Monday, September 24, 2012

Andy's Extremely Normal Music Show

Today at school, we had an assembly telling us about different music and instruments. I learned about the clarinet, the saxophone and trombone.

Speaking of which, it's time for Andy's Big Music Quiz!

Q: Which fictional character plays the saxophone

A: Lisa Simpson
B. Mickey Mouse
C. Mario

The answer is A.

Q: Which character plays the clarinet?

A. Squidward Tentacles
B. Binky Barnes
C. Donald Duck

The answer is A and B.

Here's a tough one.
Q: How did they make the voice of the teachers in Charlie Brown cartoons?

A. Record someone saying "wah wah wah wah"
B. Record my grandpa blowing his nose
C. Record a trombone with a plunger

The answer is C.

For those who answered, you win! Dad asks "what do they win?" You in a sense of satisfaction, because I don't have any other prizes.

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