Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Madness

There are four different basketball games going on in March because like the Super Bowl in February, the heyday of basketball is March Madness. On the channel I'm watching, NC State is creaming St Louis 12 to 5. On CBS, Texas has 7 while Arizona State has 11. On TBS, St Joe has 10 while UCONN has 7. On truTV, 12 to 5 again this time with North Dakota State against Oklahoma. And finally on NCAA, Oregon beats BYU 87 to 68. Another thing is that American University lost to University of Wisconsin 35 to 75.

University of Dayton won against Ohio State this afternoon which was apparently a big deal.

This is getting really confusing as there are many games playing and I can't keep track. So please someone tell me who won when this is done.

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