Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Toons These Days: Vídeo Brinquedo

Doggy: Riddle me this kiddos. Have you ever wanted to see sequels to your favorite movies, and all the new wacky situations the characters have to go through? Only, the films made by the company I'm talking about today are very poor and are all about "money money money" instead of "it's for the kids!" It's Vídeo Brinquedo ev'ryone.

So this stupid animation company is in Brazil and mostly go around ripping off more popular films and other junk like Ratatouille, Kung Fu Panda, Transformers, the Disney Princess line, Wall-E and Robots and many more original movies!

 The animation of said original projects.......are just dog poop. Complete dog poop! I got nothing else so jsut watch the adorable kitten while I think of something else to say.

Doggy: Okay, now that your hearts have melted. Allow me to say that companies that made the real deals should file lawsuits against this stupid Brazilian company! See you next time.

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