Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Nutsos that are the 80s

The Karate Kid Part 2 was on the Hub Network and boy was it stupid! There was this bad guy who you can tell was a bad guy by his slicked hair and dumb ponytail, some cheesy lines and this scene where some jerk breaks a special tree for some reason that wasn't explained to me. The only Karate Kid movie I've seen was the reboot with Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan and Chinese SpongeBob.

That's my gripe with some movies in the 80s, they're so corny! With the likes of the Don Bluth 80s fims, E.T, Tim Burton's Batman and the Breakfast Club being so successful, it means they didn't take being cheesyness seriously. Yes, NIMH and Batman was pretty dark, E.T was a tale of friendship and Breakfast Club was a teen movie, but at least they didn't end up being like KK2.

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