Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Toons These Days: Tron Uprising

Doggy: Left, shift, alt, delete everyone! This show is Tron Uprising! A digital stupidity combining 2D, CG and somehow stop-motion considering why the animation is so slow.

Anyhoo, the show takes place between the original film and the sequel. It's about a program named Beck who's the leader of some kinda revolution in The Grid. His goal is to save his home and friends from the maniacal CLU, the bad guy from Legacy, and his henchman Tesler. Beck is trained by Tron, in which Bruce Boxleitner reprises his role from the movie. Not only does Tron teach Beck the ways of the light cycle and the fighting, he's also his mentor. Not too shabby Disney.

Destined to become the next Tron, he adopts his teacher's persona and becomes the archenemy of Tesler and his evil armies.

Mermaid Man: Evil! EEEEEVILLLLLL!!!

Doggy: Don't mind him. Anyway, they try to make everything look cool, the animation, the fighting, everything! It's like trying to make changing the channel and eating look cool! (dramatic music) Anyway, it's just okay. Since Earth Day is coming, there's gotta be something juicy on. Conroy, what's up next?

Conroy: Something called "Tree-Fu Tom".

Doggy: Ah smoo!

Join us next time for the Earth Day special when Doggy reviews "Tree Fu Tom".

Guest starring Myk Friedman as Mermaid Man.

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