Monday, October 28, 2013

Cartooning class

I'm taking cartooning classes at SociAbility Saturdays at 1 'o something. Some of my mates from JourneyQuest like Ryan and Kevin return for this. My teacher is Rich, the building's local art therapist.

I usually start small by tracing what I see. I getting pretty good at it but when it's too complicated, I ask Rich for help. I love to get Ryan angry because he has a quick temper and he thinks I'm annoying, but I'm okay with it. Kevin also stills references Minecraft and now stuff featuring anime girls......I think.

The usual menu is popcorn, candy and either water, iced tea or coffee. One time, we had a reference-off where we say things from stuff we know and everyone tries to guess it. I even said a certain word that has to do with a kitchen utensil.

Ryan also says that My Little Pony, Wander over Yonder and many more (like Johnny Test for example) are bad shows. He once said that Pokemon generation 1 is bad.

In short, I love cartooning class because I get to grow my creative tree. That's another expression I use. Anyway, th-th-th-that's all folks! 

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