Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weblog of Horror II

Remember when I said "More on this tomorrow"? Yeah, I did. And now yours truly will look at other references in The Simpsons THOH XXIV.

Remember the living Lard Lad statue from one THOH and the Simpsons Game? Well he's back but this time before he could wreak havoc, Chief Wiggum as a large Cyclops ate the donut he held and used a nearby water tower as a coffee mug.

Also in the music room sequence, there were all incarnations of the Phantom of the Oprea including the novel. I also saw portraits of the likes of Alien Maggie, the Grand Pumpkin and many more when Lisa left the room on her saxomophone. Pretty classic, eh?

Also included is a reference to a movie called "The Car" where Maggie was driving the titular machine, knocking Milhouse off a bridge leaving him to get eaten by a monstrous version of Blinky the three-eyed fish.

I kinda wish there were also cartoon monsters in there as well like the Lonesome Ghosts from Disney, Darkrai from Pokemon, Gossamer, Chernabog and many more.

Another favorite part of mine when Bart actually skateboarded on the tentacles of Cthulhu himself! I like to pronounce it "Cu-the-lu." I mean come on, I'm not an expert of demons y'know.

You know REALLY could've been scary, if Silver from Sonic the Hedgehog mistook Ned Flanders for the Iblis Trigger and blasted him into kingdom come! Like Homer, Mr. Diddly-doo there drives me banana nuts.

And that's all folks. And remember, if you ever find the Grim Reaper himself walking down the street, run if you can! (manical laugh, thunder)

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