Thursday, December 6, 2012

School is a grim prison

I have one more day of school this week and I don't think I'll make it! School is a prison where they torture you and they don't let you out. Then you get two days off for good behavior and they make you go back -- never to be seen again! It's horrible. My mom says I need to tough it out through tomorrow. Easy for HER to say.

On thr bright side, tomorrow is Santa's Workshop. I'm bringing money to shop for all my family and friends. I'm even buying something for my best friend Ryan G. I hope he comes back from Arizona to visit over Christmas.

Today was St. Nicholas' Day. Last night I put out shoes for me and my brother Jack. I filled them with carrots for the reindeer. This morning the carrots were gone and me and Jack both got books and some candy. I got a Big Nate book and Jack got a book by Stephen Colbert. We both got a dvd of A Muppet Christmas Carol. Jack is the stage manager for A Christmas Carol at his school and I just like the Muppets.

St Nick's Day rules, school DROOLS.

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