Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Happy Place

I've been working on calming down when I get upset. I'm supposed to practice visualizing a happy place when I start to have a meltdown.  The happy place can change depending on what I like at that time.

Right now, my happy place would be --

in my favorite man cave, with all my favorite books, dvds and things,
filled with delicious cheeseburgers and Reese's ice cream sandwiches,
smell like freshly popped movie popcorn,
all my stuffed animal guys would be there,
it would sound like waves of Lake Michigan, with a side of people eating cheeseburgers.

Now I'm thinking so much about cheeseburgers that my mom looks like a cheeseburger. I wonder what she'd think if I took a bite out of her arm?

I tried it, she just looked at me funny.

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