Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Toonland Madness RPG: Rise of the Command

SpongeBob SquarePants
Type: Shifter
Weapon: Light-Spatula

Mickey Mouse
Type: Power
Weapon: Paintbrush, Keyblade, Sorcerer's Hat

Sonic the Hedgehog
Type: Power
Weapon: Sonic Speed

Miles "Tails" Prower
Type: Support
Weapon: Two-merang

Knuckles the Echidna
Type: Power
Weapon: Fists

Timmy Turner
Type: Support
Weapon: Magic Wand

Type: Power
Weapon: Cooking Pot

Ash Ketchum (optional)
Type: Support
Weapon: Pikachu

Type: Shifter
Weapon: Warp Star

Mega Man (optional)
Type: Power
Weapon: Mega Buster, Robot Master Powers

Type: Power (Vector), Shifter (Espio), Support (Charmy)
Weapon: Croco-Gum (Vector), Shuriken (Espio), Stinger (Charmy)

Gumball and Darwin
Type: Shifter
Weapon: Tina Rex

Finn and Jake
Type: Power
Weapon: Sword, Jake Powers

Mordecai and Rigby
Type: Shifter
Weapon: The Power, Realm of Darthon weapons

Uncle Grandpa
Type: Power
Weapon: Giant Realistic Flying Tiger

The Simpsons
Type: Power (Homer/Bart), Shifter (Marge/Maggie), Support (Lisa)
Weapon: Slingshot (Bart), Strangle (Homer), Frying Pan (Marge), Broken Baby Bottle (Maggie)

Donald Duck
Type: Power
Weapon: Temper Tantrum

Type: Shifter
Weapon: Big Hammer

King Dedede
Type: Power
Weapon: Star Hammer, Escar-Shield

Meta Knight
Type: Power
Weapon: Galaxia

Twilight Sparkle (optional)
Type: Shifter
Weapon: Magic Spell, Power of Friendship

Dr. Eggman
Type: Shifter
Weapon: Egg-Mobile

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