Thursday, October 3, 2013


Tomorrow is my school's walk-a-thon. Usually, we walk around the school block, but since they are building a new part to the school, we are going to walk around the track at the girls high school next door. I'm very excited for the Walk-a-thon every year. This year, we're doing it to raise money for a new Apple Mac lab in the expansion. Families who raise money will have them end up with their names on a banner in the Mac lab. Once the new part is done, my new classroom will go back to being a library. Since the walk-a-thon is tomorrow, I thought I would make a little handwritten advertisement for this post.

Sam: Congrats on another conference Mr. President/little buddy.
Max: Don't thank me. Thank TV and movie violence for inspiring me to force Republicans into reopening parts of the government.
Sam: You crack me up little buddy. Hey waitaminute, we were supposed to do an advertisement for the upcoming EPE Walkathon.
Max: I got it all covered. Reel it Steve!
Sam: Let's get this show on the street.
Max: Hi everyone, this is your fictional US leader speaking with an important announcement. EPE is holding its annual Walk-a-Thon. This time, the new expansion coming this winter will be getting an Apple Mac lab.
Sam: That's right toothpaste-head. If you want to, come on down to the high school next door and watch all the fun Friday, October 4th.
Max: Sam, when I made you vice president, I promised you a role as the Secretary of all Advertisements made by the President. Get to walking America, this baby's heating up!
Sam: Didn't you already use that line in the first season, I mean a long time ago back in 2007?
Max: Just wanted to spice things up. This advertisement is sponsored by what's left of the government and Mighty Kids Media.

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