Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Toons These Days: Littlest Pet Shop

Doggy: It's been a while since I reviewed the spawn of Kratos and I decided to review something that's half as bad. This is Littlest Pet Shop people!

So there's this stupid girl named Blythe voiced by Ashleigh Ball, who also voiced Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Dang it show! Stop trying to remind me of better shows that I'd like to see again! Blythe moves to the big city that has no name and winds up living in an apartment that is under a pet shop.

The pets are as followed.

Zoe Trent, a dog who looks like Twilight Sparkle and voiced by Nicole Oliver. She is a diva who likes to sing. Shoot! This show has songs! I'll get to those later.

Then there's Russell Ferguson, a porcupine I mean hedgehog voiced by Samuel Vincent! Hedgehogs and Sam Vincent, doesn't that sound famili...now I get it, it's Sonic! He likes getting everything in order and organized. Hey Double D, you have a rip-off here!

Also there's Pepper Mildred Clark, a skunk voiced by Tabitha St. Germain. Lemme guess, she's really uptight and obsessed with fashion! No, she's a comedian. Curse you show for ripping off two of my favorite ponies! But's that another story.

Then there's Minka Mark, a spider monkey who likes painting. She's also a Pinkie Pie stereotype. HASBROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next in line is Sunil Nevla, a mongoose voiced by Peter New. He speaks one-word sentences, right? No, he can speak full paragraphs.

Then there's Vinnie Alfonso Terrio, a lizard who is not very smart. Aw super! A brain dead character! Actually, he's not actually brain dead, he's not as bright as the other pets.

Finally there's.....Penny Ling. A panda that's adorable and is nice to everyone. She is pretty cute BUT SHE RIPPED OFF FLUTTERSHY!!!

Sorry about Vinnie, he's actually a gecko but blame the horrible character designs. Everyone looks like mutants. I got a great idea for a show!

(singing) Teenage Mutant Ninja Humans, heroes who are bipedal, human power!

Yep. That's a thought. See you next time.

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