Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Strike is Over, Charlie Brown

Chicago Public Schools had a teacher's strike. I thought the strike was good because I had no school for two weeks. Instead of going to school, I visited my teachers on the picket line. I loved visiting my teachers and picketing. At Stock School, I revisited old memories by playing on the playground.

I watched tv, when I was not visiting the teachers, and my mom read me books about labor unions, and I worked on the computer. I felt so relaxed!

I guess the teachers got some of the things they were fighting for, because we went back to school this morning. I was not happy because it was quiet and peaceful at my house and loud and crowded at school. I told my mom I wanted to go on strike. When do I get what I want from school? I want a quieter less crowded classroom and a quieter lunchroom with kids with better manners, less hotness in the classrooms. My mom says kids can't go on strike.

The other bad thing is that we have to make the days we missed up at the end of the school year. We won't go on vacation until almost July! I think that's not fair, because it's not the kids fault there was a strike. It will be so hot in the school by then!

I feel like Charlie Brown does when Lucy pulls the football away.

(I wrote this yesterday, but we had technical difficulties posting it until now.)

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