Saturday, March 30, 2013

Toons These Days Editorial: Why hate Princesses

(Doggy appears onscreen sitting behind an office desk with a snack bowl, typewriter and an ashtray. Rather than wearing his normal hat, Doggy wears a visor, glasses and a necktie)

Doggy: Hello there guys. Today I have an important topic: "Why hate Princesses"

Considering that every little girl wants to be a princess with their elegant beauty, kind heart and enchanted surroundings, grownups were getting kinda suspicious. Seems kinda strange because princesses are girls too y'know! Heck, my good friend the Nostalgia Critic ranted about them in the media.

NC: You're not a princess, you just took the title because it sounds cute!

You see, there was a tiny controversey considered the princess anti-feminist because she always gets captured by some evil person and a prince has to save her.

Is it just innocent make-believe or something to get angry about?

Now to answer this question, let's look at the most famous princesses straight from Disney!

These guys just reinvented the fairy tale and seeing how their princess line is the most legendary entertainment line, they have a clear understanding why princesses are so popular. What do they have in common? Well, they're all pretty, kind, various clothes and accessories you can buy for them, but the intrigue of owning one has to come from their personalities formed in their respective movies. Many considered that they're not the best role models.

"They don't do anything!" many complained. "They're just damsels waiting for their princes to arrive and in never getting anything done instead relying on their status and/or beauty to get what they want: a man"

And sometimes that's true. Aurora for example, I personally think she is just bland and generic. Everyone knows the movie but she is good at doing nothing at all and her true love Prince Phillip steals the spotlight. And wouldn'tja know it, she still does nothing just for her man to save her. She has nothing unique and doesn't stand out among the other princesses so the argument is pretty valid.

But forget it, I'm going to defend the other ladies. Not that they're always the best, but they have good virtues that can be learned. Snow White's kindness and helpful nature serves as a second mother for the dwarves. Blah blah blah, hard-working, blah blah blah, okay you get the point, watch the Nostalgia Critic's version on this.

In fact, a princess without a king is very popular in the media these days. Princess Sally, Princess Celestia and Luna, Princess Peach, Princess Leia, Princess Lana, Princess Oriana and even more.

All I can say is the world is changing more and more each day and much more variety of female characters is popping out of nowhere. Maybe it's time to move on and see the changes around us and look at what virtues we can enforce.  And looking very clear at that there's a definite option that any female cane be as powerful as she wants to be. And that second place being taken under someone else's wing can come and go.

And let's face it! With so many girls that are good, strong, interesting, funny, entertaining, intelligent, responsible and just as compelling as guys, maybe it's time to put away the princess title and look at unfolding reality that is before us. I'm Doggy and I'm outta here!

Next time on Toons These Days Editorial: Twilight.

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