Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bad and Good

Today was a mix of bad and good.

Bad: the field trip. It was so boring! We went to this place last year and it was better. Today they wanted us to write stories which was pointless. I write stories every day. I don't need to go on a field trip for them. The book shop was even infected with boringness! They had Captain Underpants books that I already read. The whole experience was a case of been there, done that.  My mom was worried that I told everyone out loud that it was all boring, but I only said it in my head.

Bad: the bus ride was extremely bumpy.
Bad: the weather is bad. It is rainy and cold.

Good: we took Jack to get his hair cut so the top of his head isn't puffy. While Jack was in the chair, I played with the letters on the little sign by the door.  It said Lease Come Again. First I made it say Come Alien Gas, then I made it say Eels Come Again As. It was very funny.

Good: on the way home I was thinking about the youtube poop I was watching on youtube. It was called "Little Monster hits puberty and solves a crime." It is so funny! I started laughing in the car. I treidd to explain to mom and Jack what was funny but they didn't get it.

Tomorrow will be great! I get to take Dwight home for the weekend. We have a pizza lunch at school. The Cub scout Halloween party is tomorrow night and I am going as Fozzie bear. Jack is going to be Tim the Enchanter.

It was a bad day today but I hope tomorrow will be better.

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