emma Swims Off'- Score. Written by Alan Menken.

'Ducks of the Round Table'- Preformed by John Cleese and others. Written by Hans Zimmer

'Ride of the Val-Duckies'- Score. Written by Alan Menken

'Squeaking at the Moon (Reprise)'- Preformed and written by Ozzie Osbourne.

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