Monday, March 24, 2014

That New Chair Smell

My dad recently got a new chair while his trademark one of old will be placed in the office. It was delivered on Saturday from the same company as the old one, La-Z Boy. The old chair actually belonged to Dad's grandpa before it was passed down to the latter. I spent part of the whole Sunday playing Kingdom Hearts 2 on the new chair, pulverizing the likes of Captain Barbossa in Port Royal, the Volcanic and Blizzard Lords in Agrabah, Oogie Boogie in Christmas Town, Scar in the Pride Lands, that army of Nobodies during the return trip to Twilight Town until finally stopping in Space Paranoids.

I have to say, KH2 is my favorite game in the series because of the memorable bosses, wide selection of worlds including the Land of Dragons & Beast's Castle and I also completed two of the songs in Atlantica and returned two Torn Pages to my favorite world in Kingdom Hearts, the Hundred Acre Wood. I'm starting to get better at the game by massacring some impossible bosses like Halloween Town's Prison Keeper, the Hyenas and said Nobody army in Twilight Town. All it took for the last two I mentioned was the Circle of Life Keyblade that I received after talking to Simba in the Oasis.

But I'm wasting time here. See ya!

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