Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Hockey

Okay! Mom and I are getting our hockey on. The Blackhawks are playing the Tampa Bay Lightning. Uncle John had to tell us what channel to watch, since we didn't know what channel Comcast Sports Net was.

We've got our gamefaces on.

The goalie is Nikolai Khabibulin. I wonder where he's from?

The Hawks are wearing white. The Lightning is wearing blue.

Man -- this game is a lot faster than football or baseball!

Uncle John says if we have questions, we should ask him. Maybe we should do that.

There's a lot of guys bumping into each other. Maybe we need to read something about hockey strategy.

What the puck is going on in this game?  (Ha ha. Get it? Puck?)

Speaking of Puck, Jack is doing the lights for A Midsummer Night's Dream at Loyola. He is not watching hockey with us because it is tech week and he's not home. Dad isn't home either -- he's working.

That Roszival got a penalty for hooking. Mom says she'll look that up.

Uncle John says that live hockey is VERY loud, and I'd probably want to wear my headphones.

Oh no! Tampa scored a point!

A Chevy commercial with Kane and Toews!

I would like a Blackhawks debit card.  I would use it to buy Pokemon Fire Red.

I want this shirt:

There are a lot of Hawks fans there in Florida!

Look at those guys skating backwards!

I think there should be a sport called Extreme Skateboarding Basketball. People would ride on skateboards and shoot some hoops. It could be very popular.

Marcus Kruger. Any relation to Freddy? Ha. Like he's never heard that joke before.

I think that is all the hockey I'm going to blog tonight. Next time I'll watch a home game. Right now, I want mom to make me a cheeseburger.

Stay Hockey, my friends.

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