Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Miyamoto High secondary characters

Please note that these characters are from an idea of mine.

Principal Andrew Ross, based off of Andross. The origin-of-species obsessed principal of Miyamoto High. He believes that humans come from sperm in the ocean and then evolve into simians.

Superintendent Garrett Dorf, based off of Ganondorf. The tyrannical millionaire superintendent of Miyamoto High who uses fundraisers to get more money for his gold pool.

Mr. Duckman, based off of Scrooge McDuck. The janitor who is often seen giving advice to troubled students.

Dr. Wink Lyman, based off of Dr. Wily. The hyper-intelligent science teacher who claimed to be a college professor at Pong University. His lectures can last often from 10-20 minutes.

Sergeant Sean "Soldier" Danmore, based off of the Soldier. The military-like gym teacher who is rumored to a mighty fighter from World War II.

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