Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I have no school these days because my teachers are on strike.  The teachers are striking because the city doesn't want to be fair to teachers and students. So while the city and the teachers are negotiating, the teachers won't work.

I think the strike is pretty revolutionary. There hasn't been a strike in Chicago since 1987. That is when my mom and dad were in school. Tghe teachers need to fight for what is right for them and the students. The front page of the paper talked about air conditioning -- I give a thumbs up to more air conditioning in school. Heat makes me feel ill and makes my brain hurt. Air conditioning is GOOD.

This morning, we visited my teachers on the picket line. They were carrying signs and marching around my old preschool. I didn't get to see Ms Marcheschi or Mrs. Grossman because they were marching down by Nick's. I wonder if they stopped for hot dogs?

I crossed the picket line to visit the playground and to move a chair and a coffee pot for a teacher. I put a silver coffee pot near a post and brought a red coffee pot to the sidewalk. My mom took a picture of me with Mr Donlin and a sign.

I like being home at 11 am because I get to watch the new kids show "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood." It is a spin off to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, or maybe a sequel, because Fred Rogers is dead. My mom says not to get too comfortable, because we will have to make up the days we miss at the end of the year. Boo!

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