Thursday, April 25, 2013

Toons These Days Earth Day special: Tree Fu Tom

Doggy: (bawling) Sorry, I can't help it! It's just that (sobbing) this show, this show is so bad, I'd rather watch a Video Briqeundo film! (crying) Tree Fu Tom everyone.

So it's about this girlish boy who always goes in his backyard and always finds this tree. He does this stupid dance that would make bending in "The Last Airbender" look like the source material! Then he goes into this place called Treetopolis and has several friends including the racist Twigs, the insane ZigZoo and two others who are so forgettable that I forgot their names!

Wait, if Tom goes somewhere different, wouldn't his mom be worried. Send out a search party! File a missing boy report! Anyway, they try to make it look cool but in real life it isn't! The character designs look nightmare inducing and creepy, plus the animation looks like a MMORPG.

In short, (very quickly) it is completely stupid, there are no bad guys, it tries to be awesome so it's very bad! (bawling) Excuse me, I have to watch My Little Pony, always calms my nerves because it's more epic than this piece of junk. I'll get to that another time.

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