Thursday, September 6, 2012

Toon Comix

(video game sounds)
SpongeBob: Hey, I forgot that we have to make something for the school bake sale next week.
Sonic: How about cookies? We can make some.
Mickey: But what kind?
Donald: What about chocolate chip?
SpongeBob: I've got a cookbook here. First we need and egg.
(Tails picks up an egg and drops it into the bowl)
Mickey: That's a...fine start. The next thing we need is flour.
Sonic: I'm surprised chefs never use flowers in recipes.  I'll go find some.
(Sonic races to a field full of flowers and picks some. Back at the house, Tails puts the flowers into the bowl)
Sonic: The next thing we need is vanilla extract. Isn't that Cream's mom?
Knuckles: Or vanilla ice cream. But a whole pack costs seventy dollars.
Mickey: Dad got a pack from the Kwik E Mart. Let's try it.
(Knuckles takes a scoop of ice cream places it into the bowl)
Amy: I think that's all.
Tails: Not yet, all that's left is baking soda.
(Sonic takes out a two liter bottle of Sprite and puts it in the oven)
Mickey: I don't think that's a good...(boom!) idea.
Sonic: I'm okay.
The next week.
Food Critic: Blech! These cookies are terrible!
Sonic: At least we tried.
The end.
Created by Andy Mayer.
Based on a YouTube video by MobianAngel.

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