Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Well, then, my mom has decided she may have to become a hockey fan.  This happened:

You can just see my uncle Sean's head at the far right of the screen.  The captain of the Blackhawks brought the Stanley Cup trophy to Misericordia, where my Uncle Sean lives. My mom thought that was really nice of him, so now she thinks she will watch hockey, even though she doesn't know anything about hockey. We watched some of the Hawks game last night, but then I needed help with my math homework, so we had to turn off the tv. I told mom that the next time there is a game on, I will watch it with her. I don't know anything about hockey either, but dad says he'll tell us what's going on. Even though he says he thinks mom is a dork.

You know who knows a lot about hockey? My old teacher, Mrs. Grossman, and her husband. I wonder if I would like a hockey game in person, or if it would be too loud? Dad says he will take me to whatever kind of game I want to see, but I'm afraid it would be both boring and loud, and I would be stuck there.

I do think Jonathan Toews is a nice guy, though, for visiting Misericordia. Maybe me and mom can just be his fan, and not watch all the hockey games?

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