Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Top 10 Shows that NEED to be cancelled

10. A.N.T Farm
9.  The Looney Tunes Show
8.  Super Why
7.  AwesomenessTV
6.  Johnny Test
5.  Monsters vs Aliens
4.  Bubble Guppies
3.  Wild Kratts
2.  WordWorld
1.  Sid the Idiotic, pessimistic, annoying, insane, Justin Bieber loving, M. Night Shyamalam-centered cult leading, poopy, and overall escaped convict SCIENCE KID!!!!

And now here are the reasons why.

10. Past its prime after the third season premiered.
9. Just plain bland and empty on the looneyness.
8. Can't you see it?! They ruin classic fairy tales and public domain stories! Who's up next, 101 Dalmatians, Rise of the Guardians, FREAKING WINNIE THE POOH?!
7. Ben T. Looney said it right. It's like Incredible Crew season 2.
6. There will be a time where Regular Show, Adventure Time, Gumball and even Teen Titans Go will vanish from a viewer's eye while Johnny Test, will remain on the air, making new episodes all the time because it's so poor and easy to make that it will stay on the air until Cartoon Network is wiped from existence NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE HATE IT!
5. It's nothing like the more superior film. Next time Dreamworks, make a show based on Shrek on maybe ABC Family or CBS.
4. I only saw one episode and guess what, I hated it! The animation was bad, the characters were unlikable, the humor is bland and it roped in Zachary Gordon just so there would be another Wimpy Kid movie.
3. It's just so repetitive and the main animation is just needless. Why not bring back Zoobamafoo? That's a more likable show.
2. When this comes on, change the channel to Nick Jr. immediately.
1.'s horrid.

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