Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Toons These Days: Henry Hugglemonster

Doggy: Y'know what bugs me? That Disney Junior channel! They've created such hits that I wish they made a monster failure. Speaking of monsters, that's today subject Henry Hugglemonster!

It's about a family of weird-looking monsters called the Hugglemonsters. Lemme guess, it's a stupid family sitcom rip-off! A mother and a father, siblings, a baby and a dog! Been there done that, a lot of times exactly.

The title character is Henry, voiced by Lara Jill Miller. Miller is insanely known for Lambie, Widget, puppy Clifford, and many more! By the name of Hanna-Barbera, make her stop! Also, stop making female actors voice male characters! That goes for the opposite of that, boys voicing girls!

Her sister, Summer is from the planet Showbiz of course. Now who keeps naming their kids after the four seasons? First Ariel Winter and now this kid. Also, where the heck does the dad work, Monsters Inc?

My rating, 5/10 because nothing is explained! I'll be reviewing a lot more toons before the Earth Day special. Conroy, what was that ridiculous-sounding show called again?

Conroy: Tree-Fu Tom.

Doggy: (starts to shed a tear) Scuse me.

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