Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Writer's Block

I have an extreme case of writer's block. So to try and cure it, I'd like to explain a few ideas that have been locked in my brain for a while.

The first idea I have is a cartoon based off of Nintendo's Star Fox. Ever since The Super Mario Bros Super Show, Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda, there was only one surviving cartoon based off a Nintendo franchise and that was Pokemon. Given that we haven't seen our furry final frontiersman since Star Fox 64 3D, I'd think a cartoon ougtha kick it up a notch. For a sci-fi epic starring funny animal characters, it'll make the right blend of space adventure and cartoon slapstick. Here's the cast of actors I would have for the characters.

  • Jason Biggs as Fox McCloud
  • Dante Basco as Falco Lombardi
  • Billy West as Slippy Toad
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Krystal
  • Jim Cummings as Peppy Hare
  • Ashleigh Ball as Miyu
  • Hynden Welch as Fay
  • Steve Blum as ROB 64
  • Maurice LaMarche as Wolf O'Donnell
  • Steve Buscemi as Leon Powlaski
  • Mark Hamill as Andrew Oikonny
  • Antonio Banderas as Panther Caroso
  • Patrick Stewart as General Pepper
  • Danny DeVito as Beltino Toad
  • S. Scott Bullock as Pigma Dengar
Another idea I have is Miyamoto High, the coming of age tale of eleven friends based off of video game characters in high school. The main characters are as followed:

Larry Inkus, based off of Link. An expert athlete and an adventurous fellow, Larry will stop at nothing but to enjoy life.

Parry Charles Manning, based off of Pac-Man. Larry's best friend who loves him some food, specifically berries.

Samantha Ron, based off of Samus Aran. An independent and intelligent lass who is Larry's primary love interest.

Sonny Issacs, based off of Sonic the Hedgehog. The school jock and a member of Larry's gang. He may be arrogant, but he cares for his friends.

Rocky "Mega" Manning, based off of Mega Man. Parry's younger brother who has an interest in robots.

Clayton Loudman, based off of Cloud. A lone wolf who relies on his cardboard sword, which he names Buster, for defense.

Marcus Ion, based off of Mario. A brave but sometimes impulsive guy who is a member of the drama club and always participates in school plays, especially ones with dragons and princesses.

Sylvester Cooper, based off of Sly Cooper. A thieving man who is often seen dealing his treasures to other people at recess.

Keenan Bart Ivry, based off of Kirby. The gang's cutie pie who has a lot in common with Parry.

Spike Yolande, based off of Spyro the Dragon. The son of a firefighter who's friends with Carl Bandson.

Carl Bandson, based off of Crash Bandicoot. Spike's eco-geek best friend who loves smashing crates.

Well, I think I'm cured so see you next time.

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